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FAQ:  Jaw Pain

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My Mom is 87 years old and has osteoporosis. She's been complaining for the last few months of jaw pain on the left side of her face that starts at the joint by the ear and extends to the lower jaw.

Recently the pain has become severe and she's noticed that she can't hear out of that ear and the pain is beginning to extend down to the gland. The pain is not all day, but more severe in the morning when she opens her mouth or on and off during the day, especially when she needs to chew.

For sometime she thought is was from problems with getting dentures that fit her properly, and she's had a terrible time getting dentures that do not produce ulcerations in the gum. But lately there are no ulcerations at all and has determined the pain is not from irritated gums. ...Visitor from MD

It is great that you have such concern about your mom. From the description that you give there are many conditions that your mom may be having. So many that by just this brief consulation all of the possibilities may not be brought up.

There can be over-extension of the dentures which leads to neck pian which can travel to the ear. There can be ear conditions, there can be muscle problems which move the joint, there can be inflamation in the joint that is affecting the ear, and there can be a heart problem along with a high blood pressure problem.

I would recommend seeing a medical doctor, a dentist ,and an ENT doctor to investigate this concern.

Editorial Staff

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