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  • Front tooth root canal: I had a root canal on my front tooth two month ago, it had broken off, was infected and rotting. I also had pain if I pushed on it right where my nose starts and just into the nostril. I was given antibiotic for 7 days, had procedure done. Here it is two month later and it doesn't hurt but when I push on my lip by my nostril it still hurts and when I bite on my front tooth I feel a bit pain and pressure. I told the dentist it was still bothering me and he said it just needed time to settle down, but I have had 5 other root canals and non of them have ever done this. Pain is not getting worse just stays the same. I recently moved, so I know I need to see a dentist but am waiting on insurance. Could it be a residual root or a damaged nerve? ...Visitor from Toledo     (answer)

  • Has my dentist given me gum disease? I have visited my dentist a few times and noticed his gloves smelled very bad. I have had a lot of root canal treatments and wondered if he could have given me this bacterial infection. Did he change his gloves before treating me so could I have been given this infection via his gloves? ...Visitor from UK     (answer)

  • Root Canal Treatment: I had a root canal done four months ago. Throughout the processs I kept feeling pain and sensitivity and like the feeling of foil paper in your filling! The doctor did X-rays to verify all was good inside before he applied crown. He said everything looked good and continued procedure. It felt good at times afterwards but sometimes the pain comes and it hurts like crazy. I can't eat on that side and when I tap on my tooth where root canal was done it hurts. I tapped to see which tooth was causing the pain and it appears to be same one that was worked on. Why would pain still be there? I haven't been able to chew from that side since the root canal.     (answer)

  • Root Canal Therapy: I had RCT when I was 14 years old, but I didn't fix the cap for that. I am 18 years old now. My tooth which had undergone rct is paining very badly now. There is an abcess over that tooth. Will it recover if I fix cap now? ...Visitor from India     (answer)

  • Root Canal: Hello, just yesterday, I had a root canal done on my 2nd to last upper molar. The dentist put in a temporary filling but did not take a casting of the tooth for a crown. I have an appointment one week from now. He told me at that appointment he was going to perform a full exam of my teeth to see if there are any more major problems before making a cast and installing it. I've had root canals before and never encountered this before. Any thoughts on this would help. Thank you, ...Visitor from CO     (answer)

  • Root Canal: Hello, just yesterday, I had a root canal done on my 2nd to last upper molar. The dentist put in a temporary filling but did not take a casting of the tooth for a crown. I have an appointment one week from now. He told me at that appointment he was going to perform a full exam of my teeth to see if there are any more major problems before making a cast and installing it. I've had roots canals before and never encountered this before. Any thoughts on this would help. Thank you, ...Visitor from CO     (answer)

  • Root Canal Therapy Long story short: my general dentist started to perform a Root Canal on tooth #28 through a crown he recently cemented. Things seem to be going good till I started to experience some discomfort towards the end of the filling of the canal. No matter how much extra Novocaine he gave I was still feeling a little pain. He also says that the canal won't stay dry it would bleed from time to time. So he decided that he did not feel comfortable continuing the RCT. So he puts a temp plug and says that he recommends me to see an endodontist instead cause he can't figure out whats going on. He does not feel comfortable continuing the RCT. He does not charge me for any of the procedure and gives me a referral to a nearby endodontist. Now instead of $350 for what he would of charged I'm now looking at $1000 and nothing is guaranteed if I have the endodontist do it. The reason I went to him was to save money and he told he could do it. My question is can a dentist do this? Start a RCT then quit when he feels there is going to be a problem and just passes it over to some one else to deal with? Isn't he obligated to finish what he started or at least help pay for it since he couldn't finish it. There has got to be some kind of standards for starting Procedures and finishing them isn't there? I'm at a loss as to what to do. That is too much money and he doesn't want to finish ...Visitor from IL     (answer)

  • Re-treatment of Root Canal: I had a root canal 2 months ago. It felt ok so they did the permanent filling after 2 weeks and put the crown on (which was too big/wide). The tooth felt fine but then a day later it started to hurt where I could no longer bite on it. And it never stopped hurting. It was mainly tender on one side of the tooth and in the center when biting down. It was not the bite as that was adjusted. So, 2 months later, I saw the endodontist who re-treated the tooth. But it now hurts more than ever. It has been 3 days. There still seems to be a slight infection around the root too. Is this pain normal after re-treatment? I am so sick of the pain. ...Visitor from UK     (answer)

  • Calcified Root Canal and Penicillin: I had a filling done on a cracked molar a couple of times. Last year, tooth became so sensitive that I could no longer bite down without it hurting, and it was sensitive to heat and cold. A couple of months ago, my dentist filed down on the tooth thinking the sensitivity was due to filling too high. Molar still was sensitive, and last week, I saw a hole in the molar. I went back to dentist who diagnosed that there was cavity beneath the filling. I wonder why he didn't find the cavity during my last visit. He recommended root canal, but could not complete the 3rd canal due to it being calcified. Should I leave the 3rd root alone? He also prescribed penicillin. Is necesary to take the penicillin? ...Visitor from Laguna Hills     (answer)

  • I had a root canal done over a year ago. The filling came out and recently a piece of my outer tooth broke off. Now more filling is coming out in bits and pieces and I can taste it dissolving a bit. I'm also 5 months pregnant. Is this an emergency? What should I do? ...Visitor from Columbia     (answer)

  • Root canal and crown pain: I had a root canal and crown put on about 1-1/2 years ago. Last week I started getting severe pain on that crown and now can not eat anything on that side. Hot or cold liquids are also painful to endure. I went back to the dentist yesterday. X-rays were taken and he does not know why this is hurting so bad. Do not know what to do. In a lot of pain. ...Visitor from Minnesota     (answer)

  • I had a root canal about 2 months ago and still had percussion sensitivity last month but dentist said OK to put a crown on about a week ago. Over the past few days my right armpit has started to ache. Went to my endo this AM, took more x-rays, he sees no infection but suspects that the roots are inflamed and that is causing my pain. He suggested "apico" surgery on the tooth, and if that does not work, an extraction. Does this sound like a reasonable course of action for no visible infection on the x-ray, no fever, but percussion sensitivity and swollen lymph nodes in armpit? I also have MVP (with no regurgitation, no Rx). Endo says antibiotic will not help, needs to go thru crown to retreat or do surgery. ...Visitor from California     (answer)

  • Gums above root canal sore after 4 weeks: Upper Molar (Right Side) - I wound up having an abscess above this tooth. I had an oral surgeon open it up as an emergency. She opened it and said there was alot of puss and blood. 3 days later it started to swell again, she said the medicated stick was not letting it drain so she left it open. 4 days later I went to the dentist who did root canal. He also stuck this thin blue thing into the tooth and it felt like he popped the abscess. It is now 4 weeks later and the gums above are sore and slightly sensitive to cold. Should I be worried? Also note 2 weeks ago they had to shave the temporary filling as it was too high and I was bruising my teeth as he called it. ...Visitor from Levittown     (answer)

  • I have had a retreatment of a root canal a month ago due to an abcess. I have had it xrayed today and bone is growing in but some infection still exists. The endodontist is ok with watching it. The problem is I am in pain and we don't know why. Would the pain be because bone is growing back? The pain is probably about a 5 or 6 out of 10. What other reasons would there be for being in pain-damaged nerve in jaw possibly? ...Visitor from NC     (answer)

  • Gum discoloration after temporary caps: I had a root canal done about 3 weeks ago on teeth 8 and 9 and then about 4 days ago I had temporary caps put on. My gums are hurting and are a purple color around the area the caps were placed. The gum area behind my teeth feels swollen and hurts. I don't know if I should be concerned. Pain is not getting any better. ...Visitor from CO     (answer)

  • Root canal doesn't feel complete: I had a root canal two weeks ago on left front tooth single root. I was having hot and cold symptoms on the tooth and tingling and sensitive to the touch in the gum area above the tooth. No infection showed on the x-ray. After the root canal I still have the tingling and sensitivity to the gum area above the root canaled tooth. I completed antibiotics as told, amoxicillin 500mg.what could be causing this discomfort. ...Visitor from VA     (answer)

  • I had a root canal done about 10 months ago. Everything went fine. When I went to the dentist to get a cap he drilled it down and put a temporary cap on the tooth. It felt fine. When he put the permanent cap on is when it started bothering me. It is tender when I touch it. I went back to the endodontist about 4 months later. They took an xray and found nothing wrong. She suggested maybe it was hitting. Went back to my dentist and he ground it down a little. It is still bothering me. Went to my dentist the other day and he said maybe the tooth is cracked and that could be causing the pain. He suggested the only thing to do is replace the cap. ...Visitor from PA     (answer)

