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  • Implants: I want to get implants for my upper molars. I currently wear a partial. My question is will I be able to wear my partial during the healing process until the crowns are placed? Thank you ... Visitor from Ohio     (answer)

  • Implant came out: I have 4 implants in the front top of my mouth. They have come out or off the steel post. How can I fix them until I see the dentist? Can I use poli grip or something of that sort? ... Visitor from Florida     (answer)

  • Implants: I had premolar implants placed about 1 year ago, with the crowns placed about 6 months ago. I have had some bleeding at the gum line. My dentist and oral surgeon (periodontist) who is highly recommended, have both seen me but don't seem too concerned. Everything I read, however, says this is a sign of peri implantitis. I do have good oral hygiene but I am still worried and not sure of what my next step should be. Any advice? ... Visitor from Steubenville OH     (answer)

  • Replacing a loose implant: I have a 20 year old implant. The dentists say that the crown is moving slightly and want to attempt to replace it but it is not clear that they will be able to do it and that the implant itself is ok. What is the risk of attempting to replace the crown? What if the implant needs to be removed? Will they be able to leave everything as is so that I can go somewhere else to replace the implant? ... Visitor from San Francisco     (answer)

  • Dental implants: I had all 14 teeth on the top and 14 on the bottom replaced with dental implants. In the top set nothing is loose but I keep getting a squelchy feeling round a couple of teeth. Is this OK or is there anything I can do to stop the feeling? ... Visitor from Australia     (answer)

  • After a dental implant, how long does the salty taste remain in your mouth? ... Visitor from South Africa     (answer)

  • When I was 15 years old, one of my front teeth was barely growing. At that time my dentist said it would never grow out and will eventually require a dental implant. Now, that tooth is growing again. Do I still need a dental implant? ... Visitor from Glendale     (answer)

  • I am a 76 year old lady. I have full dentures. I am thinking about checking into dental implants. My bottom one is very loose it kinda floats around. Do you think I could have implants and about how much would it cost? ... Visitor from Leesburg     (answer)

  • Upper dental implants: My mother has had upper dentures since she was 19. She is now 63 and about 2 years ago the middle of her upper gum started bothering her--no pain just bothersome. She got 5 implants but had to take the middle one out due to lack of bone and it was hurting. Her problem got worse and the doctor took the abutments out hoping it would help but it didn't. Over the past 2 years my mom has seen 6 doctors and been hospitalized twice in mental health facilities over this. We are desperate and need answers. She is feeling like her life is over. What will help her? What will make the agony she has in the middle of her upper gum go away. Can they deaden the nerves, add bone, trim gums..? ... Visitor from Myrtle     (answer)

  • I had implants placed on my bottom back two teeth seven years ago and have been trying to correct the bite once crowns were placed. I found out the crowns were placed too far in due to the placement of implants. I had custom abutements and crowns placed and full mouth crowned. I now have more pain than ever. Muscles pulling and spasms, dizzy and scared. It feels like the jaw muscles want to go back to the position they have been in for the last seven years. The pain is excruciating and I not sure this specialist knows what to do. He thinks a lot of the pain is anxiety ... which it is not. I have trouble eating, sleeping and functioning. What do I do now? ... Visitor from Springfield     (answer)

  • If you are getting an implant in the front of your mouth, do you have to go without a tooth until you get your permanent tooth? Is it possible to have a tooth pulled and have the screw put in on the same day? ... Visitor from Staten Island     (answer)

  • Implant healing: How long does it take to have permenent dentures made after implants are inserted? Two in lower jaw. ... Visitor from Venice     (answer)

  • Dental implant pain: I got in a serious accident 2.5 yrs ago and had to get 3 implants (including a bridge) of front upper right teeth. Since getting the permanent crowns placed, I have been in nearly constant dull, throbbing pain around the crowns. I have also had two incidents of a severe, stabbing pain for an instant in my upper right jaw when I blow my nose or sniff my nose. Once, 2 years ago and again yesterday and today. I've been treated with antibiotics for the continuous pain, two exploratory surgeries around the implant site with no results. Two implant experts can find nothing physically wrong with the implants, crowns, bone or gum condition. Is TN a possibility I should pursue? ... Visitor from Bozeman     (answer)

  • Free dental implants: I am a student and I do work but I don't think I make enough to afford dental implants. I was wondering if there is a dentist who does some cases pro bono? ... Visitor from Los Angeles     (answer)

