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  • My 9 month old fell and cut her gum: This morning my 9 month old fell and cut her top gum on an old chest that we have in our bathroom. It bled for about five minutes I've been trying to look in her mouth when she will let me but it's never long enough to get a good look. her front lip was swollen and there was a cut on the back of her gums where one of her top front teeth has been trying to come in. It hasn't completely broke through yet and I can't see the tooth but there is also a cut on the top of the gum where the tooth will come through. Is it possible that she could have hit her mouth hard enough to chip or break the tooth are there any signs I should be looking for? We were planning on making her first dentist appointment for 11 months. Do I need to go sooner. Please help ...Visitor from Florida     (answer)

  • My 15 month old has 4 upper teeth and two lower ones. We noticed some back teeth that are coming in on the bottom on both sides. The problem is I noticed this one back tooth that has emerged is soft and my daughter can move it forward with her tongue. It is white and looks like a tooth, but I am wondering if it is tissue or a nerve. Should I be concerned about this? We have not taken our daughter to the dentist yet and didn't enroll her in our dental insurance this year thinking we wouldn't need it. ...Visitor from Huntersville     (answer)

  • 5 year old molars crumbling: My child regularly cleans his teeth yet in the last dentist visit we were told that his molars are crumbling. The dentist advised me to clean for longer and bring him back in six months. I have another child and we have the same cleaning regime, same diet and her teeth were fine. Could this be some kind of vitamin deficiency? For the last month we have been giving him Vitamin D and Calcium supplements. ...Visitor from London     (answer)

  • My daughter is 5 years old and lived with my parents but is now back with me. Her top teeth are all broken with pieces in the gum. It is rotten and she constantly complains of pain. What do I do? ...Visitor from South Africa     (answer)

  • Teething: My baby is 2.5 years old and has only 4 teeth on the upper side and 2 teeth lower side. And two upper and lower side roots. He is not teething from past 6 months ...Visitor from India     (answer)

  • Tooth Injury: My five year old daughter got hurt on her top front tooth. She bled profusely. She was taken to the dentist. The dentist extracted her tooth as it was a little loose before the accident. She is on antibiotic and pain killers. I want to know will it affect her permanent teeth growth. When will she will get her new tooth and will they be straight or crooked? ...Visitor from United Arab Emirates     (answer)

  • Pediatric Spacers: My 5 year old grand daughter had to have a tooth removed due to an abcess a couple years ago. Now the dentist is wanting to put in a spacer on her back tooth. The tooth that was removed was on the bottom, second from the back. Will this be painful for her and how long will she have to keep it? ...Visitor from Lumberton     (answer)

  • Decayed Molar with Abscess: My 4 year old son has a decayed molar with abscess, along with tooth ache. What is the solution? ...Visitor from India     (answer)

  • Are fillings for baby teeth necessary?: My 4 year old son has two cavities, one on each side of his bottom molars, it is necessary to get them filled? What would happen if we didn't get them filled? ...Visitor from MT     (answer)

  • Baby and adult teeth: My 7 yr old son just lost his 1st tooth on top. Now he has a bottom tooth loose and he was complaining of pain behind the bottom loose tooth. I can see his 2 adult teeth coming in behind his baby teeth but one of the adult teeth is loose. Is this normal? Xrays were taken when he was 5 and the dentist said everything looked great. He has never had any work done only cleaning and sealants. No injuries. ...Visitor from NC     (answer)

  • My 2.5 year old fell and knocked his two front teeth loose. I took him to dentist they are waiting 2 weeks to "wait and see." His teeth are still pretty loose and his gums don't seem firm. It has been a week now. How long does it take? Will they tighten? ...Visitor from OH     (answer)

  • My daughter, 5, just went to her first appointment. Dentist said she needs 3 pulpotomies and crowns on the back molars because decay is at the nerve. She said this will help her eat and sleep better too. Problem is, my daughter has never once complained of any pain and sleeps fine and eats hot and cold food and has never ever complained of any pain. I am just wondering if this is normal and does this sound right that she would need this procedure when she has never had any pain. I am just worried that after getting the procedure there would be more problems than if we waited. ...Visitor from FL     (answer)

  • My 7 year old daughter has not lost any of her milk teeth yet. Her bottom tooth is getting loose a bit. I went to the dentist and he told me that her teeth needs to be pulled. Is it really necessary to pull it now or can we wait for a while. ...Visitor from United Arab Emirates     (answer)

  • My son is 9 years old. He lost his three Canine teeth two months ago and still no sign of new teeth. Is this something to worry about? ...Visitor from CA     (answer)

  • Pulp Left After Tooth Fell Out? My 12 year old son lost a bottom tooth about 3 weeks ago. When it fell out (it had been loose for a long time), there was a pointed, red "cone" of gum tissue still sticking up. I'm thinking it was the pulp of the tooth? The dentist took an xray and said to come back in 2 weeks because maybe it'll need to be removed. It has since gone down, but now it's just a dark red round spot flat on his gums where the hole of the tooth should be. Should I leave it alone? Will it go away? And is this normal? Does he have to have it removed? It only hurts if he pushes on it with his tongue. ...Visitor from PA     (answer)

