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Crown Failures - An Anatomy

Loose Poor Fitting Crowns

Dental crowns can become loose or poor fitting for a variety of reasons. Bite and occlusal issues are common causes... as well as generalized trauma to the affected tooth.

Three of the more common groups of factors that are attributed to loose fitting crowns are addressed here:

First Possiblity - The crown is old and has decay under it. The tooth structure is soft and decayed and there no longer is enough retention or insufficient tooth structure to hold the crown in place.

A new crown needs to be made (old crowns typically cannot be re-used). The decay needs to be removed and the tooth may need to be built up. A restorative or reconstructive build up is made of bonding material designed to attach to the remaining tooth structure which will give the crown more surface area for retention.

Second Possibility - The crown is new and there is not enough tooth structure to hold it in place. The dentist should know if there is enough tooth structure to hold a crown and it would be rare for a dentist to charge for a crown that he or she just made.

Third Possibility - Moisture or other foreign material is contaminating the cementing procedure and the cement cannot harden properly.

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