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FAQ:  Tooth Movement - Shifting Teeth

Video: Treatment Option for Shifting Teeth

Lost Retainer Treatment Option
Dynamics of Shift - Movement

  • My front tooth is shifting: My upper right tooth is shifting further in front as my wisdom tooth on the upper right is coming out. My right front tooth is in pain. What can I do? ... Visitor from Singapore     (answer)

  • Shifting teeth: I am 62 and have taken good care of my teeth. I did have a back tooth pulled 2 years ago. I started noticing a small gap last year between my two front lower teeth. I noticed recently that the gap has significantly increased. I saw my dentist that I've had for 24 years and he said he can't figure out what is causing the gap. He said there is no bone loss, no bacteria, and my bite is perfect. What do you think? ... Visitor from New Mexico     (answer)

  • My bottom teeth are moving apart! I'm 16 years old and have had braces on my top teeth to remove a gap in the middle. Since then I haven't been able to get a retainer made because of me being discharged from the orthodontist I was at. I have had to use a boil and bite retainer for around 6-7months and I have noticed that my bottom teeth are moving apart, is this because of the type of retainer I'm using? Or should I seek a professionals help?? ... Visitor from England UK     (answer)

  • Shifting teeth: I have pretty healthy gums and I brush and floss regularly. I had two old upper filings replaced with about 8 months ago. In the last month my front lower, two middle, have shifted out and down. My lowerfront gums seem tobe protruding too. This is freaking me out! I've noticed that the molar directly under one of my new crowns has slipped inward. What could be the cause of this? I do grind my teeth badly and wear a store bought guard. ... Visitor from Phoenix     (answer)

  • I am 33 years old and have 3 kids. In all my pregnancies my teeth got worse. I take care of my teeth but in my 3rd pregnancy I got gingivitis-viral infection and my gums got worse. Now my molar teeth are moving. I went to a dentist who said there is bone loss and I have to remove 4 of my teeth which are moving. They are not painful. I had a premolar removed when I as 19 years old which caused movement of an adjacent tooth. I am taking better care of my teeth. I do brushing, flossing, mouth wash and calcium supplements. Please advise. ... Visitor from Dubai     (answer)

  • I didn't have very bad teeth when I was young. I had a square smile, but I am obsessed with straight teeth. Therefore, I put braces for 11 months but my orthodontist told me that my teeth were too small for my mouth so he had to add a little bit of artificial teeth to both my canines. After a few months, I was eating and the artificial part of my tooth fell. I realized that my teeth started to shift a tiny bit, causing my right front tooth to be a little bit forward compared to my left tooth which led to a small gap. It's barely noticeable, I'm the only one who notices it but i'm obsessed with straight teeth. I still ise my retainer. What can I do to fix this, if I don't want to use braces? ... Visitor from Quebec     (answer)

  • I had periodontal disease treatment done. My teeth have shifted due to bone loss and one of my front teeth is crooked and protruding outward. I also have a gold crown on two of my teeth in the front. The one that is protruding doesn't have a gold crown. Will I need to have this tooth pulled or have braces put on to fix the large gap between the two front teeth. ... Visitor from GA     (answer)

  • Teeth Shifting After Orthodontic Treatment: I had my braces removed six years ago. So I had had four teeth extracted (two from upper, two from bottom jaw). But a year later after I removed my braces, I had to extract one tooth, a premolar, I think from my right lower jaw. At first I didn't care too much, but after five years or so, other teeth in my lower jaw started to shift. They are now crooked, worse than before I put braces. The gap left by my lost tooth has narrowed much, that now can't be treated with a bridge. My question is, can I put braces, to shift my other teeth back to their positions after the treatment, that opens up the gap of the lost tooth, and I just put a bridge there, or an implant, Can this be done? ... Visitor from Malaysia     (answer)

  • I had root canals on two molars 31 years ago, both on the top 3rd from the back on each side. They have been nothing but painful for years and years. I broke one eating pretzels and just yesterday had them both pulled. At last no more pain.... But I wonder how will this affect the rest of my teeth?? ... Visitor from Taiwan     (answer)

  • Hello , can you please tell me if a soft or hard plastic retainer worn at night while sleeping, will control my bottom teeth from shifting more. I had my 4 molars removed when I was 15, I am 45 now. My lower front teeth are getting crowded and uneven. Will a plastic guard control further movement if worn at night? ... Visitor from CT     (answer)

  • Could you please tell me why my teeth are shifting apart from each other, specially the two canine teeth. There is a big space in between. So please help me.. what's the treatment and cause of it? ... Visitor from Bucharest, Romania     (answer)

  • Pushing of teeth toward center: I had a lot of back teeth on both sides of the bottom taken out several years ago. My teeth used to be straight. Now they are going inward and pushing out one of my front bottom teeth. Would getting a partial on the bottom help them from pushing the tooth any farther? ... Visitor from WV     (answer)

  • I've been noticing my teeth shifting on one side of my mouth. The shifting occured (from what I noticed) after my wisdom teeth came in. If in fact it is my wisdom teeth causing it, what would be the procedures to correct my teeth and what type of dentist do I see? ... Visitor from NY     (answer)

  • I was diagnosed with diabetes about two years ago. During that same period of time I had begun to notice my front teeth shifting and pain in my upper gums. I understand I have suffered some bone loss as well. I have NEVER had a gap in my teeth and now I do. I do a tremendous amount of public speaking. Can you tell me what is happening and what I can do about it? ... Visitor from OK     (answer)