  • 6 year old's root grown through tooth: I was wondering if removing a molar and putting in a spacer is the right move for my daughter as the root system has grown throughout the tooth and is basically an eggshell. In theory the adult tooth is not expected to arrive for another 2yrs. The junior dentist (non-partner?) initially said he wanted to refer to an external periodontist as kids are not his specialty. After consulting with the other clinic dentists they said to pull it at their office. My concern is that this decision may have been financially motivated rather than for my kids best interest as it turns out that none of the dentists are pediatric specialists and may fear us leaving. ...Visitor from Toronto     (answer)

  • Child needs a crown and root canal: Recently my daughter's filling cracked and some of the filling came out. She had the fillings done about a year ago. I called the dentist to see if they could just fill it again. The dentist told me that she was going to have to have a root canal and a crown after she went in for an x-ray. Is this normal? It seems very extreme for baby teeth that are going to come out soon. I need some answers. I really don't want to put her through all that if it's not necessary ...Visitor from MI     (answer)

  • Extracting baby teeth: A year ago, my son had xrays taken and noticed he has an extra front tooth. The doctor advised that we wait until his baby teeth came out on their own and then extract the extra tooth when it starts coming down. A year later, at age 5, we moved and are seeing a new dentist. This doctor wants to extract his 2 front baby teeth asap and extract the extra tooth to make room for his 2 front teeth. I'm not sure if it is better to just wait for his baby teeth to fall out on their own or is it going to be better for my son to just have his baby teeth pulled? He is 5 1/2. ...Visitor from CO     (answer)

  • Pediatric Crowns starting at age 10: I am a 17 year old. When I was about 10 I chipped my two front teeth pretty badly. I have had caps put on them and have had braces. The braces are now off. I still have caps on both teeth but the we have replaced the caps on several different occasions. I am wondering exactly what is it that I can do to get this fixed? I would like to get something permanent if possible. Please help me, I don't want to have to wear these crowns anymore. ...Visitor from IL     (answer)

  • Pediatric teeth infection: My 3 year old grandson has an infection in the roots of his two front teeth. He has a sore on his upper gum as well. The Pediatric dentist says the teeth must be removed. We took him to our regular dentist for a second opinion. My dentist said that he wouldn't pull them at this time. He feels that sedation can be a bit risky and traumatic at this age. Xrays show the dark infection around the roots. The Pediatric dentist said this could affect the permanent teeth if not corrected. What is your recommendation? ...Visitor from TX     (answer)

  • Losing too many teeth at age of 5: My daughter lost her first tooth at the age of three. She is now five and has already lost 10 teeth, with one of them being a molar. Out of the 10 teeth only 2 have grown back. They seem to take a very long time to grow back. Is this normal or could something be wrong? ...Visitor from Australia     (answer)

  • Pediatric gum graft: I am concerned with my three year old. She hit her mouth on a window sill three weeks ago and tore up her gum tissue over her front left tooth on the top. The entire root is exposed and its quite awful looking. I took her to see a periodontist today. They told me they wanted to just see how she does over the next month but even if it heals some that she will always have some recession there. I asked about a gum graft as that is what her dentist reccomended. The periodontist told me she couldn't do one on a three year old. Please advise. Is that true or should I take her elsewhere? ...Visitor from TX     (answer)

  • I have a 15 month old who has not gotten her first tooth yet. Is this normal? Should I be concerned? You can see the imprint of the teeth below the gum and she has on several occasions appeared to be teething but none have broken thru yet.    (answer)

  • My daughter just turned 5. Today she informed us she has a loose tooth. Sure enough, there is a loose tooth. She hasn't fallen or done anything that we could tell that would prompt this loose tooth. To my wife and myself, this seems a bit early for her to get her 1st loose tooth naturally. Is it? Can she be really starting to lose her baby teeth already?    (answer)

  • My 3 year old has an abcess, he is on Amoxcillin 250MG.. does it need draining?    (answer)

  • My 4 1/2 year old grandson fell and knocked out his front tooth and chipped his other one Friday. Is it necessary to get it checked out by a dentist?    (answer)

  • I am concerned about my two year old's teeth and I am also apprehensive about pediatric dentists because I have had bad experiences with my other children. My daughter has brown spots in four of her top teeth and in two of them she has small holes. Is there a possibility of her getting flouride treatments?    (answer)

  • My daughter is 6 yrs old and on her 1st trip to the dentist he took xrays and said that she will most likely need braces. I have heard that early extraction of the baby teeth would prevent braces is this true?    (answer)

  • My daughter has a tooth on the bottom that is very loose. I think they refer to it as the stomach tooth. Is she supposed to lose this tooth? And if she does lose it, will it cause problems down the road?    (answer)

  • My 8 year old just lost his second tooth. It's the top front tooth and it is hollow inside and there is a piece of yucky looking thick skin stuff hanging where the tooth was. Sorry, I know that sounds discusting. The two front teeth are brownish in color and don't appear to be very healthy. Should I be concerned?    (answer)

  • I'm inquiring regarding my 8 yr old daughter Ciara. She has brown discoloration on her front teeth. I've been to two dentists. They claim I need to wait until she's older to either bleach or have veneers. Please help! She's a beautiful little girl and I need to help her. It takes away from her beauty.    (answer)

  • I have a 7 yr old grand daughter who grinds her teeth really bad in her sleep. What can I do to prevent this? Do I need to take her to a dentist?    (answer)

