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FAQ:  Jaw Popping

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My jaw has been popping when I wake up in the morning. It doesn't pop throughout the day or while I am eating, like some of your other FAQ's. Lately it has been getting worse and I have been waking up in the middle of the night and with my jaw hurting and needing to be popped back into place.

It is getting harder to pop it back into place. I do have a nightguard and it is not helping. I am staring to feel some pain in the joint after it pops back. What is causing this and what can I do to stop it? ... Visitor from CA

Obviously your niteguard isn't working. It may be the wrong type. The purpose of the niteguard is to relax a little muscle that is attached to the disc of the jaw joint. When that muscle spasms, it is pulled forward and can pop. It also contributes to jaw locking.

The type of niteguard that I use keeps all your back teeth from touching anything. Your back teeth don't touch plastic so they don't turn on the most powerful jaw muscles. This condition sounds like it is getting worse. It would be helpful if you could see someone who knows how to treat your condition. There are not very many in the U.S.

Editorial Staff

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