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I just had some fillings done by a dentist. I am experiencing severe pain. I went back to the doc a week later for more and told him about the pain. He said that I would have the pain for a few weeks. He prescribed a medication and sent me home.

Now I have had some more fillings done since and am still in severe pain from the first time and the ones that I JUST had done have no pain at all. What could be causing the pain on the top and what cam I do for the pain. been a week almost 2 since first had it done?

This is a difficult question to answer without seeing you personally. Reasons for sensitivity in new fillings could be any or all of the following: New filling left a bit high such that you are hitting on it, very deep filling near the nerve, if composite (white filling) improper bonding technique,i.e., moisture comtamination. Your dentist who did the treatment is the person to discuss this with. He/she should be able to test these things and give you some help.

Editorial Staff

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