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I've had a filling redone by a dentist, because a hairline crack had developed. The tooth was extremely sensitive where the crack had formed.

After having it redone, I found that a sliver of tooth was poking out of the filling and the area around the sliver (where the filling meets it) is still extremely sensitive. Is this normal?

Also, I found all the grinding and chipping extremely painful, even though she had injected me twice in the gum. Is it normal to feel anything like this when a filling is done? I called her a day later to find out when she could fix the problem and her assistant told me that the doctor built the filling like that so I wouldn't bite on the filling???

Now I may not be a dentist, but this sounds like a load of hogwash to me.

Is it possible that fillings take a while to not be so sensitive? The last time I had them done, I was able to eat comfortably by the evening. This time not. ...Visitor from Cape Town South Africa

From the description you give it would appear that the filling has fractured. This fracture may have also continued into the tooth. A fracture in the tooth can lead to the nerve and make it extremely sensitive.

Oftentimes the way to correct this is to place a crown or onlay over the tooth after a root canal has been performed. This will bring the tooth together as it bites and moves into function.

The fracture may lead deep into the tooth below the gum line, this may cause an infection in the supporting bone which may not be discovered until later during a routine x-ray. Depanding upon the location and severity the tooth may be lost.

Editorial Staff

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