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  • Severe molar tooth ache pain: I have an abscessed tooth, back bottom. I can't get into see a dentist for a couple of days. Should I contact Emergency Room about some stronger pain medication? I been taken ibuprofen all day and it isn't working at all. I'm in tears every half hour. ...Visitor from Cannon Falls MN     (answer)

  • I have had a back tooth filled several times and pain still exists. It was first filled in 2002 and due to a pinhole in the filling the filling was replaced in 2007. After this filling, I started having sharp pains whenever I bit down on that side. Even something as small as a grain of salt caused me to scream! I went back in 2009 and it was refilled yet again. My dentist said its not nerve damage although it feels as if someone is flicking the nerve! To this day, I still cannot eat on the right side of my mouth and this is causing my left teeth to feel weak. I have not been back because I don't feel I would get the answers I need. ...Visitor from NC     (answer)

  • Tooth issue for 5+ years: My tooth issue started in 2004. The same tooth has had a filling, bite adjustment, crown, root canal, wisdom tooth next to it pulled, night guard fitted, and finally it was pulled. I still have pain in the area (upper right back molar). Now the tooth is gone and the feeling is more of a burning and sometimes an ache in the whole upper left area. Three months ago I saw a dentist who xrayed and said it looks like i may have bone loss. I saw a jaw specialist this month who looked at me and my xray, measured my jaw, and said it was just pain that would go away eventually. He did not take xrays. This is driving me nuts! The pain is a 2-3 on a scale of 10 but it's annoying. ...Visitor from CA     (answer)

  • I had a root canal, left side, second from back approximately 4 months ago. When I came back for the permanent crown, the tooth was still sensitive. The dentist said: What's the problem, there are no nerves? 4 months later it now aches slightly. It still is slightly sensitive when you press on the side of the crown. So bothersome ... what to do now? It's obvious my dentist thinks the tooth is fixed but it's not. Just recently it started aching again. I thought I had a TMD issue. My wife says I grind my teeth at night and my left side jaw clicks when I push on it slightly. ...Visitor from MI     (answer)

  • I am currently traveling abroad and will not be back home in Little Rock for another 6 weeks. I have a back molar that has been having some intermittant pain. It is a tooth that has a resin composite filling that was done about 12 years ago, the margins of which may have deteriorated somewhat. The molar in front of this currently problematic tooth had a root canal approximately 10 years ago. My question is what I might do as a stop-gap measure until I return home and see an endodontist. Would an antibiotic help relieve any pain from infection until I get home? I also need to take a long flight to return home, and want to make sure the changes in cabin pressure don't result in discomfort. ...Dan in Arkansas    (answer)

  • I take really good care of my teeth and gums, but about 7 years ago, as a result of a bicycling accident, I broke a molar on the lower left side of my jaw and had to have a root canal. I was given a temporary crown at the time, as a precaution foreseeing complications which did in fact arise. After a year and half or so, when my dentist felt that the risk had passed, I was given a permanent crown. The tooth and crown have been fantastic. However, very suddenly over the last two days I have experienced an unbelievable pain associated with that tooth. It doesn't not seem to be an abscess-there is no swelling, no fever, no tenderness at all around the tooth or in my lower jaw under the tooth. It seems to radiate at times around the back of my neck and up under my eye, yet maintains a very clear 'center' at the root of that tooth. The pain is so intense, over the counter pain relievers in recommended dose do not have much impact on it (2 Motrin every 4-6 hours not exceeding 6 in 24 hours!). The pain is not throbbing, but steady and it seems to be very clearly emanating from the old tooth itself as though the nerve had come to life again. Is this possible? Is there likely a tiny bit of nerve left down deep in the root of my tooth? And if this is the case, what does one do about it? Does this mean I will have to not only go through the root canal process all over again and then what of the lovely and expensive crown that I have enjoyed for the last 7 years? Will that have to be made anew as well? Is there any health risk if the nerve, as suddenly as it became agitated, suddenly becomes dormant again? Is this something that I can then 'ignore' unless it keeps recurring? ...Nicholas in California     (answer)

  • I am a 37 year old female. For the past two years or so, about every 3 to six months I get a dull toothache on my lower left side. It is difficult to pinpoint exactly which tooth hurts. I have been to the dentist every time this happens and he can find nothing wrong. I have also been to an oral surgeon. My wisdom teeth are impacted, but they are so far down in my jaw that he says its unlikely that they are causing the problems. He also said they were so deeply impacted that he didn't want to remove them. Usually the pain starts in the tooth then travels up to my jaw and ear. If I take Tylenol, the pain goes away. In the past the pain has only lasted 3 or 4 days and then has gone away. However, this time, the pain has lasted more than a week. It's usually worse in late afternoon and at night, and in fact has awakened me the past few nights. Neither my dentist nor the oral surgeon thought I had TMJ. I am at a complete loss as to what to do about this. ...Visitor from NY     (answer)