  • Tooth removal and implants: How long after tooth removal can an implant be done? ... Visitor from Virginia Beach     (answer)

  • Why would you wait 1 year after extraction for implants? ... Visitor from Knoxville     (answer)

  • Bone graft and dental implant in same day by general dentist? Is it prudent or acceptable that a dental implant can placed at the same time a grafting procedure is done for the implant site? ... Visitor from United Kingdom     (answer)

  • Implant pain: I've got 10 implants - 8 on my lower jaw. 2 weeks ago I had to have the last one on the lower left removed. It was well integrated and very hard to remove. I was in alot of pain and we thought this was the problem. However, the implant next to it is positively killing me all the way into my jaw. My general dentist took a CT scan and he thinks there is an irregular area. It's dark around the implant. The oral surgeon says there is nothing wrong. Implant site is fine! There is scar tissue and trauma from removing the other implant. My general dentist recommended removing it but my oral surgeon says no. I'm so confused! Help! I have asthma, dm, celiac, iga deficiency. ... Visitor from NJ     (answer)

  • I am 82 yrs old and a diabetic. I am having a tooth removed which has had a root canal and a cap. Do you think a dental implant replacement will work? ... Visitor from MA     (answer)

  • Mini implants vs regular implants: I had 6 traditional implants put in and lost 3 because I was told I did not have enough bone. Do you think I could use mini implants to replace them without having bone grafted? ... Visitor from CA     (answer)

  • Are full implants done by each tooth or done like a bridge? ... Visitor from CA     (answer)

  • After the implant has been put in is it usual for the bone go grow over the implant? Does the length of time cause the bone to grow over the implant? And, once the post is attached then one has a crown made or is it more complicated than that? ... Visitor from AZ     (answer)

  • Can an oral surgeon check to see if my bone is good enough for an implant before the tooth is removed? I currently have a crown, but when it was removed my dentist said repair wasn't possible to save the tooth. I don't want to go ahead and have the tooth removed unless I can have an implant, not a bridge. I had the existing crown put back on the tooth, but the tooth is uncomfortable. ... Visitor from Oxford United Kingdom     (answer)

  • I have several implants in my upper mouth. They were placed by two different doctors. On the upper left side of my face I have had pain which has gradually worsened with no relief. I can pinpoint two general areas which make it worse. To bite on that side is very painful. I was diagnosed with MS two years ago, have had all sorts of test, including a dental scan, but cannot definitively find the cause of pain. The pain is to the point I take pain medicine. Is there any chance this pain could be from implant problems or something else dental related? ... Visitor from NY     (answer)

  • I have an implant that is 10 years old but due to complications after replacing the crown (1 year ago) I am now stuck with a flipper and a very large space instead of a front tooth. Is it possible to do a ridge augmentation or bone graft without removing the implant I still have? ... Visitor from NY     (answer)

  • My implant fractured and my dentist said he cannot remove it because it will ruin the implant next to it. The implant is in a bottom molar location. I cannot imagine being without this tooth. Is this true and what are my options? ... Visitor from NY     (answer)

  • Ear pain after implants: I had upper and lower implants placed on each side 3 months ago. One upper was placed after extraction into the socket which caused me pain afterwards. 9 weeks later my dentist removed a shard of bone. By now I have had ear pain on that side. After one week I returned and he cut the gums to place screws on the outside of the implants even though I felt uneasy. He assured me that my ear pain should go but it is actually now a horrible burning sensation and is now in both ears. I am scared to go back I have lost confidence but am in middle of treatment. Also I have to have a stitch removed in my lower jaw. Please help ... Visitor from United Kingdom     (answer)

  • I had an implant next to a front tooth in my upper jaw two years ago. I can still feel my pulse around that implant but not to the extent that it bothers me. Is this something to be concerned about? ... Visitor from AZ     (answer)

  • My teeth were all pulled at age 15. I am now 73. Bone loss has rendered my dentures unwearable. So, 2 years ago I had fixed teeth put in. I am pleased with them. However, my dentist is unable to practice and the one that I went to wants to remove them. PLEASE NO. A dental surgeon told me that I should remove them and have nothing. I still work part time and do lots of volunteer work. How can I possibly manage without teeth? Surely, there is an answer for me. ... Visitor from OK     (answer)

  • Can dental implants be removed? I am about to go for a Dental Implant consultation and would like to know if these can be easily removed? Any feedback would be great as 1) I want to make sure I get the right information and not just told "Don't worry this is the way to go..." from someone who is making money from me and 2) if better technology comes along I would like to know that I am not going to be limited in choices because of the implants. ... Visitor from South Africa     (answer)

