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Bottom Tooth Implant - Sinus Pain I had a bottom molar pulled 3 years ago. I just finished up with the implant/crown being put on due to two pregnancies from then to now.

When I started to chew with the crown, the tooth above felt like it was being hammered up into my face. A few days later I developed severe sinus pain and the upper tooth is throbbing.

I have no congestion or drainage of any kind in my sinuses, but the pain is horrible. Could the root of the upper tooth have been pushed up into the sinus? Will the pain go away? ...Visitor from VA

The problem sounds like the implant crown is in hyperocclusion. If you slowly close your teeth together and the first tooth that touches is the implant crown it needs to be adjusted ASAP!.

Implants are rigidly attached to the bone and teeth are not. The natural teeth need to touch prior to the implant restored tooth. Otherwise the implant restored tooth will hit first and you will experience the sensations that you described.

This needs to be addressed immediately to avoid further damage to your opposing tooth, the implant, or your TMJ (jaw joint).

Editorial Staff

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