  • The 5 and a half year old daughter of my friend is suffering tooth pain. The dentist told my friend that she has to perform oral surgery to remove all of the teeth, otherwise the root condition right now could damage the secondary teeth before they come out. Since this is something big for a small child, is that the only way she has to go through the pain?    (answer)

  • My 9 month old son has his first four teeth in, but recently I found a fifth -- behind the front bottom two close to where his tongue attaches to the bottom of his mouth. What should I expect when I take him in? Will the dentist want to pull it, or leave it alone? Do you have any advice?    (answer)

  • My daughter went to dentist about 3 weeks ago and where the dentist probably put a shot of novacaine now is a big round protruding blister like sore. When I put a Q-tip on it a little blood and pus appeared. It's slightly sore. Is there a home remedy or should I call the dentist on a Sunday? It actually looks like a tooth coming in on her upper gum.    (answer)

  • My son is ten years old. His adult teeth are coming in crooked and many of his baby teeth are still in. Should they be removed? My dentist says to wait until they come out on their own. How long should I wait? Should all baby teeth be removed now?    (answer)

  • What are the risks involved with sedation? My 4 1/2 year old daughter needs to have some dental work done and the Dentist is requiring she be sedated (IV) for the visit. Is this safe, what are the risks involved?    (answer)

  • My daughter is 19 months old and I wanted to know when I should schedule her first dentist's appointment. She has her first 12 teeth and her eye teeth are starting to come in. Should she get seen before she's 2?     (answer)

  • My 4 year old daughter was hit by a swing and her two front teeth are very loose. X-rays were taken yesterday and reveal that both of the roots are fractured all the way across. We were told to come back in a month to see what happens (whether they fall out or start to hurt). What are the chances that the root/teeth will strenghten enough to remain in her mouth with extracting them?    (answer)

  • If a child has a history of febrile seizures associated with ear infection, does this pose an additional risk of seizure during dental procedures conducted under anesthesia? The child is now 4 years old. The first febrile seizure occured at age 14 months. He is not under medication. EEG's have been normal. Projected time of procedures to be done is 90 minutes, with 120 minutes of anesthesia. ...Linda    (answer)

  • My 4 year old daughter has several bad teeth. Her two front teeth are overtaken with cavities. She also has at least 4 or 5 more teeth that have become severely rotten with cavities. She has been having severe toothaches. We have been giving her Children's Tylenol 80 mg. 2x's every 2 hours and Oragel for the pain, but nothing seems to help. I am afraid if we keep giving her the Tylenol she will overdose. She has been up all night long and her tooth still has not stopped hurting. Is there anything that I can give her to stop the pain. I won't be able to get her into the dentist office until Monday. I really need some advice, I hate to see my baby hurt. ...Angela    (answer)

  • My 5 year old child got a space maintainer (SM) after extraction a baby tooth. Month after I visited dentist. Reason: I did not like SM moving deeper to her gum. For dentist it was OK. In this time 6 months after the SM is so deep in her gum, it is painful for her and causing bleeding. I am thinking the dentist didn't glue the SM very well to her tooth, so it moved deep to the gum. My question: Can I ask a dentist to take the SM off for 2 months? If her gum will be healthy again should it be put back? ...Gabriela     (answer)

  • My 6 year old son has a loose upper front tooth that is turning gray / blue. No overt trauma, but he does tend to have fingers in his mouth a lot. Is the coloration symptomatic of a problem? ...Charlie     (answer)

  • My son is two years old and I think he might have tooth decay on his two front teeth. I also think he might have a couple of cavities. My question: Is he too young for dental work? Would a dentist be willing to fix his teeth at this age or do they wait for there second set of teeth to come in? I don't know if he has bottle mouth or not. I'm very worried.... Kerri    (answer)

  • My son will be 2 soon and I wanted to know when he should see a dentist. I brush his teeth every day, some days turn out better than others...Shirley     (answer)

  • My five year old boy has two cavities on his lower front teeth. Our dentist -- we are new to him-- wants them filled and said he was going to use nitrous oxide as a sedative. My questions:
       1. At age five does he really need fillings on baby teeth that will come out in the coming years?
       2. I saw a "horror" story on TV a few years ago where a four year old boy died as he was sedated by his dentist who assured the parents there was positively no risk. Are there any documented cases of children dying or suffering problems related to nitrous oxide sedation? ...Rick    (answer)

  • We adopted a 15 month old from Russia. She will be 2 in March. She has 16 teeth in already with no problems other than ear infections. She has brown stains on her four front teeth. She does not go to sleep with a bottle. She does drink juice and milk but we brush her teeth before bed. We brush her teeth twice a day regularly. When do permanent teeth develop? Is it during pregnancy or after birth? We feel that the discoloration might be because of lack of nutrition from the birth mother. Do you think that her permanent teeth will not be discolored now that we are giving her the proper nutrition? ...Christine     (answer)

  • How long does it take for a child's teeth to come out after they are pulled? The dentist pulled out 2 of my daughter's teeth to make room for her permanent teeth. It's almost a year and I haven't seen her permanent teeth come out yet...Janet    (answer)

  • My daughter age 6 has what the ER advises is an abcessed tooth. Her Doctor said it was a viral infection. In the ER I could see the hole in her tooth. They have given her a shot of antibotics and a 10 day supply of augmentin. The whole side of her face is swollen including around her eye. She seems to be in pain I am giving her Junior Motrin for her fever and for the pain. Yet she does not like to take meds. It takes us 30 to 45 minutes to get the 3 pills in her. Then another 30 minutes to get her to drink the augmentin. Are the Doctors treating this right? They said that I need to see a DDS as soon as the infection clears. Is that right or should I try to get there Monday. It is Saturday now. What else can I dofor her?...Darlene    (answer)