  • Are implants recommended to replace front teeth rather than a bridge? ... Visitor from CA     (answer)

  • Yeast Infections since Dental Implants: I am experiencing persistent and frequent yeast infections (in mouth and vagina) since having 3 dental implants installed 6 months ago. Is this problem related to my dental implants or coincidental? I would like to get another dental implant but am unsure if it is wise. ... Visitor from CA     (answer)

  • If you install the standard implants in the lower jaw and it takes up to six months for the bone to heal around the implant, do you have to go without dentures during this time? ... Visitor from SC     (answer)

  • How long should one wait from the time a tooth is removed, until the implant work is done? How long is the wait between the installation of the post and the crown attached? ... Visitor from HI     (answer)

  • I am considering replacing an older implant placed about 20 years ago. I originally lost the tooth due to infection...2nd from the front. My dentist is finding it difficult to remove. He was able to remove the screw, but the implant did not budge. I do not like the way the current implant looks. Also, I am concerned about the bone and tissue healing if I start over. Should I just live with it the way it is? ... Visitor from AZ     (answer)

  • Gum disease + implants: I have four very loose teeth on the bottom front. I have been advised to have implants. However, the reason my teeth are loose is that the gum is receding. I have outbreaks of gum disease from time to time when my gums bleed when I brush my teeth. Will the gum continue to recede after the implants? In which case, will the posts eventually stand proud of the gum - a look I don't relish! ... Visitor from London, United Kingdom     (answer)

  • Should the bottom of the crown on the implant be at the level of the gum or below the gum line? I have crowns fused together but you can push a tooth pick all the way through from the outside to the inside between the posts. This allows food to catch at the gumline on the inside and I have to clean it out after I eat. Should the crowns have good cusps at the edges like my natural teeth or rounded? ... Visitor from TX     (answer)

  • I have had an implant with Endopore by an oral surgeon. The abutment and crown was placed by my dentist. The bite hurts and I bite the inside of my mouth, with some "chills" sensation throughout my head and body. Any ideas? I've had it adjusted and I am told the implant is perfect! ... Visitor from NY     (answer)

  • Would it be advisable for a person age 85 to have a dental implant? Perhaps several? ... Visitor from WI     (answer)

  • My dentist suggesting doing a flipper after extracting a tooth that has a cracked root. Can you explain me what a flipper is?     (answer)

  • I have had an upper plate since I was 20 years old and I am now 55 years old. Do you think I could have a upper implants without having to have oral surgery to replace bone loss? Also, can a person have like three implants on each side (total of 6 implants) and then have a bridge attached to them? ...Linda in GA     (answer)

  • I have Lupus (SLE) and I have 3 missing teeth on the top upper back right side of my mouth. Would I be a good canidate for an implant? I could only afford 1 at a time and would that be okay to do it that way? ...Darlene in MI     (answer)

  • Approximately 25 years ago I had a pool accident and dove into a pool killing the nerve in both front teeth. Root Canals were done and 10 years later they were very dark. The Dentist recommended I needed crowns, which were done and I had a bad experience over the years with having a set of new crowns approximately 8 different times. The last set of crowns lasted a period of 10 years and with these crowns were posts (which the dentists put a post on top of another post) I had pain in this area throughout the last 5 years and the dentist said that this was impossible because they had root canals. One day I was biting into a sandwich and severe pain arrived and my right tooth was very loose. After visiting the dentist I broke the root and infection was setting in and needed an extraction, which was totally devistating. I went to an oral surgeon Melbourne, Florida. She did the extraction with bone replacement. After 7 months, it is healing, but now I need the other front tooth extacted. I am worried because the gum is shrinking and looks like the center is pulling to one side. Also I am very worried that I will not have the natural look of the gums between the teeth, because they are shrinking. I want to have implants, but I am very scared. Will it eventually end up looking like "eggs sitting on a table??" With not the natural look of the gums tightly between the teeth. I just do not trust anyone anymore I am so scared and do not feel comfortable or trust my oral surgeon or my General Dentist. It just feels like everyone is in it for the money and not for your best interests. Do you have any suggestions for me. PLEASE HELP!! ...Jane in FL     (answer)

  • I am interested of getting a Dental Implant, but first where do I start? Please advise. Any paperworks or what information do I need to gather from my employer Dental Insurance?     (answer)

