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LANAP Laser Therapy for Advanced Gum Disease

LANAP Treatment Basics

LANAP usually involves a one week regimen of an appropriate antibiotic to lower the amount of bacteria below the gum line during the early stages of healing. In addition, patients are usually requested to use Periostat which has been shown to inhibit an enzyme responsible for breakdown of connective tissue. The aim of LANAP is to gain connective tissue so it is reasonable to inhibit this enzyme and expect a better result.

Contraindications for the use of the LANAP essentially don't exist. As long as a proper diagnosis reveals the presence of periodontal disease, the Periolase is an effective way to treat the disease. However, there are still reasons to do traditional gum surgery.

LANAP involves treatment of the whole mouth. Periodontal disease in one area of the mouth usually means trouble in other areas. Once the patient is numb, it is very common to discover areas of breakdown that were not apparent on the x-rays or at the time of the exam. Given the conservative nature of the procedure, it is considered prudent to treat the entire mouth in most instances.

Treating the entire mouth has historically resulted in the best treatment results.

However, there are instances when the entire mouth is not treated with LANAP. This is considered on a case by case basis. When individual teeth are treated, the results can be variable. For this reason, the procedure is not considered to be LANAP if the entire mouth is not treated.

Also, the procedure is not considered LANAP if performed by any other laser besides the Periolase. Any other laser cannot produce the documented success that Periolase can. Periolase is a one of a kind laser and is the only laser to have FDA approval to treat periodontal disease.

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