  • My 6 year old son was hit in the mouth with a stick when he was 4. His front teeth were damaged and we took him to a dentist. The Dr. said one tooth was dead and another one was slightly chipped (baby teeth). We were told that they would fall out soon and to watch for problems. Two years later his top front teeth are loose he has lost his bottom front. The problem is that they are not falling out but appearing more bucked every day. What should I do? Also is this a sign that he will need braces in the future and if so at what age? Last question: Is an undersized pallet a common problem? My friend's child has this problem and now I am looking twice. Thanks for the help. I have tried to get a pediodontist in my area for many months to no avail...Rochelle    (answer)

  • My wife's sister's 4 year old just had 6 teeth pulled at one time. Now that don't sound right to me but what do I know. Is that OK to do? He hasn't stopped bleeding. They took him to the ER and they kept him and they couldn't get it to stop. So they shipped him to a larger more equipped hospital about 200 miles away. I am over 300 miles away-I'm just worndering if this is normal or what do you think is wrong. I just heard he's not doing very good. Well thank you for whatever help you offer...Daniel    (answer)

  • My son is three years old and he fell and knock a loose two of his teeth. Is there any way that his teeth can be saved? If so how long do you have to wait before acting? I have already taken him to the dentist and they said give it a week is that good or bad? If those teeth are pulled how long before his secondary teeth come? Do they come do they come in early or around the time they normally would come in? I would really appreciate your help. ...Hazel    (answer)

  • I have a four year old daughter and she has two cavities in the back of her mouth and her two front teeth are decaying. I would like to know what kind of treatment does she need to have done? ...Jerica    (answer)

  • My son is 3 years old, he needs his front tooth taken out and he needs 2 fillings. He weighs about 38 lbs. His dentist wants to give him an oral sedative, but the cost is very high and insurance will not cover it. If my son does not take the entire sedative at one time we will have to reschedule and pay for the sedative all over again! This is a huge cost and we don't have a lot of money to spare. Is it normal practice to to give an oral sedative? My dentist says it is perfectly normal, but at $200.00 per dose, I really want a second and unbiased opinion. ...Jennifer    (answer)

  • My daughter is eleven months old and recently cut her first tooth-- the upper left incisor. Now it looks like the other top tooth is coming in, but it appears as if there will be a wide gap between those teeth. From the day she was born, her upper gums looked "funny" to me, although her pediatrician told me it was normal. I've never seen another baby with a "ridge" through the midline of her top gums. She is otherwise "normal" and doesn't have any other midine "deformities". Is this something to be concerned about? Can a very wide gap correct itself? I know they are just baby teeth, but I am wondering if it could be indicative of future orthodontic problems. Are a baby's top gums usually/supposed to be flat all the way across?    (answer)

  • Our foster baby has two bottom teeth under the gums. She is 2 1/2 months old. She was born with these. Our pediatrician says if they erupt they will have to be pulled because they are generally extra teeth, loose and can causing choking hazard. We now have a corner of one of those teeth trying to poke through. My question is can you x-ray an infant? And if they are not extra teeth do they have to be pulled? And if they are pulled what is she suppose to do for those two front bottom incisors? ...Lisa    (answer)

  • My child is 20 months old and I was recently informed he is in need of dental caps on his front teeth. My question for you: How common of a procedure is this? Would you recommend this procedure for a 20month old baby or should I wait until he is older? ...July    (answer)

  • My 3 year old daughter fell and knocked her front tooth. It moved it back a little bit, but it still seemed fairly tight in her gum. I took her to her pediatric dentist the next day. She took an x-ray and said everything looked fine, but warned me about the fact that it could discolor and/or come out. It's been a little over a week and it is getting very dark and the gum above it is dark as well. It's also still a bit loose. I have two questions. If it does fall out, what should be done? I'm not crazy about the idea of having my child have a space where her front tooth should be for the next 3-4 years! And, my second question is, if it doesn't fall out, is it possible it could damage the permanent tooth? I appreciate your help. ...John    (answer)

  • What other options do I have aside the usage of sedative/anestesia in treating my child with down-syndrome prior to performing Dental Surgery on him? ...Barbara    (answer)

  • What is the best age to take a child to the dentist? ...Jennifer    (answer)

  • My daughter was recently diagnosed by 2 pediatric dentists as having 2 root canals. Both of these dentists suggest drilling, cleaning, packing and then capping the tooth with a stainless steel cap. These are 2 BABY teeth. I have discussed this with my dentist and other people. My dentist agreed with these 2. I know there is another option of pulling the baby teeth and putting in spacers to hold the space for the adult teeth when they come in. Its difficult to decide which way to go. Both will be painful for her - both cost alot of money. What do you suggest? ...Jeannie    (answer)

  • Is there an instructional video to teach kids to brush properly? When I was a kid we watched it in school. Now I'm a parent, and can't locate one. I don't care which toothpaste company sponsors it, I just need to show the kids I'm not just nagging them and that it's important to brush. ...Mary    (answer)

