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TN? I have 4 teeth on the right side that have been filled recently (with in the last year) with the white fillings.

The fillings are quite large and since I had them filled I have had electrical shock in all 4 teeth.

One endodontist said I probably have TN? Upon a second opion this endodontist says that the fillings are too close to the pulp and that is what is causing the problem?? He thinks all 4 teeth need root canals??

I have been to a neurologist who claims it is Atypical Facial Pain( but I have no pain in my face just my teeth) and she has prescribed neurotin. This does not always stop the electrical pain and the doses are continually having to be increased.

Is there anyone else to see? ...Visitor from IL

An excellent resource for a tissue level analysis of what is going on... and why... is a Periodontist.

One note about white fillings however... there are several different "grades" of filling material, some better than others.

A common area for technical error with white fillings is that some tooth structures should be filled incrementally... rather than all at once, depending upon the depth. Also, the "contamination factor" is higher for ceramic fillings than the old fashioned amalgam. Moisture control can be difficult in some areas of the mouth.

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