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Fillings FAQ Ask The Dentist Ara Nazarian Question:
I had 3 fillings done 5 weeks ago. After 11 days, I was still having constant pain on 1 side (where 1 filling was done) and was seen by the dentist who said it was too high.

He filed down the "high points" and it did relieve the constant pain. I continued to have pain when I chewed anything on that side. Not constant pain, but a sharp shooting sensation if anything was chewed on 1 particular spot.

I went back 3 weeks later and he again checked the bite, said it may still be a little "high". He checked for a cracked tooth, which it didn't appear to be. Even when I did the "bite test" I didn't feel pain.

Still when I chew anything on that side,the same sharp pain occurs. The other 2 fillings are fine. Any ideas? ...Visitor from PA

If it isn't an occlusal issue, which the dentist is trying to rectify.... there is a remote possibility that the tooth in question may have internal fractures that "activate" when you bite and chew.

These conditions are not uncommon, especially with molar teeth or teeth that need deep excavatiion for a new filling.

The only "fix" that works with dependabilty, is extraction and replacement with an implant. Even crowning a cracked or internally fractured tooth can create the same symptoms you report.

A Nazarian, DDS

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