  • Hi, I have a 5 year old boy who has seizures and he needs some dental work. His 2 front teeth are really bad and they are broke off. A friend of mine told me, who isn't a dentist by the way, that a dentist would probably not work on them because of the seizures. Is this true? He takes vaproic acid for the seizures. If they put him to sleep would this be safe? ...Carol     (answer)

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  • I would like to know how long it takes for 12 year molars to come in. My son has been suffering for the past year and a half and now his face is swollen. ...Diana     (answer)

  • My grandson is 3yrs old and his mother was advised that he would need a root canal done to one of his top front teeth. Can you advise me if I should get a second opinion? Or go with what this Dentist is telling us, root canal or pull the tooth out?    (answer)

  • My three year old has a possible internal resorption. What is this, and what problems will it cause? ...Denise    (answer)

  • My 3 year old daughter was horseplaying with her dad and hit her teeth together. It knocked the front tooth loose and she also has a big blood blister in the front and underneath of her gums. We went to a dentist to see what they would suggest. They took an x-ray and said that she broke the top of her tooth underneath the gum close to the root. They then suggested taking her to a pediatric dentist after the weekend. They said that the pediatric dentist may decide to pull her tooth out and perform surgery to get the other piece of tooth that broke off out. I was curious to see if you would suggest the same thing and will this do damage to her permanant tooth if pulling the tooth is the step to go? ...Katie     (answer)

  • I recently brought my two and a half year old daughter to the dentist for the first time. I had noticed some spots on her back teeth. I was nervous about bringing her because for a while she would really fight to have her teeth brushed. She did really well at the dentist though, and they were able to x-ray her. The pediatric dentist said she indeed had beginning cavities on her second to last molars and some starting to form in the between her top front middle teeth in the back that you could see on the x-ray(he said her teeth are tight for her age and flossing is important). As a preventative measure he also wants to seal her back molars since they are deep and cavities will probably form there. I asked how he would do the work and he told me sort of matter of factly that she would go to the hospital and be put to sleep. My heart dropped. I have a seven year old who had a lot of dental work (while conscious) and was hoping to avoid that with my daughter by catching it early. I've never had anyone in my immediate family be sedated that way before and the thought of putting my small child to sleep terrifies me. I am scared of the risk that she might not wake up (that my child could possibly die just to get her teeth, which will fall out, fixed). I am glad that at least he does it in a hospital where the child can be monitored. Before I left the office I asked the assistant if there was any other way. She said we could possibly do it in the office, but that she would have to be in something like a papoose so that she won't be grabbing at drills and that if she starts moving to much the dentist won't fight with her. The experience could be traumatic and might not work anyway. She did well for the checkup but I'm not sure how well she'll do being strapped down or how still she will be for that kind of work. This is the first time we have seen this dentist. I told them I would call them back with a decision. I don't expect you to tell me what to do, but is there any advice you can give me or information on anesthesia and the risks involved. Do children ever die from being put to sleep or even from anesthesia while being conscious while having dental work done? Also, I have a 7 month old who got his first teeth last month (the two front bottom middle) and his top right eye tooth has just come out with the top left eye tooth about to emerge also. My other children got their top front middle teeth after the bottom. Is this normal or okay not get teeth in this order? Will it have any affect on his teeth now or later? ...Amy    (answer)

  • My 6 year old daughter is a thumb sucker and last year she lost her first front tooth. Shortly thereafter she lost the other. Now whe has lost the first tooth all over again. Should I worry? ...D J    (answer)

  • My daughter 6 yearold is suffering from infected tooth sequentially one after the other. We treated root canal every time it get infected. But this disease is continuing to the adjacent tooth every time. Almost 8 are already treated and she is suffering a lot. Every time my pedo dontist assures me of good teeth in future. Can I be confident of it. What precautions can I take for this? My fear is that there may be any disease due to which this is happening. If so, we can take precautions. Kindly help me in clearing my fear. Will her future tooth be disease free. ...India     (answer)

  • My daughter is 2 years old. She got all her baby teeth and even got her 2 year old molars a couple of months ago. About 3 months ago I noticed a space between her front tooth and the one right next to it. I thought this was because of her thumbsucking, because her teeth also come out a little bit. Anyway, this weekend I noticed a tooth, half way through, totally croocked that seems to be coming somewhat between these two teeth! She already has all her teeth, and is not missing any. My question is: is this common? Do you think this is an extra baby tooth or permanent? And will a tooth fall out so this one can come in? ...Erika     (answer)

  • My 2 year old daughter has tartar on many of her teeth. She generally has good dental hygiene and diet. My 3 year old nephew has the same problem. Can they be more susceptible to tartar than most other children, and what else can we do to prevent more tartar forming? ...Jayne - Glasgow, UK    (answer)

  • My daughter is 25 months and saying her teeth hurts. Could she be getting her molars? If so how long do they take to come in? Could she possibly have a cavity? ...Nikki     (answer)

  • My daughter is 9 and is terrified of dentists. She has 3 cavities/baby teeth that need to be removed. One dentist attempted to sedate her with novacaine which ended in a terrible experience for her. Still not sure if her mouth was dead before extracting one of the teeth. The last dentist she saw (65 miles from our home) attempted to sedate her with nitrous oxide without success. She suggested possibly taking her to an oral surgeon with cost of $2000-4000. We are currently looking for another pediatric dentist and since we are in Alamogordo NM this is no easy task. Can you offer any suggestions on our next step? ...Brad     (answer)