  • I have had a partial denture on my lower jaw in the last 6 years. Alternative long-term strategy could be a 6 member implant base with a click-in full denture (plastic vs. porcelain fixture that the dentist only can remove, upgrade and maintain with time). I'm looking for a local dentist in my area who can examine and consult me 'free of charge' before I commit for replacing my current partial with implants.     (answer)

  • I'm 24 and I'd like to know how many days does it take to have a tooth implant on my front lower jaw. I have a cavity for years already so I know it's late to save my tooth. What kind of implant is best for me? ...Selene in CA     (answer)

  • My mom is 77 years old and had implants on lower jaw 15 years ago. No known problems with them but for the last year or so she has had terrible pain (she calls headaches) lower jaw, neck, top of head tender to touch etc. They come on fast and hard and growing to 3 a day now. She has had a catscan and other various tests that show nothing. So the Drs. have put it down to age and disintegration of the neck. I don't think so, I watch her pain and really think in my own opinion this could be from a shift in her jawline from ageing and the implant posts hitting nerves> Could I be on the right track?     (answer)

  • I had full upper blade implants installed in 1983. Now they are loose, very loose. More blade exposure every day. How do these things come out? Please advise. It looks like it would be so painful. Visitor from NJ     (answer)

  • I received a new crown for one of my upper front teeth just four months ago, and it has already become loose. The crown it replaced was only one of several that I have had in the past ten years. My problem, as I've been told, is that the post length is inadequate for a really strong hold. My current dentist will not remove it for fear of damaging the core. However, the sensation of the crown moving when I talk or eat is maddening! Should I be looking into implants? ... Visitor from CT     (answer)

  • I have ground my teeth since early childhood and am now in my early 50's. Due to this fact I have lots of damage in my mouth and my new dentist has gotten me night guards now. I had a broken tooth in the front. The front one that a few years ago broke and the dentist at that time did a repair without a crown. Just built it up but I don't remember if he did a root canal on it. Well a couple of days ago, I was eating and the toorh broke off at the gum line and now I have a big hole in front. It doesn't hurt and my dental office is off till after the holidays so I can't get to see him till then. In the meantime at work I have been wearing my night gaurd so the gap is not as noticeable. I have been doing some research and don't know what would be better for me - a bridge or an implant. The two teeth to the other side both have crowns on them that I have had for over 18 years and have never been a problem, so I would hate to lose them to a bridge. The tooth next to the the other side has also broken off at the gum line last year and has not bothered me so I have basically 2 front teeth that are missing now. I know I need to see my Dentist to get his opinion on treatment, but I just wonder at my age which would be better. I want to make the right decision for me but am a little apprehensive about the procedure of implants. Do they give you a temp something during the time it takes to get the implant to heal and the bone in the jaw to heal so you don't walk around with the gaps? I have always been told by any Dentist who have had to pull a tooth that I have a very strong jawbow so I guess it would be ok. I guess I'm just a little afraid of it, and would like to know if at my age (52) implants would be a better thing for me to do. Is it also possible to get one done now and the other later even if the take the roots out on both sides?? Do they need to pull both or could a root canal be done and still do implants? ... Visitor from NM     (answer)

  • I have implant in my lower left jaw since last month. A day after, feeling numbness on my lower half lip and teeth (left side) until now. I'm taking vitamin B and medicine for nerve (to back the sensation of my lip). And last week there is something that happened on my gums (the place where the implant is). It is bumpy and yellow color on top. I visited to my dentist and he said there's no problem inside implants. Just a scar and its infected. He disinfected the infected gums. But next day, after I ate lunch again, my gums became bumpy and yellow color on top. After implants still now a little painful I feel but not severe. Can you help me? I just want to know that theres no problem about this. I'm afraid. ... Visitor from Tokyo Japan     (answer)

  • I had an implant done on my upper front missing tooth about one year ago, but I need braces badly because my upper and lower do not touch. Could I get braces even with my tooth implant? And if I cannot get braces due to my tooth implant, will I have problems with my implant and my gum? ... Visitor from NJ     (answer)

  • Bruised and chipped front teeth: I am an 18 yer old. When I was at the age of 8, I ran into an adult and I fell on my two front top teeth. And today, one of them is bruised and pushed almost halfway into the gums. The other just got chipped badly. I want to ask if I should extract them and do dental implants because whenever I eat or drink anything hot or cold, or if it's cold weather, my teeth just starts hurting. ... Visitor from NY     (answer)