  • Broken file during root canal and is stuck touching nerve: During Root Canal Therapy (RCT), the file tip broke off, got stuck and the x-ray shows that the file tip is touching a nerve. The dentist. said that it cannot be removed unless through special surgery through the side palate. Another dentist says that he wouldn´t recommend this surgery as it may bring some serious nasal complications. The RC was done so to have a crown placed but I only have the post installed as the crown is still being manufactured. The problem is that right now, I can touch the post with my finger and when I apply pressure to it, it actually hurts which suggests that the post is pressing against the file which is pressing against the nerve, meaning the crown will also hurt. What can I do? ...Visitor from AZ     (answer)

  • Internal Resorption: post-root canal care: I recently (about 7 months ago) had a root canal on tooth #7 to address a minor case of internal resorbtion that had been detected via routine X-Ray. The procedure was successful. Externally, the tooth is intact. Do I need to have a crown? ...Visitor from CA     (answer)

  • Root canal complications: I recently had a root canal and cap (crown). My gum started swelling. I consulted with a different dentist. He said the cap was causing the problem and that the tooth should have never been capped. He removed the rest of tooth and crown. The swelling has now disappeared but I seem to have a constant thirst. My tongue is white. Despite taking many different medications the infection doesn't clear up. ...Visitor from GA     (answer)

  • Root filling: I am currently having a root filling done, but whenever the dentist inserts the paper point a small amount of blood appears. Sometimes I feel some pain as well it takes around 4-5 days to heal. Because of this, the root filling proceedure is dragging on. Can you advise what is actually the problam and why I am bleeding. The pain is lasting even though the nerve is removed. My doctor is clueless as to why the pain and the bleeding is occurring. Please help ...Visitor from Sri Lanka     (answer)

  • I had a root canal canal done on tooth #3 almost 4 years ago. I have been in pain ever since. I feel as though I am having constant sinus infections and given repeated antibiotic treatments to no avail. My right cheek and eye constantly swell. The root canal was redone within 6 months and I had a bit of relief, but the constant throbbing continues. The third endodonist was going to do an apicoectomy, but told me my sinus cavity was encroaching into my root area and that it would be a 50/50 chance of success. She then told me I should have a sinus lift and implant surgery instead. ...Visitor from WA     (answer)

  • Root Canal - Strange Pain: I had a root cancal about 6 weeks ago and I had a crown put on about 4 weeks ago. The tooth feels great no pain there at all! However, I'm having a shooting pain (it's not bad just strange and annoying) that goes from my top gum right above the tooth that had the root canal and goes up to my cheek right next to my nose. Is this nerve damage? Is there something in there? Again, I'm not in pain I only feel it when Im putting my make up on and I touch that area or sometimes when I laugh I will feel it....it's just weird and I have no idea if this will go away or if it's permanent damage from the root canal procedure or the numbing medication used? ...Visitor from IN     (answer)

  • Root Canal Overfill: I had a root canal on a bottom left side molar (#18). Can it take longer than a month to heal? It was completed 6 weeks ago. I have been back to both the endodontist and dentist and xrays show it is healing. My dentist says overfill will be absorbed by body in time. But I still have inflammation around gums by tooth, it comes and goes. ...Visitor from NY     (answer)

  • I had a root canal procedure a year ago on a front tooth. Afterwards the tooth was tender on touch and there was a painful bump at the top of the gum of the treatment area. Now the tooth is getting dark. Please explain why this is happening if you can, and what to do This front tooth looks ugly. Thank you ...Visitor from MD     (answer)

  • I had complete mouth reconstruction including several implants about 1 1/2 years ago here in Indonesia. Now my bottom left wisdom tooth which had a root canal and crown is very painful. I went back to the dentist and she said she discovered a third root and started working on it and gave me pain meds and antibiotics. 3 days later its still very very painful (and I can stand pain). Also one of my front implants is a little loose is this normal? What should be done? ...Visitor from Indonesia     (answer)

  • I had my upper teeth cosmetically crowned not quite a year ago, the other day while eating lunch my crown came out. My tooth underneath broke at the gum line. Is it possible that the tooth was "prepped" too much? I have since then had a root canal and the crown replaced. However, I am not happy with my dentist's response to the whole situation or lack of explaination. I am not out to place blame, but don't want to be taken advantage of either. Can you offer me some reasons why the tooth died? (It was an otherwise healthy tooth before this whole process). He said there was no bloodflow. ...Visitor from MN     (answer)

  • Cavity becomes a root canal?: I recently visited a dentist for the first time and after taking full mouth xrays, he said I had a cavity in one of my back teeth, the tooth just before the very back one on the upper left side. He saw this in an xray which looked like a dark shadow. He said even if I fill it now, someday I will probably need a root canal. I have no pain, or sensitivity in that tooth and I brush and floss constantly. So, my question is, does that make sense that I would possibly need a root canal if I have him fill this now? Also, is there any other cause for a dark shadow in a back tooth, viewable in an xray, other than a cavity? ...Visitor from RI     (answer)

  • I just got my root canal done for #30 (right side lower molar). How long should I wait before I go for the crown to make sure that tooth is not having any infection left even after root canal and RC is done properly? Just curious that why do they give very heavy dose of Advil and extra strength tylenol after RC for 48 hours, even if there is no pain. ... Visitor from GA     (answer)

  • I had a root canal 6 months ago on tooth #14. I am STILL experiencing pain with hot and cold. My dentist took xrays and says it looks fine. I have had the bite adjusted and that also looks fine. What could the problem be? My dentist says he doesn't understand why I feel pain and says to wait some more for it to heal?? Six months!!! Seems like a long time to wait. ... Visitor from OH     (answer)

  • I have a large old filling in tooth #19. I am having pain and aching in the tooth. Today the dentist told me I need a root canal and cap. My boss' friend's dentist says I should go to an endodontist. Can the regular dentist do a root canal or should I seek out an endodontist? My dentist left the practice, so the dentist I am seeing now is new and I have never met him before today. ...Visitor from OH     (answer)

  • Root canals cause ear and neck pain? About 6 months ago I had a filling done, then a root canal on this tooth. I had the root canal redone and the tooth beside it as well by a specialist. I also had a sore on the side of my tongue. Pain in the left side of my neck, ear and lower teeth. I have been on 8 antibiotics since then, including 2 doses of Prednisone. My tongue sore is gone. The pain in the neck ear and lower jaw are not. Today I woke up with a sore, white line on the tip of my tongue as well. Where do I go from here? ...Visitor from Ontario Canada     (answer)

  • I had a two part root canal done by an endodontist around 5 mo. ago. After the crown fitting I started having pain in both sides of my jaw (the side with the root canal more often). It was stiff and I had trouble opening it very wide. I went back to the endo twice and every time my teeth tested normal and the xray showed more and more bone growth so I don't think it is my teeth. The pain has improved some since I began doing neck rolls daily, but sometimes there is a lump by the hinge of my jaw. At times, I also feel a type of burning inside my mouth up near the hinge and in my ears. The pain is mild but I have had it for months ...Visitor from CO     (answer)

  • Sensitivity after Root Canals: I have just completed 2 root canal treatments. The first is on a baby tooth (I am 25) and the dentist said he could not clean all of the roots as the tooth had calcified. He did not want it to be crowned as he said the tooth was not strong enough. He put in a permanent filling about 10 days ago. The second is on a big tooth and I had the permanent crown fitted 3 days ago. Both teeth are still very sensitive when I press down on them with my finger. Do you think this is normal? The teeth are not sensitive to hot or cold and I can brush them without trouble. In the evenings I am aware of the teeth even though it is not necessarily painful (if that makes sense). What do you advise? ...Visitor from London     (answer)

  • I had a root canal almost a month ago on an eye tooth. A hard knot on the root is still there and still hurts, so my dentist wouldn't fill it, but prescribed me penicillin and told me to wait. The tooth directly below it hurts too now, and so do other spots on the jaw. I had jaw realignment surgery about 20 years ago; could the root canal have somehow damaged the metal connectors in my jaw and thrown off the jaw's adjustment? ...Visitor from OH     (answer)

  • My now 7 year old daughter had two root canals and four stainless steel crowns on her teeth three years ago. The two root canal teeth were part of the crowns. Since the procedure was performed, all four of the crowned teeth have abcessed over a period of three years (one per year). Her fourth abcess was recently diagnosed and we are to have the tooth removed soon. We are vigilant in her oral hygeine. Could there be any correlation between the stainless steel and the abcess? ...Visitor from MN     (answer)

