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Dental implant pain: I got in a serious accident 2.5 yrs ago and had to get 3 implants (including a bridge) of front upper right teeth. Since getting the permanent crowns placed, I have been in nearly constant dull, throbbing pain around the crowns.

I have also had two incidents of a severe, stabbing pain for an instant in my upper right jaw when I blow my nose or sniff my nose. Once, 2 years ago and again yesterday and today. I've been treated with antibiotics for the continuous pain, two exploratory surgeries around the implant site with no results.

Two implant experts can find nothing physically wrong with the implants, crowns, bone or gum condition. Is TN a possibility I should pursue? ... Visitor from Bozeman

Something sure doesn't seem right. Hopefully you have consulted with a Periodontist .... NOT a general dentist.

Additionally, getting a ctscan of your upper jaw "should" reveal tissue conditions that are causing these symptoms.

Upper implants require a precise analysis of the sinus cavity floor, which is comprised of bone. Areas that are shown to be thin or weak are routinely treated with a sinus lift, which involves having bone graft material injected into the dental implant site.

Your reported symptom of pain associated with blowing your nose suggests a possible "weakness" or potential perforation issue developing.

The generalized "throbbing pain" (if it is continuous) may indicate an uneven bite. The best resource for expert bite analysis is a Prosthodontist with a minimum of 20 years experience.

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