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Replacement of Fillings: My dentist told my fiance that she should have her fillings replaced because they are cracking her teeth. Is there any truth to having fillings replaced or is the dentist trying to make a buck? ...Visitor from CO

Teeth can crack due to excessive stress during years of function, as a result of stress related nighttime clenching and grinding, trauma, a diet of hard foods, chewing ice cubes, chewing on a uncooked popcorn cornel. They can also crack when they have very large silver fillings that expand slightly into the areas of minimal structural support.

Whatever teeth your finance has that have cracks in them should be restored. The cracks act as a major access point for the acid byproducts of the bacteria we all have in our mouths and make decay a very easy process to develop.

Certainly when the virgin teeth started to break down and intervention was warranted by fillings, these very same filings have a limited life expectancy with an average filling lasting 5-7 years. Sometimes the fillings only last 2 years and sometimes it is 20 years and that is dependent on diet and oral hygiene.

Editorial Staff

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