  • I had a root canal on bottom front tooth but it broke in half. I never had crown on it but I need to save it because it is in the front. How can I save this tooth, even with there being a gap? I don't want to lose it or pull it out. ...Visitor from LA     (answer)

  • I have a fractured tooth as the dentist called it. It is next to the last on top. It is cracked top down and he suggested a root canal and crown. He recommended using a specialist because of the 4 canals in this large tooth. My insurance will not cover the crown, thought I might just get it pulled. Is that just the easy way out? I Hate Pain! ...Visitor from FL     (answer)

  • I had a cavity under a cap that was part of a bridge. Half of the tooth broke away. Now I'm told I need a root canal. I have NO pain. I've been prescribed Clindamycin, which I read is pretty strong stuff and could cause stomach problems. I have known people who have gotten seriously ill from these kinds of antibiotics. My question is do I need to take any antibiotics if I have no pain ... presumably no infection? Is there something milder? I'm allergic to penicillin. ...Visitor from TX     (answer)

  • I recently had a Root canal done and a crown installed. I have sensitivity to hot and cold now and when I touch above the tooth in the gum area, it is painful upon pressure. My dentist has seen me about it several times and has stated that it is not uncommon for this and the nerves in and around the gums in the area to react (pain) upon touch for up to a year. I need to know what I can do. ...Visitor from ME     (answer)

  • My friend has a really bad pain in her tooth and when she went to her dentist, he said that he could do nothing about it. What she has is a nerve inflammation and she can't do anything about it. What does she need or what can she do? Does she need a Root Canal? ...Shaina     (answer)

  • I had a root canal done 5 days ago. The pain after the root canal operation lasted only 24 hours. However, I feel a sharp pain when I try to bite on that tooth. Is this normal?     (answer)

  • I am almost fifty years old and have about four or five crowns. Within the last four months or so, I have developed a progressive sensitivity and pain in all of them simultaneously. I'm becoming more and more sensitive to cold and heat, and it's becoming more difficult to chew anything very tough or hard. I'm going to talk to my dentist soon, and I am assuming I'll be needing some root canal procedure. I've never had any of this sort of dental work done before. But why would they all become a problem at one time? Is there anything else that might be going on here that I should be concerned about? ...Ken in MI     (answer)

  • I now have five root canaled teeth. Four of them are on the left side of my mouth and after two years they are still bothering me. My dentist says it's my bite and keeps adjusting it. The teeth still do not have crowns on them as he is hesitant to do this until my bite adjusts itself. I feel like I can not stand it any longer. I have been doing some reading on root canals and how they are not safe. I had my amalgam fillings removed in the first place because of an auto immune disease. I just need answers. Do you have any? ...Mary in IN     (answer)

  • I had a root canal about 2 years ago with a temp cap placed at that time. about 8 months after that, (or a little over a year ago) I had a permanent cap placed. In the last two days my face has swelled up and it feels al if I have an abcess again in the same tooth. (all this minus the throbbing because there is no root). I played hockey for several years and have invested a lot of money into my dentists retirement. I have confidence that he will be able to fix this but my question is... Is this a common thing? Should I expect my other root canals to develop the same way? And lastly, should I just write of the $2000 spent on that tooth and yank it? ...Karl in ME     (answer)

  • About four years ago I had a root canal on a lower left molar. Unfortunately, I never got a crown on it, and never had any serious follow-up checkups. This was mainly for financial reasons, but I was also leaving the country the day after the first part of the root canal was done, so the dentist was never able to crown it. Sometime later a couple of pieces broke off the tooth, and some time after this, I had a couple instances of deep pain in the jaw, mostly at night. Meanwhile, I also began to have trouble with my left side, noticing a tremor in my left hand, experiencing muscle spasms at night, etc. After a couple of years of this, I suddenly developed what seemed to be an inner ear infection, with headaches and a bit of vertigo and nausea. A GP did some tests, but found nothing obviously wrong. However, symptoms continued along with the fulness in the ears, and for the next couple of months I felt bad without really being sick. Basically, I felt kind of hung over for a couple of months and couldn't figure out why. That's when I thought that I should get my root canal examined to see if it was infected, perhaps contributing to whatever was going on. The dentist did some x-rays and found that there was a chronic infection underneath the tooth. This may have been there since I first had the root canal (at least 3 or 4 years ago). They said they could refill the tooth, re-root canal it (although one root had a pin in it so they couldn't re-do that one), or just pull it, but I don't really know what each option means. Why would refilling or another root canal work if the infection was under the tooth? Since this was a hospital for dental students, I was put on a waiting list (which may take a while because it is exam season). So, my questions are basically three:
    1) could my earlier symptoms be related to the infection under the root canal (tremor, spasms, headaches, general feeling of tiredness, and some kind of inner ear infection)?
    2) what exactly are the different options for treating the tooth?
    3) how long should I wait? ... Robert in IA     (answer)

  • I really need some advice here. Back in early November I had some awful pain to the back molar in my mouth. I was new to the area, so I went to a new dentist, who happened to be an endodontist as well. He took x-rays and told me he couldn't find anything wrong with my teeth even though I was in so much pain. He said the x-rays were fine and gave me a referral to a specialist if I chose to go. He tell me that it could possibly be a bad sinus infection. I dealt with the pain which eventually went away and never referred to the specialist. Now, The pain came back. So a week ago, I called the same dentist and asked to be seen. I hadn't slept or eaten in 24 hours due to the pain. I went in and he used some novocaine- which didn't seem to help in the least. After taking x-rays, he said I had an abcessed tooth and that I either could have it pulled or a partial root canal that day to relieve the pain. Since I have no insurance, I was leaning more towards having it pulled since it was in the back of my mouth. He lectured me of course on how if one of my fingers were broke, would I chop it off? His assistant was shoving a pen and paper down my face to sign for a root canal and I was in so much pain, I listened to him and decided to go for the partial for the relief. After quite a few shots of Novocaine and the procedure was finished, I left. By the 5 minute ride home, I was in 100 times more pain that when I went there and my face was so swollen you couldn't even recognize me. A hint of a black eye was appearing. My fiance began paging the endodontist with no success. While I lay on the floor screaming in pain, he finally was able to reach him. The endodontist said there was nothing he could do for me. He said for me to take the antibiotics (veetids) and the pain medication (Lortab 7.5). Within minutes the pain was unbearable. We drove back to his office and he had a major attitude- he said "I can pull your tooth but I don't have time for anything else." This is the same dentist who just finished lecturing NOT to pull my tooth a half hour ago. The pain killers weren't helping, novocaine wasn't helping and the antibiotics didn't have time to kick in yet. I told him I wanted my records and I would go elsewhere. He wouldn't go for it. He then switched his story and said he could "squeeze" me in to finish the root canal that day. I was in so much pain, I went ahead and allowed him to do so. I asked him before leaving if there was anything stronger he could give me besides the Lortabs- he said NO. I know there was, but he wouldn't give it to me. So, my question to you is, if he saw me in November, would any sign of an abcessed tooth be visible on x-rays then when I first had the pain? Was the treatment I received as poorly as I felt it was? Not to mention, this so called dentist called me sweetheart a zillion times which to me is offensive. How do I go about getting my records to bring to a different endodontist for a second opinion? It's a week after the root canal and my swelling has gone down, but there is still some deep pain in my tooth. I couldn't leave my house or go to work for over a week. I looked like I had been mugged or something. I took pictures I was so scared. Do you think I should report him to the board?? I don't know if there is still a problem or not but I haven't felt right since. Headaches, diarrhea, tight chest, problems breathing and nausea. I am done taking the veetids as well. PLease help me if you can. Any advice would be appreciated.     (answer)

  • I had a root canal done to a back tooth a year ago. Three weeks ago I had this same tooth pulled because of pain also had a dry socket. Now I am having pain again to the teeth around it. I don't really know if it's coming from the top or bottom, my whole mouth hurts around where I had this tooth pulled. If I call my dentist he is going to think am crazy. I am a person who takes cake of her teeth and goes to the dentist once a year. Cathy in IA     (answer)

  • I just had a root canal done on number 19 five days back. The pain went away after two days. After that, all of a sudden, my front bottom teeth started hurting and it has been for the past three days constantly. What could this mean? ...Bharti in NC     (answer)

  • I need a root canal on my front tooth. My dentist suggested a crown and veneer treatments as well...are both necessary? ...Bridget in NJ ;    (answer)