  • A few months ago, I found out that I was going to need about 4 deep cavities filled in my back molars. Because it would take me quite a while to come up with the money for this, I've been waiting to have it done. Now, one of my teeth is causing me pain, so I am considering having it removed as I do not have the funds for a root canal. My concern is with my teeth possibly shifting. I have never had braces and two of my front teeth have root canals. I'm wondering if I have this tooth removed it will cause my teeth to shift and undo my root canals. Is there a retainer or appliance that I can wear that can stop this from happening? Are Invisalign or braces an option? ... Visitor from PA     (answer)

  • I'm 22years old and over the last 3-4 days I have noticed that if I stretch my jaw and then relax it, almost all of my teeth feel as though they are moving very slightly out of place. None of my teeth wobble but it's as though they are locking in and out of place when I stretch my mouth or push my tongue against them. I had 1 Wisdom tooth out last year but still have the remaining 3, although 1 is impacted. My dentist doesn't seem to think it's a problem, but I'm ever so worried about this. Why is this happening? ... Visitor from Hertfordshire, England, UK     (answer)

  • Moving Back: I wasn't very consistent with using my retainer when I first got my braces off. Now, it's three years later and my teeth are practically back to the way they were. I'm not trying to use the retainer again, but it doesn't fit very well. With time, will it start to fit better, or should I go back to my orthodontist? ... Visitor from CA     (answer)

  • Retainers don't help: I got my braces off about 9 years ago, and have been wearing my retainers nightly ever since. My teeth have always had a tendency to feel like they are shifting even after 1 night without wearing it, so I made sure to wear it every night unless there was some reason I couldn't. About 2 months ago I noticed my teeth still felt like they were shifting, and I chalked it up to needing to wear my retainer a few extra hours for a day or two. I have been wearing them about 20 hours a day for the past 2 months because I have noticed no change. They constantly feel like they're shifting, even while the retainers are in. What could be the cause of this? ... Visitor from NY     (answer)

  • Moving upward: I've had my braces off for about a year. Because I didn't wear my retainers enough, a tooth of mine has moved upward. Is there something they can put on my retainers to move it back in place? Or will I need to get braces again for this one tooth? ... Visitor from MO     (answer)

  • Over the last few months my teeth are moving at a fast pace! I am 38. It is my 3rd and 4th tooth from my front teeth that are seemingly being pushed back and now look awful. What can I do? I have been to my dentist who said nothing can be done. I am petrified of dentists which doesn't help. My gum above these teeth seem to go in. Please help as this is ruining my life. ... Visitor from Trowbridge UK     (answer)

  • Braces or new retainer: I have noticed that my teeth have been shifting. My teeth aches at times I guess because of this. My retainers do not fit anymore and I was wondering if I'd need braces again? Or can i just get a retainer readjusted to fit my teeth the way it is now? My teeth have only moved slightly and it's barely noticeable. I'm also due for cleaning at my local dentist. Will this be trouble for them if my teeth are shifting? ... Visitor from Guam     (answer)

  • Wisdom tooth extractions: I had my top 2 wisdom teeth removed almost a year ago. Since then a gap has started to form between my front 2 teeth. It is getting bigger and bigger. My dentist said it is not from the wisdom teeth being removed. He said that is impossible, but it only started happening after the surgery. I am 30 years old, had braces for 3 years when I was 14 and had nice straight teeth with no gaps till now. My dentist thinks it is from grinding at night. He now wants me to get my bottom ones removed but I am worried about more problems. I also want to note all my wisdom teeth came in fine and never bothered me but my dentist said they would in the future. ... Visitor from IL     (answer)

  • Causes: About two years ago, I slipped and fell heavily, face first, into a plate glass door (right side of my face). The xrays showed nothing was broken, but I suffered postconcussion headaches for 6 months afterwards. Since then, during the last year, I have noticed that the teeth on the right side of my mouth are shifting to the left. It feels like I was kicked on the right side of my mouth. It is changing my bite and giving me a crooked smile. Could this movement still be due to my fall and if so, how would I prove this? My dentist tried to improve my bite last summer by using a plastic device over my bottom teeth, but it gave me headaches, so I had to stop using it. ... Visitor from OH     (answer)

  • Braces: My bottom teeth has shifted to the point it looks like I have a tooth missing in the middle. I have none of my back teeth. Would I be able to get braces not having back teeth? ... Visitor from MD     (answer)

  • Advanced Gum Disease: What cosmetic procedures can be done with advanced gum disease and teeth that have shifted a little bit? ... Visitor from CA     (answer)

  • Fosomax: My lower 4 teeth between the eye teeth have been shifting so that they are very crooked and quite unsightly. I see the dentist religiously twice a year, keep my teeth very clean, and have no signs of gum disease. I am 75 years old and have been taking Fosomax for about 12 years. Dentists are reluctant to do any straightening, but have suggested extracting those 4 teeth and inserting a partial. They say there is bone loss. This seems like a drastic measure since I hate to lose my own teeth, but am becoming very self conscious about this problem. Are there dentists who specialize in situations like this? ... Visitor from WI     (answer)

  • I am 45 years old and all 4 wisdom teeth grew in perfectly - no problems. However, I have shifting of 2 teeth on the bottom front. Will having the wisdom teeth pulled possibly correct the shifting without braces or Invisaline? ... Visitor from TX     (answer)

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