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Advanced GTR Grafting for Receding Gums

Gingival Tissue Grafting: Gum Recession

A study completed during July 2009 provides new promise of surgical alternatives for treating signficant gum recession.

It has been customary to harvest needed soft tissues from the roof of the mouth for treating gum recession on one or several teeth. Depending on the amount of tissue needed, the patient is sometimes faced with the prospect of pain or discomfort while the palate heals.

GTR and Collagen Membranes

Researchers at Tufts University have been evaluating the use of GTR (guided tissue regeneration) principles as an alternative.

A collagen membrane is combined with a concentration of a patient's platelets that are known to contain important proteins and growth factors that can aid or accelerate overal healing and tissue repair.

Periodontal surgeons Terrance J. Griffin and Wai S. Cheung sutured platelet soaked collagen membranes over receding tooth roots. The long-term results of this unique procedure are similar to the results that are achieved with tradtional grafting, but without the discomfort and inconvience of what is usually anticipated with grafting.

Patients are reported to be satisfied with the results and stability of the treatment. Unfortunately the procedure is not commonly available nationwide but is expected to grow in popularity.

For additional information about GTR (guided tissue regeneration) products, procedures and applications, click here.

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