  • I had a root canal about 14 years ago. About a year ago I was having pain so the dentist refered me to specialist to have the root capped. Now the crown fell off with the post. I went in to have it put in and the dentist did the procedure but did not the post in. It fell out again and it looks like I do not have a lot of tooth left. I read some of the questions, it seems that my crown was loose before and my tooth decayed away under the crown. Can I still have a crown put on or does it sound like I have lost the tooth? ...Denise in CA     (answer)

  • I think I have two teeth that are infected, both teeth that have had root canals. Upper and lower molar on the right side. The lower one was done a couple of years ago and has bothered me off and on ever since. But the pain was never severe, mostly achey and the gum would swell up great big. The dentist would give me some antibiotic and it would be fine. But then he retired and I got a new dentist who said he thought the tooth might be fractured and would eventually have to come out. He told me to wait until it got bad so I could hang on to the tooth as long as possible. A few weeks ago my upper root canaled tooth started giving me problems. The dentist suspected infection but couldn't see anything on an xray. He gave me some more penicillin and it settled down. Then I got achey, and the next day I was in the most horrible pain of my life, and it is still going on. My glands are swollen, I was running a high fever and now it feels like my neck is closing off and I have a hard time breathing at times. But maybe that's because of the pain medication (hydrocodone), which is making me kind of woozy with no food. (I can't eat, and haven't eaten anything for three days, plus have no appetite) I'm very, very nauseus, and just feel so sick. Plus I'm in this horrible pain that goes from my tooth into my cheek and my lower jaw and back towards my ear. If I accidentally bite slightly down, where those two teeth come together, the upper tooth is VERY painful and sets off a firestorm of unbearable pain. The lower one is discomfort, but not excrutiating. I guess it's time to have that lower one pulled...what about the upper one? I had that root canal done about 10 -12 years ago. I'm just feeling so sick, and don't feel like I'm getting any better with the penicillin. What should I do? ...Angela in MO     (answer)

  • I had a root canal in #23. I have been in pain for about 10 days. The tooth was treated 2 days ago. The treatment was very thorough. It included cleaning out 3 canals and lancing an abcess. As soon as the anesthetic wore off, the pain returned. The abcess is still present (a little smaller) and the pain is about a notch less. Motrin works best for about 2-4 hours. Vicoden and Percocet do nothing. My question is why did the dentist not prescribe any antibiotic to treat the infection? Also do I need to return again to get this abcess re-lanced and drained again? How much longer till I will be out of pain? I am seeing an endodontist - should I be referred to a Dental Surgeon? ...Arnold in CA     (answer)

  • I had the second part of a root canal done 4 days ago. I was told I have 3 roots in the tooth worked on, and an instrument about 1mm was used to clean out of the root, but got stuck in the canal. The endodontist told me that there is only a 2 percent chance of damage or problems because of this. How concerned should I be? Do I need to get anything in writing stating the situation and possible side effects? I was told the instrument would not show up on an xray. ...Jennifer in PA     (answer)

  • I had a root canal done on a lower molar about 1 1/2 years ago. I haven't had any problems with it but I have recently noticed a discoloration in the gum around the crown. The gum is turning a purple/black on the rim around the crown. Although there is no pain, slight sensitivity - I'm afraid this is a serious infection or decay that may spread. I am currently travelling in Asia and I'm not sure if I should see a doctor here or wait for a month until I return to the United States. 1.What would cause this syptom? 2.Should I see a doctor here (Vietnam) or can I wait for a month? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. ...Jennifer in Vietnam     (answer)

  • I just had a route canal treatment. The endodontist gave me antibiotics and pain killers after the procedure. It's been 4 days now, and I still am in pain (constant dull throbbing pain). The pain has not increased, but it has not subsided either. Is this normal? Do I have an infection? How long am I supposed to be in pain? I try not to take painkillers because I don't want to get dependent on them. ...Justine in CA     (answer)

  • Four years ago, I had a root canal on the two (anterior?) front teeth on the bottom. It didn't heal, so I had an apicoectomy. That didn't heal, so I had another root canal which revealed 2 extra canals in each tooth that could not be seen on x-ray. Two years after the last procedure, I am still having pain. My teeth feel like they are being pushed together and the lump where the abcess was is still there, but hard as a rock now. When it's pressed from the outside, I feel pressure and increased pain in "dead" teeth. What is going on? It was biopsied 3 years ago, and showed no cancer. Could it have become cancer? Could this be the reason why I have TMJ? Fibromyalgia like Illness? Please let me know what I should do. ...Amy in NY     (answer)

  • I chipped my lower left molar over a year ago. I experienced no pain with it, but there was a sharp corner exposed and it was sensitive to cold and hot. On my annual dentist visit, he suggested a crown. After the initial prep visit, I experienced considered pain in my jaw; my Dentist prescribed an antibiotic; I finished the antibiotic; I still experienced jaw pain; Dentist installed crown. I have never had pain from pressure on the tooth itself, only jaw pain. Dentist now suggests a root canal. The pain is lessening, but is still uncomfortable. It is also still sensitive to cold and hot. Will the pain in my jaw and sensitivity to cold and hot eventually stop? Do I really need a root canal? What will happen if I do need a root canal and do not have one? ...Janet in WV     (answer)

  • I’m 35 and last October 2001, my dentist recommended replacing a 15 year old filling in the molar on the far top left. From October to January, I experienced sever sensitivity to cold when I bit down. He kept making adjustments over the months and told me it could be a mild fracture within the tooth. He recommended and provided a crown in mid April. After the first week, I started into the most excruciating pain I’d ever experienced (a 9 on the high end of a pain scale of 10). By May 15, I had an emergency root canal with an endodontist who gave me a temporary crown – immediate relief! After the permanent crown was restored on 5/23, I’ve been feeling some sensitivity of warm pulses of pain thru the tooth and up a straight line to under my left eye. Both the dentist and endodontist noted four nerves were connected to this tooth and they seemed confident that all were removed – how can a tooth without a nerve experience any feeling? My dentist and endodontist tell me that I may have a sinus infection – so now I’m a few days into an antibiotic which hasn’t changed the pain level (2 on the low end of a pain scale to 10). They also agree that when a tooth goes thru as much trauma as mine, recovery and the crown takes a very, very long time to adjust. It’s been 5 weeks since the root canal - exactly how long should a patient wait until they give up and have the tooth extracted? I’ve scheduled an appt. with another dentist for a second opinion; this is my first experience with root canals and crowns and I hope this mild pain is not a chronic condition. So far, I’ve been dealing with various levels of this dental problem for eight months. Patricia in IL     (answer)

  • I had root canal done last week on Monday on a molar on the right bottom. I have had pain ever since. When the dentist was giving me a novacaine shot in the back of my inside jaw, as he fished around for the right spot I felt a racing pain to a lower front tooth. It was like an electrical shock pain. Once the novacaine kicked in I didn't feel any major pain. Once the novacaine wore off I was in so much pain I could not sleep. The dentist gave me an antibiotic and pain killer after a few days of waiting. What could be the cause of such pain a week and a half later? It still feels about the same. If I don't take advil or some other kind of pain killer the tooth starts throbbing and the pain radiates throughout my tooth, jaw and the side of my tongue. Should I seek another dentist or just stick it out as he says?     (answer)

  • I went to a dentist not to long ago, they did some X-Rays and informed that I would need a Root Canal. Can I just get a filling instead of a root canal? Another question is if my teeth do require Root Canal, is crowning and posting it necessary? Can I just get the Root Canal without posting it or crowning it...Thanks     (answer)

  • About 7 months ago I had a root canal done on two of my teeth. Both teeth were crowned, recently I was chewing gum and a piece of the crown broke off. I can't understand why the crown broke off. Will the tooth start to decay again, do I have to replace the crown?     (answer)

  • Around a year ago I had two root canals done (one at the top right and top left), the one on the right has a crown on it. The one on the left does not have a crown on it but I have been noticing that a bump appears on the gum right above the tooth. The bump is small but gets kinda big sometimes and it has popped twice and the only thing to come out is blood. The bump usually never hurts but I have gargled salt and warm water to sorta dry it out. The bump comes and goes I usually have the bump like 2 weeks and then it goes away like it disappears and then it we come back two days later. My family friend said that it is a sort of dental abcess. Is this true? What can I do to make it stop? ...Visitor from LA     (answer)

  • I went to the dentist on for a root canal. The dentist said one of the canals was calcified and when he took an x-ray he found that there was an abcess. He put me on antibiotics and made an appointment with a specialist for two days later. The very next day I had to call my primary physician for pain medication because the pain became too severe. By that night I had clear liquid leaking out of my ear. I don't want to go to the ER if I can avoid it. My question is how long should it take for the antibiotic to work? It has been 48 hours so far. Also, can an abcess cause this problem I am having with my ear? ... Visitor from NJ     (answer)