  • I have pain in my tooth, on the top the second tooth from my wisdom tooth that was removed a while ago. I have gone to the dentist who took x-rays and saw no cavity. The dentist is saying that it is a sinus problem and recommended Mortin 800 mg. Why would he give me a prescription if he has no idea what is wrong. Would it be better if I would go to a doctor to see if something else is wrong, or is the dentist correct in telling me that it could be my sinuses. ...Visitor from PA     (answer)

  • I had a root canal on one of my wisdom teeth and a molar. It has failed and now I experience sharp intense pain constantly. I heard that you are not supposed to have a root canal on a wisdom tooth. I also had 3 root canals on my front teeth and they have all failed. Is that right? How can a root canal fail 3 times. I also have lots of pain from that. I have developed anxiety to go to the dentist now. ...Visitor from IL     (answer)

  • I have always brushed 2 times a day and flossed. 3 years ago, I started having severe pain in my back molars. I had root canals done on my right and left side (top and bottom), later had crowns, then had re-treatments because they didn't seem to work. I had all back four molars then pulled (not wisdom teeth) at different times. After $7,000.00 it's still happening. Tooth # 18 now, has been retreated 2 times, and surgery to complete the root canal has been done but to no avail. Question: Could this be TMJ or do I have some sort of degenerative problem? Should I get the tooth pulled? ...Visitor from UT     (answer)

  • Lupus - toothache pain
    I recently had a filling put in. Since the procedure, I have had a severe toothache. I have a mild case of Lupus so I waited a week (while taking an anti-inflammatory and extra strength tylenol) and then went in to see my dentist. He was concerned that the bite was not quite right and adjusted it. He advised me to continue taking tylenol and to come back in a week if the pain was still a problem. Now, four days later, the sharp pain I was having when I bit down is gone but my tooth still aches and is hurting more. Also, my jaw hurts a lot and is very, very stiff. I have had some problems in the past with persistent jaw pain after dental work as well as tooth pain. I suspect it has a lot to do with the fact that I have Lupus. What steps can I take in the future to mitigate this post procedure pain? ...Visitor from PA     (answer)

  • Molar Pain: I had pain in one of my teeth, so I went to a dentist. He said it was a rear molar, and that it was due to a leaky filling, which he replaced. Pain continued. He then said I needed a cleaning, so I had a cleaning. Pain continued. Finally he did a root canal, which he did in under 15 minutes. Pain continued. I was referred to an endodontist. The endodontist re-did the root canal, removing nerves that had been left by the first dentist. Now the pain has become intense and unbearable. But the pain continues. The pain I am feeling now spreads from the middle of my lower teeth to my ear. What could be the problem and more important, what is the solution? ...Visitor from FL     (answer)

  • Gum or Molar Nerve Pain? I just had a first molar extracted because it was fractured and causing pain when I would chew. When the oral surgeon injected the anesthetic my sinus on that side immediately became clear and open. As soon as the anesthesia wore off the bulging feeling in the nose right above the gumline came back. I've had it for about 9 months, ever since the dentist took out the old silver fillings and replaced them with white ones. That's the same time that I started having pain with chewing. Do you know if this bulging, throbbing pain in my nose could be related to a nerve in the gum area? ... Visitor from MO     (answer)

  • Tooth and Ear Pain? Three months ago I had a filling on a back bottom tooth. When the dentist did the filling, he said that he hit "something" and it would be sore, maybe sensitive. For 1 week, things were fine. Then I started having pain constantly. After a couple weeks, I went back but there were no problems. One month later, and still taking Motrin for the pain, I ended up with a swollen upper jaw and ear. Went to the dentist, he didn't find anything. Went to the doctor and had an outer ear infection. Took Cipro for 5 days and ended up with an absess in my ear. Continued the Cipro for 5 more days. Ear has cleared up but teeth and jaw are still sore. Could the deep filling have led to an infection? ... Visitor from WA     (answer)

  • Pain from chewing in left mandibular first molar: I have sudden pain in my left mandibular first molar only when grinding food, since 3 months. I can't chew now with the left side. I can't see anything unusual. I had 'full' xrays done and the dentist says he can't seen anything wrong. Should I wait, or see another professional? ... Visitor from AZ     (answer)

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