  • My 5 year old daughter's 2 bottom front teeth are just a little loose, and she is very excited! But this evening she came to me saying something was stuck behind her teeth and when I looked to see what it was I found out that it is a tooth coming in behind her baby teeth! It is right behind her primary teeth. I guess my question is....Is this ok? And is this going to ruin her beautiful smile? (she has the most perfect straight teeth right now!) Thank you so much for your help. ...Taysha     (answer)

  • My 23 month old just had four of his front teeth removed and has not received his second year molars. Is there a way he can get a kiddie partial before these molars come in? I'm concerned about his speech because I notice a difference already. Please help! ...Tracey in MD     (answer)

  • I have a son who is 10 months old. He has four upper teeth and two on the bottom. Recently I have noticed him grinding them together. The two front teeth are rounded toward the center and squared off at the ends. Could this have caused this? I have also noticed gray and white spots on them. Could this be caused by the increased calcium formula he is on? ...Margie in KY     (answer)

  • My son is 10 years old. The second to last tooth at bottom broke. Is this a major thing? Is it a molar? It's new to me as a mom, but it didn't have a root to it. It's a tooth that was capped. Will it grow a new one? Kara in LA     (answer)

  • My youngest daughter is 6 1/2 years old. She has already lost two bottom teeth and one tooth on top, another on to is ready to come out anyday. My question is how many baby teeth will she actually lose? My oldest daughter had alot of problems with her teeth and most were pulled out before she was 4, therefore I don't know what to expect. Will she only lose these four teeth, or will she lose many more? ...Robin in NC     (answer)

  • My daughter at the age of 4 had a baby root canal on the upper right molar (Pulpotomy). Six months later when I took my daughter for her cleaning the tooth is now abcessed. I am not even sure how long the abcess has been there. My daughter is not in any pain, but should she be taking an antibotic? What is the best antibotic to take? ...Michele in CA     (answer)

  • My 9 year old daughter is having severe pain and swelling in her left side of her mouth. She says it feels like there is a big ball that feels stuck. I noticed her blinking and rubbing her eyes and she said under her eye was hurting too. The whole side of her face is swollen. She also has an extra tooth in her mouth at the top that has caused alot of problems and we are going to someone to look at it to decide wich one to extract. The thing that really concerns me is that I am noticing a blue coloring of her skin around her nose and down both sides of her mouth. What could this be and should I get her seen by another dentist or will the orthodontist be able to help? She is in a lot of pain. ...Cherie in NC     (answer)

  • I have a 4 year old who has broken 1/2 the crown off of one of his molars and exposes at least some of the tooth pulp (whitish/cream colored substance). How should I treat this? Should the tooth be extracted? ...Tanya in WA     (answer)

  • My 10 month old son has four upper teeth and two on the bottom. He is on a infant formula with extra calcium. I have recently noticed white and gray colored spots on the teeth. I have also noticed the teeth are rounded in the center and more square on the ends. Is this normal? Could the formula have caused calcium deposits or is this a cavity forming? Should I be worried? Could he have fallen and hurt his teeth? Margie in KY     (answer)

  • I have a five year old female child who has 4 cavities. We were told they could put stainless steel crowns on her teeth. Three of the cavities are on the back teeth. Is there an alternative to this procedure? I do not have dental insurance and can not afford the $882.00 the crowns will cost. These are all baby teeth. Need information ASAP! Thank you ...Carrie in LA     (answer)

  • How often should flouride treatments be given to children and are they always necessary? ...Sherrow in NY     (answer)

  • My sons are 12 and 10 and have lost only 7 and 9 of their primary teeth respectively. We have recently relocated and our new dentist wants to start extracting the remaining primary teeth so as to encourage the permanent teeth, which according to the X-ray pictures, are formed and some are crooked, he says, because they cannot break though. My children's milk teeth are perfectly healthy, if anything, somewhat worn down, but without fillings and they have never had treatment. Is it really necessary to extract healthy primary teeth in order to let the permanent teeth through? The dentist thinks that a child of 12 should have most of his/her permanent teeth and that we shouldn't be patient any longer. ...Helen in Koenigswinter, Germany     (answer)

  • My daughter has had a freeze - dried bone graft in her mandible after removal of a tumor. She is 7 years old. How does the bone become part of her? Can you recommend any reading on this? The specialist plans to implant her wisdom teeth later on. This sounds good. How will this happen and what is the best age? ... Kim in Canberra, Australia     (answer)

  • My Daughter is 5 and a half years old and all of a sudden she has 5 loose teeth. Two on the top middle and three on the bottom. Is this normal and what kind of steps do we need to take to help her with the transition of loosing teeth? Are there germ concerns we need to know about and can she brush her teeth like normal right after they fall out? Also, she has her bi-yearly dental appointment next week. Should I keep it or reschedule? ...Jodie in NC     (answer)

  • My daughter who is six had a fall at school and hit her top gum and teeth on a brick wall. The dentist stopped the bleeding eventually. It's is hard to tell how much damage there is to the teeth. Her gum is very tender but 3 days since the accident she can now talk and eats a little food. They are all baby teeth and I am wondering about the best way to get her through the follow up appointment. She had to have 2 injections and was very scared. Is there an alternative to injections? Can they just be left alone to come out by themselves? I would be grateful for your advice. ... Bella in England     (answer)