  • I have a few questions on root canals. First, do I need to have a crown done if I need a root canal on a front tooth? It used to seem like an easy answer, but after reviewing some answers maybe I don't need one. Please clarify this if possible. Second, do I really need a root canal if the xrays don't show an infection? I have decent pain in the tooth (I think it's the tooth, most likely it's not the gum) but it is not terrible. It doesn't last for a minute, certainly, but longer than my "normal" teeth. Third, if I have a crown in a tooth before the root canal, then I need a root canal in that same tooth, can I have it done without destroying the crown? The crown is gold. Visitor from IL     (answer)

  • I had aroot canal done about 10 years ago on 1 tooth..It was never finished because of a pregnacy. After my child was born this tooth abcessed and had to be pulled. Well about 3 years ago I started having sinus problems and my teeth were hurting. Had to have my sinuses scraped. Dentist said my teeth seemed fine at the time. After sinus surgery my teeth still hurt. So the dentist did 2 root canals. One on both sides of the other one that was pulled. The one has bothered me ever since. Not all the time. Every so often it flairs up and is very painfull. The dentist had checked it out - said it was not the tooth. So went back to the sinus guy. He says it isn't my sinuses. This has been going on for over 3 years now. Right now it hurts. It feels like a pressure and it feels very swollen. Slight pain from the tooth all the way back to my jaw joint and down. My throat and ears seems to be soar too when this happens. So who should I go see?? Please help. Visitor from Elklake, Ontario, Canada     (answer)

  • I had bridge work started two weeks ago. After the first day minor pain started and increased daily. After 3 or 4 days I called the dentist but he was a state away about 40 miles. He did not send me to someone else, but prescribed narcotics. When he returned, I took time off work for an emergency appointment. He re-did a temporary bridge but I still had pain the next day. He said see an endo specialist could be root canal work, caused by the bridge work. I went the same day, emergency appointment, took more time off work, he did pulp test, and yes a root canal must be done, which was scheduled for a few days later and prescribed more narcotics, to take till then. Is this normal procedure? I thought he would start the root canal at least and put me out of pain? Taking off work again two days in a row and then Friday, no late appointment only a morning, meaning more time off of work. Advil does kill most of the pain, but a few times, it flared up once so bad I had to take two codeine pills to calm it down. Is this right, to put someone on narcotics for a total of 7 days? and jeapordize their job for all the appointments and possibly being unable to work because one is heavily sedated? And is it normal to have a root canal done in one day? Doesn't it have to be medicated first and then completed a week later? Visitor from NJ     (answer)

  • I have a tooth, the next to the last on the top - right side. It has an abcess under it; however, it hasn't bothered me too much until recently. I went to my dentist who said the canals were small and he advised me to go to an endodontic dentist. I called them and they are very expensive. My husband has been in the hospital 3 times since Sept. 6th and is back to work now, but we are still catching up, if you know what I mean. I am debating as to whether to have the tooth pulled or fixed. It has a crown on it. If they can't save the crown, I'd be out more money. I had a second opinion by another dentist and he talked about the sinus line running through the tooth and said that would leave a hole in my sinuses if I had it pulled. Or, that's what I understood. I don't understand this. People have teeth pulled all the time and have no problems with their sinuses, don't they? I am 61 and am trying to keep my teeth the best I can. I did have one pulled by an oral surgeon on the bottom of the right side and it doesn't bother me. Please advise. ...Visitor from TX     (answer)

  • My dentist told me that I had a bad tooth that needed a root canal. Since that time (1 year ago), I've had major problems with my ears and throat that I never had before. Is it possible for an infected tooth to cause all those problems? ...Visitor from MI     (answer)

  • I am twenty four years old and I just went to the dentist because of pain in my teeth and extreme sensitivity. He took about fifteen X-rays and told me my teeth are calcifying and that my canals have some sort of mineral build up or calcifying. He seemed completely baffled and told me he was unsure exactly what was going on and he would have to go home and do some reading up on it. During my visit he made several referrences to my age making me think it might be common maybe in older people, but not people my age? So I am confused. Do you have any idea of what he could be talking about?     (answer)

  • In 1998 I went to the dentist and low-and-behold...he couldn't find ANYTHING wrong with my teeth - then he looked at my xray and said that I had a root that was dying and needed to have a root canal on #19. I totally trust this dentist so I went ahead with it, he did the root canal, then a couple weeks later, his assitance was learning new things so he let HER put my crown on...I had never had a crown before and didn't know that the pain I was having was because the crown was actually too snug. I got an infection which cleared up but the pain/throbbing never really ended, then within a year I had a fracture on the tooth underneath - my mouth was HUGE, infected and REALLY sore. My dentist sent me to an oral surgeon who removed #19. I now have braces because #18 was tipping in to #19's space - my orthodontist says that I need to begin preparing to fill that space or when the braces come off I'll go through the same things again. My orthodontist is recommending a Solo Pontic or Implant and my dentist really only wants a bridge in that spot. Unfortuantely, the space is now HUGE (1/2in or greater) and the bone seems almost NON existant. My #18 is beginning to get a red ring around the bottom of that tooth and the gum very sore where that red ring is - I've had this looked at a few times and everyone keeps telling me that there is nothing wrong - I am a VERY good brusher and rarely have plaque build up at my 6 month visits. I know it's difficult without seeing my mouth but out of an Implant, Bridge or Solo Pontic/Flipper - which do you recommend? ...Visitor from MO     (answer)

  • I had a root canal in January, 2003 because I was having sensitivity to cold/hot and presure in one of my teeth on the right side. The endodontist could not see anything on x-rays, but performed the root canal anyway. I continued to have pain so he went in and removed more tissue. I still have pain (mostly hot/cold sensitivity) and he suggests I will have to see a surgeon because the problem may not be visible on x-ray - he says the root may curve beyond where he removed tissue. For the past couple of weeks I having been experiencing pain (like that of a sore muscle) above my right eye. Is it possible that there is some kind of infection in my tooth that could also be affecting my eye? ...Visitor from GA     (answer)

  • I recently had to have a root canal redone. I was experiencing some pain and swelling in the gum area. I went to a dentist that did 16 x-rays and told me I needed a major cleaning as well as redoing my root canal. He redid the root canal, however, I would like to know if re-doing a root canal requires posts. He said he prepared my tooth for a crown, but stated that he put a post in. I do not recall the dentist putting a post in. Could you please tell me what is required when re-doing a root canal? ...Visitor from MI     (answer)

  • I am experiencing a painful nightmare on my upper left side of my mouth. #15 has root canal/crown; #14 just had crown prep but I believe needs root canal; #13 has porcelain crown with root exposure; #12 has been prepped for crown, but I believe needs root canal. Instead of putting lots of money into 2 more root canals and 2 more crowns, should I be considering dental implants up there? ...Visitor from CO     (answer)

  • I had slight sensitivity to cold/hot and could not chew on a lower left molar. I had a root canal on Friday, it went well...there was no pain after or for the next day (other than slight sensitivity when I would bite down on it). I was told that the cold/hot sensitivity would disappear and it has, but that the pain from biting would not until I have a crown (it was stated the pain is probably coming from a crack in the tooth). Last night around 3:00 AM I was awoken with a terrible throbbing in my tooth (this was the third night after my root canal). I made an appointment to see my dentist and was prescribed antibiotics and pain medication. I was told I can not have the crown put on until this pain subsides. I was told to take two antibiotics for the first dose and then one every six hours. I've taken the first and second doses and the pain has not lessened. My tooth feels so much worse than it did before the root canal, I feel the sensation of wanting it to be pulled from my mouth. I don't understand how this could be happening or what will need to be done. ...Visitor from PA     (answer)

  • About three months ago an endodontist did a root canal in the upper right tooth farthest back in my mouth. It seemed to heal normally with no problems. My regular dentist then proceeded to prepare a crown. Again there were no problems until he inserted the permanent crown, at which point I felt a burning pain in the tooth (I believe he was using heated cement). The pain didn't last very long, so I didn't complain. In subsequent weeks, however, the tooth became quite painful, on and off, sometimes very painful, sometimes just a kind of dull nagging pain, and sometimes no pain at all. I also noticed that when I stuck a fingernail into the bottom of the tooth it was sensitive -- not painful but I could feel something, which doesn't happen at all with any other tooth. When I mentioned all this to my endodontist he suggested that the crown might be high, and I had my dentist adjust it a few weeks ago, but that hasn't helped. Though there are periods of a day or so when it feels normal, the pain keeps coming back and it's affecting my sleep and my nerves generally, and I'm feeling quite upset about it. When I saw the endodontist about this last week, he took an x-ray, saw nothing wrong with the tooth, and made another adjustment of the crown, as he still thinks the pain is caused by occlusion. He is urging me to be patient as he doesn't want to drill into the crown unless absolutely necessary and feels sure there is nothing wrong with his root canal. Could there be a problem with the root canal even though the x-ray looks normal? Is it possible the pain could be caused by the crown being too tight? If the pain persists and the endodontist can't fix the problem, I'm seriously thinking of having this tooth pulled. It's the tooth farthest back in my mouth on the top and is probably not that important. Or is it? ...Visitor from PA     (answer)

  • My 13 year old son has to have three root fillings on his lower front teeth in order to try to stop a gum infection. He may have bumped his tooth a couple of years ago. He has no pain, just a white lump with comes up. He has an innocent heart murmur and coeliac disease. Are root fillings safe for him as I've heard bacteria can collect inside the root? ...Visitor from Gloucester, England, United Kingdom     (answer)

  • I have had work done on tooth #7 alot of times, a root canal a reroot canal. They have even went into my gum and cleaned it out. Now I went to another doctor who says he could do a tooth extention, that will cost a considerable amount... and another dentist will do the rebuild and cap at double the cost estimated by the first doctor. My gum is gray around the tooth and goes up my gums now. Which I read is infection. There really isn't a tooth left for the cap to hang on to. But there used to be and it still was infected. What should I do? ...Visitor from GA     (answer)

  • My dentist broke a tool off in my rootcanal, he said not to worry about it that it will be fine. The tooth is not finished yet and I don't like the thought of having that. It's a spring like object that separates into both canals. I asked him to take it out but he said he cannot. It's stuck, so I should go see a specialist. But I don't know what damage this piece of metal can do to my tissue, my jawbone, or my tooth. Can it spread infection? Please help what do you think. It hurts when I close my mouth and it burns too. ...Visitor from NY     (answer)

  • I had a root canal performed about 2 years ago and recently had an absess at the base of the gum on the same tooth. I went to a new dentist who did x-rays and said the the root canal wasn't done all the way. He then took x-rays of the rest of my mouth and saw 3 other root canals that he said weren't done right either. Should I get a second opinion? Should I have gotten an absess on a tooth that already had a root canal? Please help ... I am really upset and don't want to go through the pain again. ...Visitor from NJ     (answer)

  • I had a root canal on my top back molar over a year ago. A post was put in, then a few months later I started to get sensitivity in between the 2 teeth that had a root canal. The two back molars both had root canals. When I floss there is pain also. Could I need an apico? Apparently if the root canal was done correctly I should not be feeling sensitivity to hot and cold. ...Visitor from NY     (answer)

  • My tooth has been hurting for over a month. Strangely, it's not a throbbing pain but an extreme soreness that's worse at night and better during the morning and out in the cold (I've had a root canal before and the soreness differ from the throb I had before.) The pain comes from the inner side of my #3 molar. Dentist gave me a cold test - no feeling. He suggested that my nerve had died and I need a root canal. So I had my root canal and afterward I was in excruciating pain for 4 days but I survived it and the pain reduced everyday... until it reduced enough for me to feel the soreness that was there earlier. Same old symptom, hurt later in the day, less in the cold. Sometimes it hurts so much it makes me feel like I'm having a headache. Last week, my dentist said that one root seems to be not healing well and told me to take more advils before returning. By the way, I have only done the first part of my root canal and not the second half (to put in the gutta thing). I did some research on fractured tooth and root fractures, my question are: can I get a root fracture w/o any trauma? What should I do now? ...Visitor from MI     (answer)

  • I hate to bother you but I don't know where to turn and am very concerned about my teeth. First of all I noticed a lump on my gum and went to the dentist who said the tooth had an abcess although I didn't have much pain from the tooth recently and even before hand it was not too bad. She has given me root canal treatment. My questions is: The dentist said that I should follow up the treatment within 5-7 days but when I asked at the reception for an appointment she said she could only give me one in 3 weeks. When I questioned the wisdom of going against the dentist order she said "I know what root canal is and it can wait the extra 2 weeks." Since my lump is still there I am getting worried and also getting worried because there are other lumps in the gums but no pain. Also is there somewhere that I can read about abcess and root canal in an easy form. I have read the faq here and it is very useful but I feel some more reading would be helpful. ...Visitor from London, England United Kingdom     (answer)

  • When a patient is injected with a needle to freeze an area prior to a root canal, what does it mean when there is an increase in the heart rate of the patient so much so that the patient experiences heart palpitations? Can the injection go straight to the arteries? If so, can this be harmful? ...Visitor from Toronto, Ontario, Canada     (answer)

  • I had a root canal process--during which my face and some portion of my neck filled with air and my eyes, nose and throat were affected. What caused this to happen? ...Visitor from OH     (answer)

  • Hi I am a 40 year old patient with pain in upper jaw. I have only been taking good care of my teeth for the last 4 years. I have had many root canals on my bottom teeth. However, this pain seemed to be difficult to locate, so I started to root canal both tooth#12 and 13. After going back for my 2nd visit on tooth 13 the dentist couldnt get inside the tooth, and told me it calcified, and that it would be fine. At this time I began experiencing a bitter taste in my mouth when I bite down. I think the initial problem was a sinus infection. But, now a perforated sinus problem, due to a white pimple I squeeze and drain once a week. Outside of extracting this tooth, is there anything else you can suggest, so I can save this tooth. On x-ray it seems that the root is pressing against the floor of Max sinus. ...Visitor from NY     (answer)

  • Apicoectomy: I have an infection in the bottom front tooth, #24. I had a root canal 5 years ago. Seemed fine. Last June had x-ray slight infection, took penicillin VK500 mg, didn't get work done, referred to oral surgeon, who said could get apicoectomy. Left it alone. Last week went to dentist. Infection back worse than before. Apicoectomy suggested again. Taking penicillin again. Does the antibiotic ever clear up the infection totally, or do you always need the apico? Symptom was no pain, but internist was looking for clues of why I've been feeling dizzy for the last 2-3 weeks, and night blurriness temporarily in the left eye, which went away. Went to opthomologist, no problem. Have a stress echo scheduled for tommorrow. Does antibiotic affect results of test? Switched to augmentin XR half of 1000mg pill for spot on tonsil and throat inflammation. Could be caused by tooth infection? ...Visitor from NY     (answer)

  • I had a root canal done 2 1/2 years ago. First having it done by a DDS on an emergency basis-then six to tweleve months later by an Endo specialist.This Dr. told me the DDS only cleared 1 root, leaving the other two. After having the second root canal done and completed (crowned etc.) things were fine except for occasional sensitivity. Now, a year after the completed root canal, I am having serious pain and sensitivity from this tooth. Can someone explain this to me since my sister who is a dental assistant says that pain in this tooth is impossible because there are no roots! ...Visitor from IL     (answer)

  • I just had a root canal done 5 days ago on Tooth 31. After the root canal, the Endodontist put a temporary filling on the tooth and referred me back to my dentist for a "Crown/Filling". I have exhausted my dental insurance for this year and would like to get the rest of the procedure (i.e the crown )taken care of in the next year. Would it be too late? Also, can a filling be done on this tooth? The dentist office informed me that it could not be done but the Endodntist said that it could be done. ...Visitor from CA     (answer)

  • I had two root canals, one right front tooth and one next to it within one year period of each other. It's the one to the right of the front tooth that has the most problems. The tooth was compromised because the first dentist preforated the root when doing the root canal. I went to a specialist who fixed it but gave it a 70% chance. Now I'm in intermittant pain, some jaw pain, and the tooth is tender to the touch. Will I lose the tooth? Can they do any other procedure? ...Visitor from VT     (answer)

  • Crowns/Root canals
    I recently had a root canal performed on a tooth that has a crown. The crown was placed less than a week ago, however, I experienced excruciating pain with hold and cold foods. Last year, I was in a similar situation. First, is it normal to have to have a root canal after you receive a crown? The reason for this question is before I received the crowns, I experienced no pain. And final question is is it okay to keep your existing crowns after a root canal is performed? I have been advised by my dentist that the crowns are still good. ...Visitor from GA     (answer)