  • My five year old son grinds his teeth at night. Are there teeth guards that could prevent him from doing so while he sleeps. ...Margaret in GA     (answer)

  • My 8 year old daughter's tooth broke off leaving some of her tooth inside of her gums. What should I do? Yolanda in PA     (answer)

  • My 6 year old has 2 small cavities on the sides of his molars (baby teeth). The dentist says that he will use an airbrush and no pain medication is needed because they are so small. He will use a white bonding composite to fill them. I would like to get a second opinion but am afraid to wait for fear that the cavities will get larger and pain meds will be needed. It has been one month already (Immediate family member got sick and died so we didn't get back for the cavity.) The soonest I can get into a recommended dentist is in 5 more weeks. I have never heard of such a small cavity being filled before. Does this sound plausible? Should I request that a certain type of composite be used or not used? ...Chrystal in CA     (answer)

  • Our old pediatrician has had our kids on flouride since I think 2 years old. We have a whole house carbon filter, water softner, and a 4 filter Culligan reverse osmosis system which, we were told removes all flouride. The old pediatrician prescribed, for our now 4 an 6 year olds, .5mg of sodium flouride drops once a day. Our new pediatrician said to reduce it to .25mg for both children. Our dentist is indifferent as to whether or not to give flouride supplements. I recently heard that flouride is overrated and can have health risks. What is your recommendation? ...Chrystal in CA     (answer)

  • Hi, my baby daughter had to have one of her front tooth extracted due to impact/accident as the tooth was fractured. I am concerned about her self-esteem/image, even though she is really young, I would like to know if she can wear an appliance in place or what I can do. I don't know if I should leave it alone or what and I am also concerned if the adult tooth would grow in properly and if it will grow out in there. Please advise. The dentist who pulled my daughter's tooth was not very helpful, didn't communicate with me very much and wasn't very reassuring. The other dentist told me that I would have to wait til my daughter turned three to have an appliance put in but that seems a long time to wait. ...Michele in MD     (answer)

  • Need to know what causes Black Stain Lining? My 9 year old son has had it since 4 or 5 years now. It grows around the gum and on the teeth. Sometimes it gets pretty bad and other times it doesn't. He doesn't take vitamins w/iron. We do have well water-but we don't drink it-just brush our teeth with it? His father does not have it and I saw it once on one of my teeth, but nothing like my son's. Is it because he may not be brushing his teeth very good? Any kind of food?? Any thoughts? Please help. ...Bridget in NY     (answer)

  • My 7 year old son lost a tooth this winter. (His upper right tooth next to the front ones.) It has not come in yet. I know it can take a while, but the gum above where the tooth was has turned blue. No other part of his gums have turned blue. Should I be concerned? What could have caused this? ...Tammy in OK     (answer)

  • My 8 year old son has an abcessed molar (Baby tooth). The dentist said he needed to have a root canal done. I am refusing the root canal, due to the fact that he will lose this tooth soon, and can't seeing paying that kind of money. They made me sign a "refusal of treatment" paper, and then proceeded to tell me that if the infection comes back, it can drain into my sons heart, with a fatal result. I am opting to have to tooth pulled, do you think this is the right decision? ...Stephanie in CA     (answer)

  • My child fell while running and hit her mouth on the concrete. Now her front tooth is turning grey. What could be the problem? What is the best solution? ...John in CA     (answer)

  • Do all of a child's teeh fall out as they grow up, or are some permanent from birth? Why would a dentist encase a child's (6 year old) lower molar in silver to treat a filling ? ...Anthony in MA     (answer)

  • My daughter is 2 yrs old. We took her to a pediatric dentist. She has teeth decay in 4 front teeth from the bottle. He wants to automatically pull them and put in a spacer. I would like to save the teeth and do root canals and cap. He is advising not to go this route. I'm not sure what to do. Any suggestions? ...Lisa in FL     (answer)

  • My son just turned 8 months and has gotten 3 teeth on the bottom and 4 teeth on top. The problem is that his top teeth are 3-4 cm. behind the bottom. I am wondering if the problem is he is just getting his teeth too soon and the jaw has not had time to grow out or is this a problem that should be adressed now or when he gets older. ...Steven in OH     (answer)

  • My son is 2 year old and I went with him to the pediatric dentist because his two upper teeth are split due to a fall, and they have a gray color. The dentist told me that the treatment is to remove the teeth because they are very damaged. She did not took x rays. I'm worried about that, and I want a second opinion. ...Madeline in San Juan, Puerto Rico     (answer)

  • About 2 weeks ago my 8 year old daughter lost a permanent front tooth and loosened the other when she collided into another child during recess at school. Her tooth came completely out and tore her gums. The school health aide had put the lost tooth in milk to keep it moist and my daughter was taken to her dentist. Her dentist reinserted the tooth and bonded it after a half hour of it being out. I was told by her dentist that she would need a root canal and a false tooth in the future due to the lost tooth being "dead". I'm curious to know if this is our only option or if there are other alternatives or procedures that could be done. ... Cristine in HI     (answer)

  • My 5 year old daughter had 4 teeth removed upper and lower front. I have been going to a dentist for the at least once a week for the last six weeks for a space maintainer. Only for him to now tell me that they are unable to give her one because she has caps on her back teeth and the cement will not bond to her caps. I have recently called other dentist in my area and most do not supply space maintainers. Is there any other type of adhesive that they can use or is there another type of partial that could be used for her missing teeth?     (answer)