  • Root Canal with Crown
    I had a root canal 2 years ago and a porcelain crown was put on the tooth. It's my #14 upper left tooth. It has been hurting me the past 4 days now. When I eat something or drink something warm or hot it starts to hurt on that specific tooth. What is wrong with this tooth and why is it occuring 2 years after the procedure? ...Visitor from CA     (answer)

  • Root Canal with Crown
    I had a root canal on #32 two months ago, and later had a crown placed. Now this tooth feels pain when I bite hard food. The gum around this tooth is a little bit sensitive. My dentist has done some adjustment on it and told me the X-ray looks perfect both for the crown and root canal. But I can feel the crown doesn't seem tightly hooked up with the underneath. I can shake it. When I told my dentist about it, he doesn't believe me. I don't know what's going wrong. This tooth has made me suffer longer than a year--2 times filling, then root canal then crown. ...Visitor from CO     (answer)

  • Root Canal without a Crown?
    I just had a root canal. The dentist told me I now need a crown. How long can I wait before getting one? Is it necessary? ...Visitor from OH     (answer)

  • Root Canal/Wisdom Teeth:
    I have had root canal treatment on tooth No.18. But to put the crown on it, it requires removing wisdom tooth no.17. The problem is that the wisdom tooth is fully inside the gum and hasn't come up yet. Also it is completely horizontal and might damage the nerve while being removed which may leave permanent numbness in my face. I am 25 years old and would like to know the risks involved in removing the wisdom tooth and also if I don't put the crown on the tooth on which root canal is done. Do I have any other options? ...Visitor from Rhode Island     (answer)

  • Calcified Nerve Root:
    What is the significance of a calcified nerve during the root canal procedure and what is usually done to find it? Can it be left as it is in the molar teeth that usually has 2-3 roots during root canal? ...Visitor from NY     (answer)

  • Failing Root Canals:
    I've had quite a few root canals, 4 have failed. I had an abscess after the root canal. The infection drained into my left lymph node and under my tongue. It is very painful when I chew. I scheduled for the affected tooth to be extracted and I just started antibiotics. What to do? I can't waste money putting another cap just so they can take them out in about 6 months. Why aren't they healing in my body. Or is there something stronger to take for people like me? What would you suggest I do from this extraction - should I get a bridge and will they treat this site after the tooth/cap is out or does it just drain? ...Visitor from NY     (answer)

  • Root Canal Pain - Anxiety:
    Can a person get drugged up before getting a root canal? Is there anyway that you don't have to experience any pain before, after, or during the procedure? Do you all still use laughing gas? Is there anyway that novacaine can be applied without needles? (As you can see I'm not fond of pain at all) ...Visitor from MD     (answer)

  • Root Canals - Insurance Policy Limitations:
    I had a root canal done over 14 months ago on my right jaw. After getting the RCP done I did not get a crown on my jaw. The reason I didn't get a crown is because my health insurance does not cover dental crowns (I have MEDI-CAL). Not getting a crown is a big problem for me because when I eat I get food stuck in my jaw. I have to dig out the food from my jaw with dental flossers. I visited a dentist 6 months ago and asked about getting a crown but they said my medical did not cover crowns. Now I think I might have gingivitis because my gums are swollen on both sides and have two small lumps near my jaw. Now what? ...Visitor from CA     (answer)

  • Root Canal making a tooth Black:
    I have a tooth (#8) which had a root canal done in India 9-10 years back. The latest xray tells the instrument inserted in the root is broken and it had created an infection. I didn't have any pain but my dentist recommended an APICO. I got the same opinion from a second dentist who is an Endodontist. The surgery was done 5 days back and it is healing pretty fast. While doing the surgery, my dentist found a weird thing on that tooth. The whole root except the crown, has become black. He told me that he doesn't know the reason and mentioned that the tooth should be monitored very carefully. So do you know the reason for this? And also is there any chance of my other teeth which have root canals getting the same problem? ...Visitor from CA     (answer)

  • Root Canal on Cracked Molar?
    Should a root canal be performed on a molar that is cracked? The crack is inside one of the roots and a crown did not stop the pain. ...Visitor from IL     (answer)

  • Root Canal:
    Who should perform a root canal? Your primary dentist or an endodonist? ...Visitor from PA     (answer)

  • Sensitive tooth before and after a root canal:
    I had a root canal done on a back left bottom molar about 2 months ago. This tooth had become extremely sensitive to hot, cold, lukewrm temperatures and hurt when I tried to chew even a soft food. I have felt no relief since the procedure and I've gone back to my dentist 2 times since then to see if something else could be done to stop the pain and sensitivity. He did something else to my tooth both times and I am still to go back in several days but this tooth still feels exactly the same as before the procedures. I can not let any food or drinks go to the left side of my mouth at any time. What can the problem be? Is this common and will I always have pain? ...Visitor from PA     (answer)

  • Root Canal Fails - Dentist full of Baloney?
    2 years ago I had a root canal performed through a crown by my regular dentist. I have been experiencing some pain in the tooth especially while brushing and mentioned it to my dentist in last month. He said "we'll just watch it for a while". Last week I started to develop a lump at the base of the tooth. My dentist said "sometimes this happens with a root canal" and mentioned something about the tooth could be leaking. He has put me on antibiotics but he says this will only be a temporary cure. He wants to send me to a gum specialist to save the tooth. What does he mean when he says the tooth may be leaking? Is this guy full of baloney and trying to cover his tracks? Is this common and will I always have pain? ...Visitor from AZ     (answer)

  • Endodontists don't use IV Sedation?
    I am in need of 2 root canals. My general dentist as well as the NYU Dental Clinic are unable to numb me with injections, which has often been a problem for me. I keep seeing information on nocious oxide but when I asked the dentist he says that will not relieve the pain, only relax me. I have been looking into IV sedation but cannot find an endodontist that does the procedure that way. They say its just not done. ...Visitor from NY     (answer)

  • Need for Root Canal caused by new crown?
    As I was having a crown put on my #18 tooth I felt a sharp pain that shot through my jaw as if he hit something. He continued and the pain left. After the crown was put on I had a lot of pain in that area but I thought it was just from the process. I waited but it got worse and now causes all my teeth to hurt. So every four hours I have to take pain reliever. I went back and he checked all my teeth around that one and said they were fine. He took an xray of #18 and said it looked like the filling was too close to the nerve. My question is was this caused by him because the tooth had a filling in it before the crown and it was fine. Only after he worked on it did it hurt. Do I need a root canal? ...Visitor from PA     (answer)

  • Failing root canals and lost crowns:
    I have had three root canals over the years and three crowns. The least expensive of these procedures was $2000. In every case, the teeth with the crowns became abcessed and had to be pulled. Why is it that dentists don't guarantee their work? Why aren't they accontable like doctors are? The ones I have seen seemed more than willing to take my money for root canals and crowns that wouldn't take. Now that their work has failed, and I have lost my teeth, what can I do to make them accountable. But more importantly, why are the root canals ALWAYS abcessed? Is it me? ...Visitor from OR     (answer)

  • Root Canal Gone Bad:
    I had a root canal 3 years ago. It throbbed for the whole 3 years. I went to another dentist and he said it was done wrong. So he redid it and 'left it open'? He put a piece of cotton in it. A week later I told him it still throbbed he said he could not close it till it stopped throbbing. Months went by, still throbbing. Started getting discolored gums kind of yellow and brown and gums are receding. He told me to stop looking at my mouth. Started getting ulcers - He said lets keep waiting. Gave up after 7 months and never went back. My question is if this cotton is in my mouth could it cause gum disease? Its now been 1 year. ...Visitor from OR     (answer)

  • Root Canal Needed?
    I am 49 years old with discolored front top tooth for many years. Regular cleanings, xrays. This visit dentist says I need a root canal. Showed me on digital Xray there is shadow at root apex which could become abscessed and advised me to have the procedure ASAP. Have never had trauma that I know of. Did have braces. There is a small "pit" at gum line present all my life. Dentist suggested the pulp may never have formed appropriately, leading to death of nerve. My question is if I have had this problem for many years, what is the emergency? I have SEVERE panic disorder and am terrified. No symptoms. Will crown be necessary? How long will procedure take...bad claustrophobia. ...Visitor from OH     (answer)

  • Lingering Root Canal Pain - Is it Infection?
    I had a root canal done about 5 weeks ago. I felt no pain for the first 3 days, then significant pain for about 2 weeks. The pain then became duller but I am still experiencing discomfort (especially when I chew) and the feeling that the tooth is loose (especially when I first wake up)... to this day. I don't have a crown yet but the permanent filling has been placed. I told my dentist about the discomfort at the time of the permanent filling but he shrugged it off and didn't really respond. Should I be worried about left over infection or something else? This doesn't seem normal. ...Visitor from NJ     (answer)

  • Failed root canal:
    I went to my dentist for a root canal on tooth #45. After several visits she told me the root canal cannot be completed because after several attempts, she could not reach to the root. She said there is a pulp stone blocking the root. It is not visible on the x-ray. She then told me that the only solution is to have tooth extraction as there is abcess on the tooth. I don't want to have my tooth extracted. Is there any other way to solve this problem? What kind of xray should I go for so the pulp stones can be made to be visible? I cant bear the thought even of wearing false teeth! Thanks ...Visitor from Phillipines     (answer)

  • RCT Local Anesthetic causes TMJ?
    My husband went in for a root canal. The dentist gave him a shot in the inside of his cheek. A week later, he can not open his mouth very well to even eat. He went back and told the dentist. The dentist said he now has TMJ. He has never had problems until he received that shot. Seems like a muscle in his jaw was messed up.. ...Visitor from LA     (answer)

  • Post Operative Root Canal (RCT) Pain:
    I had a root canal on my second to back upper left molar. The dentist said it appeared that the root went into the sinus. Since the root canal I'm still having sharp pain in the tooth, vertigo, and I'm having hand tremors that I've never had before. I went to the dentist, and he said my bite was a little off, so he adjusted my bite. He also said that the tremors and vertigo were not related and I needed to see a neurologist. I'm 38 years old, an ER nurse, and have never had these problems before. Could this be related?? I'm MISERABLE!!!! ...Visitor from LA     (answer)

  • Root Canal Therapy:
    I had my root canal a month ago. It was the 2nd one on the same tooth. This time after the surgery, as usual, my dentist put a temporary crown. However after 8 days there was a sharp pain in my jaw. He said there was a defect in the crown and food particles might have come into contact with the root canal area. However by then a sharp pain in my jaw started and for a month I kept using a temporary crown. Last week I went to a specialist who did an x ray but said all was good. This pain had reduced a lot but the past few days it has returned. My jaw hurts whenever I chew especially something hard. The pain radiates to the ear mildly. Do I have a jaw infection? Antibiotics have only helped to some extent. ...Visitor from Singapore     (answer)

  • New root canal versus dental implant:
    I had root a canal 5 years back. Unfortunately it wasn't crowned. It's broken now. One doctor says he will extract the remaining tooth and implant a new tooth as there is only 25% of the tooth above the jaw. The other doctor says I will need another root canal and post, plus a core and crown. I am confused and can not make a decision. ...Visitor from Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates     (answer)

  • Year long pain in upper molar root canal:
    Pain still exists one year post root canal in my upper molar. What does this mean? ...Visitor from CO     (answer)

  • Root Canals require Xrays?
    I had $8000 worth of work done to repair a broken bridge to front teeth, including 2 root canals, crown lengthening, and the bridge. NO x-rays were ever taken. I then had an issue with molar #15 and was told I needed a filling. I arrived for the filling and was told they "looked at my x-ray" and determined that I needed a root canal, build up and crown, for a total of over $2000 more. I foolishly let them start treatment but then realized I'd been lied to. Ended up going elsewhere and paying twice. When I got records there were no x-rays that showed #15 and no x-rays of front teeth either. Can root canals be done with NO x-rays ever? Others have done multiple x-rays during root canals. ...Visitor from GA     (answer)

  • Post root canal sensitivity and metallic taste:
    I am 48 years old and have had no work on my teeth except for wisdom teeth extraction in my 20's. A couple of months ago I cracked a molar and the tooth abscessed. I went for a root canal but when the doctor got in there he said the crack went down the root and I should consider extraction. I was in no shape to decide having been quite ill the prior week with much pain, so he decided for me and did the root canal. No pain at all after the root canal was done, 2 weeks later I came back and had a white gold crown applied. A few weeks later there was some sensitivity and now I have a constant metallic taste in my mouth. Downward pressure produces no pain, but I can make the tooth 'hurt' with lateral pressure. What's next for me? ...Visitor from VA     (answer)

  • Root Canal problem:
    I had a crown replaced on a tooth last summer and my dentist explained that the cavity was very deep and might have affected the nerve. Well I continued to have pain with pressure on it and went back several times to have it adjusted to no avail. He then sent me to a specialist who performed a root canal 3 months ago. When I went in for my 6 month checkup I told him that I was still having problems with feeling that food was getting trapped in that area that I was unable to remove with floss. My gum in the area seems to always be inflamed. He says that I can't have pain with the tooth since it had a root canal . . . but it seems like the pain is located on one side of the tooth when I floss. ...Visitor from OH     (answer)

  • Root Canal - Crown:
    Last year one of my front teeth started to darken. After my routine cleaning I asked the dentist what would cause the discoloration. He took another xray and determined that I had a chronic infection and needed a root canal. He bleached the tooth internally and did the root canal successfully. I went in yesterday for another routine cleaning and he told me that it is now time to have a crown put on the tooth. Is this really necessary? The entire tooth is intact except for the small hole that he drilled to do the root canal which he filled with a white filling. I don't want a crown if it isn't needed. I am uncomfortable altering my front tooth permanenly if it isn't necessary ...Visitor from MI     (answer)

  • Crown and Root Canal:
    My last molar on the bottom left finally broke and needs a crown. The tooth has been mostly filling for about 3 years now. I just returned from having a temp filling put in until the crown appt. When the tooth broke I had no pain, now it feels like it's throbbing a little. My question is if you're going to get a crown on a tooth as damaged as mine are you better off just getting a root canal with it? I just have this fear of paying the money and spending the time when the nerve might act up later. I'd obviously like to avoid a root canal, but is it worth it in the long run? ...Visitor from MA     (answer)

  • Jaw pain after root canal and extraction:
    6 weeks ago I was told I had a cracked tooth. A root canal was performed. The pain continued the tooth was extracted. I have all sides of my neck tattooed as well as 100 other tattoos, I can tolerate pain - NOT THIS! After root canal/extraction 6 weeks later it still hurts worse than anything. The pain starts where the tooth was, causes ringing in my ear, head pain and severe jaw pain. I have been told by the specialist clinically it 'looks clean'. He wants to cut it open again and explore around. Please help what might it be, it hurts! I've had 3 other teeth removed for similar reasons (mysterious) - my jaw hurts. ...Visitor from IN     (answer)

  • Extract it?
    I had a root canal and and permanent crown placed on an upper molar about 5 years ago. Ever since then the jaw area above the tooth has hurt off and on. I saw a dentist about this 2 months ago but xrays were fine. He did not want to do anything to the tooth since he did not do the procedure. In the last 2 weeks, I have had severe jaw pain that radiates around my eye and into my ear. The entire right side of my neck is very painful and even hurts to turn it to the side. However, there is no swelling of the face or gums. I am in extreme pain but no one will help. What could be wrong? I have read many stories on the net about the toxins that can still be omitted. Will anyone just pull it? ...Visitor from GA     (answer)

  • I have an infected tooth (#30) which had a root canal and crown several years ago. This infection does not seem to go away, even after taking 2 different types of antibiotics. I have been told that I should extract the tooth and replace it with an implant. Is it wise to start the implant process the same day I extract the tooth, or should I give it time to heal the gum tissue and bone before the first stage of the implant takes place? ...Visitor from TX     (answer)

  • I need a rootcanal but my anxiety makes me vomit. I also had a bad experience with nitrous oxide as well as I.V. sedation. What are my options? ABX cleared up the infection: swelling, pain, other symptoms are gone. ...Visitor from TX     (answer)

  • I had a root canal done in last December for my lower tooth #31. Now I can see swelling in the gum of the same tooth. There is no pain. I went to the dentist, he suggested to remove the tooth and have an implant. Who should I contact to get a follow up on this problem? There are no problems showing up in xray. The dentist told me that the RCT was not done properly and it is creating problems. ...Visitor from Dublin Ireland     (answer)

  • I am 30 years old and perfectly healthy. I had 3 root canals over the last 4 weeks done by an endodontist. 2 had to be repeated and 1 did not need a root canal at all he did the WRONG tooth. So a total of 4 days in the chair (5 rootcanals on 3 teeth). After 4 weeks of antibiotics and severe inner tooth pain, my dentist says they are infected and the work was sloppy. He now wants me to go to a different endodontist and get the root canals redone(9 root canals on 3 teeth). I have started to go blind over the last 2 weeks. All the eye doc's are looking for an infection. I have been tested for everything known to man over the last 2 weeks. Could the infection in my root canals have caused my vision loss? ...Visitor from PA     (answer)

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