  • My son is six years old and his dentist says he has several small cavities starting and he wants to fill them. My son will soon be loosing his teeth. Why fill a cavity in a tooth that will soon be falling out? Is it necessary if the cavity is not bothering him at all?     (answer)

  • My son's front tooth has been loose for quite a while and last night I had noticed that the gum above the loose tooth has split, and looks very red. Should I go ahead and pull the tooth?     (answer)

  • My 4 year old son received a novacaine injection in order to get a tooth filled. I noticed it began swelling and also had a whitish spot on the outside of his cheek. Due to his gagging refluxes and nervousness the dentist postponed the filling. My son did bite the inside of his cheek, but after more than 48 hours later, and Triamcinolone Acetonide for the inside of his cheek, the swelling hasn't gone away. The inside of his cheek is hard and would all of this indicate an allergy to the novaciane?     (answer)

  • My 7 yr old granddaughter fell off her bike and chipped her two front teeth, one is half broken and the other is slightly chipped. She has already shed teeth and I would like to know will she shed teeth again so thay they will grow back correctly, or do we need to have her teeth fixed? ...Barbara in DE     (answer)

  • My 6 year old daughter has a swelling above one of her premolars. She has no pain. She's on antibiotics from the dentist and is to go back in 5 days to have it extracted. This seems drastic for a 6 year old. Is there any other treatment? ...Lesley in Buckinghamshire, England     (answer)

  • My son is nine years old. He had his first dental appointment last week. The dentist informed me that he only has three lower incosors in the front bottom. I had never noticed this before, not even with his milk teeth. They gave his x-ray and saw no tooth in his gum. Asked me if it was heriditary. Not that I know of. My question is, what would cause this tooth not to grow and is this a relatively common condition? Should I be worried? ...Visitor from GA     (answer)

  • My 8 yr. old grandaughter's top gums come down very low over her teeth. When she smiles you see much more gum than you do teeth. Is there anything that can be done about that? ...Visitor from IN     (answer)

  • I read through all of your questions/answers and couldn't find this one. My 5 year old daughter has had a loose bottom tooth for 10 days. This morning she woke up crying, the tooth was gone. It was there last night, we cannot find it anywhere in her bed and fear she swallowed it. Are there any dangers about this, I am very worried right now. My daughter is very upset, because we've been talking about the "tooth fairy" all week. She doesn't think she will come now without us having the tooth.     (answer)

  • My son is 5 years old and has a loose tooth (bottom)and 2 days ago I noticed that the new tooth is coming out, is growing. What should I do? Should I go to his dentist and have him pull it out or what? I'm really concerned. ...Visitor from NJ     (answer)

  • My four-year-old son needed to have a pulpotomy done on his two lower rear molars. His teeth were subsequently capped and the next day he woke up with a swollen cheek. He went to the dentist and was found to have an abcess on the rear tooth that was capped. He was placed on penicillin and the tooth now needs to be extracted. My question is, is this a common occurence on a tooth that has had a pulpotomy, and would the abcess have been detectable before the cap was placed? I feel that my chld has gone through a number of procedures that at this point, since the tooth needs to be pulled, have been unneccesary, in both cost and the emotional toll on my son. ...Visitor from NJ     (answer)

  • Dental fear in children: My 4 year old is going to need dental work on her front 4 teeth due to what I think is bottle decay. Two of them have recently broken off to the gum. Can you tell me what is the best way to prepare her for a visit? As a child, I had the inside of my jaw cut so bad by an orthodontist that it required stitches, so I am scared but do not want to pass this fear on to her. ...Visitor from KY     (answer)

  • Sedation Dentistry for 20 month old infant: My 20 month old daughter fell several months ago. We had to have her front tooth extracted because it was broken in half. I don't want to put her through another visit without some type of sedation. Can she be sedated at the age of 2 years old? What are the risks? She is very healthy. ...Visitor from GA     (answer)

  • 3 year old needs veneers? My daughter has tooth decay from sleeping with her bottle. The dentist (a very good pediatric dentist) said that she needs to be sedated and veneers put on every one of her top teeth. My daughter does not appear to be in any pain and the teeth are really discolored. Do I need to subject my 3 year old to this or should should we simply wait for her baby teeth to fall out and stop giving her a bottle at bedtime? ...Visitor from MI     (answer)

  • No teeth at 1 year: I have a beautiful 1 year 1 month old baby girl and none of her teeth have come in. After reading all the topics about missing teeth I find myself wondering if this might actually be a problem we need to look into. Should I be worried at this point seeming that neither my wife or I have any family history of missing teeth? The doctor said that if she has no teeth at 15 months he will do an xray. This is the first issue of our second child. Could this be a problem? ...Visitor from TX     (answer)

  • Pull all 4 teeth? My son is 3 and a 1/2 and his baby teeth are really bad. They want to pull out all 4 of his front teeth on the top. Is there anything else that can be done? I don't want to pull all his teeth and I don't feel that the dentist really cared about my son and just wanted to take his teeth. Are there any options? ...Visitor from PA     (answer)

  • Baby Teeth not falling: My son is 8 years old and he still has baby teeth. Is it normal at this age that he doesn't have any permanent teeth? ...Visitor from Malta     (answer)

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