  • Is it possible to remove a standard Branemark dental implant and have it replaced with a mini dental implant [MDI]? I had a front upper implant placed a couple of years ago but don't like the aesthetic result. ... Visitor from NY     (answer)

  • Three weeks ago, I had two baby teeth extracted #20 & #29, due to cavities, etc. (along with all 4 wisdom teeth). My dentist could have done the procedure, but I wanted stronger sedation so went to an oral surgeon. The plan all along is to have implants where the baby teeth were. However, my dentist wanted to have the implants inserted at the time of the extraction. The oral surgeon insisted I should wait a minimum of 3 months. Both doctors are respected, but their "plans" are very different. The dentist insisted the implants should be inserted asap, as I may experience bone loss. The surgeon is insistant that the 3 months allows time for the bone to fill in. So which is it? Bone loss or bone fill-in? Wait or immediate? ... Visitor from VA     (answer)

  • I'm 40 years old and have braces. I still had a baby tooth that was removed and now trying to get an implant. I had one done and it was the most horrific thing I ever saw. My orthodontist was not happy and neither was I. The Dentist who did the implant said my braces were in the way and because of that its too hard to get a good impression. He did another one today but now I am skeptical of his work. What would you suggest? ... Visitor from TX     (answer)

  • Chipped I just had my implant put it and randomly throughout one night, I somehow chipped my implanted tooth on the right, is that fixable? ... Visitor from Nova Scotia     (answer)

  • Oral Surgeon or Periodontist for Surgery? Which type doctor is better at performing dental implant surgery? An Oral Surgeon or a Periodontist? My dentist told me that an oral surgeon was the best. However my neighbor told me that her dentist told her that a periodontist was the best. ... Visitor from IL     (answer)

  • Individual teeth or a Bridge? I'm 21 and I am missing my top two second incisors, which never came in. I got my braces taken off a year ago, but my dentist doesn't believe his patients should get implants because he says many people have serious problems after the procedure. My teeth are in healthy condition and I would prefer implants. What are the negative aspects of doing so and how long does the process take? Currently, I have a plate with two teeth I got from the orthodontist which fills the space. If the procedure must be done over time, is this space left open and visible? ... Visitor from IL     (answer)

  • Wait Period between Extractions and Placement: My dentist has recommended dental implants as a best choice solution for my upper arch. How soon after tooth extraction should implants be done? ... Visitor from Maidenhead Berkshire UK     (answer)

  • Failure and Risks: I am a 46 year old female that had an implant done on lower back right tooth. This implant did not take and no reason was identifiable or given. It has been 8 months since the implant was removed. The periodontist wants to do the procedure again. Can you tell me the worst thing that could happen? What are the true unspoken risks? I am very healthy. Why did the first implant not take? The implant was necessary because a tooth that had a root canal and cap cracked and had to be removed. I am not so sure that I want to go through with this again. ... Visitor from MA     (answer)

  • Bone Graft Failure: My husband had a xenograft performed last year in preparation for a dental implant. On his most recent dental appointment, for which he was to have the peg inserted, the dentist found that bone graft was no more than a simple membrane and would not support a dental implant. He refuses to attempt another bone graft and feels my husband is no longer a candidate for an implant. Any suggestions? ...Visitor from WA     (answer)

  • Orthodontics and Implantology? I had a dentist tell me that I need implants because an orthodontist tightened my teeth way too tight when I was a teenager. I guess I have no bone in my upper gum line. If I bump my head on anything they could fall out at any time. Are implants going to work considering I have a bone deterioration? ...Visitor from WI     (answer)

  • Extractions Completed: My teeth have been extracted. Now what? I need help... should I get implants? ...Visitor from CA     (answer)

  • Bottom Tooth Sinus Pain: I had a bottom molar pulled 3 years ago. I just finished up with the implant/crown being put on due to two pregnancies from then to now. When I started to chew with the crown, the tooth above felt like it was being hammered up into my face. A few days later I developed severe sinus pain and the upper tooth is throbbing. I have no congestion or drainage of any kind in my sinuses, but the pain is horrible. Could the root of the upper tooth have been pushed up into the sinus? Will the pain go away? ...Visitor from VA     (answer)

  • Orthodontic Movement versus Insufficient Bone: I am missing an upper premolar which was extracted many years ago. According to my dentist there is not enough bone to place an implant. He has given me various options to try and grow bone in the area, one of which I have never heard of and would like your opinion on this type of procedure. It involves orthodontics. The second premolar would be moved to the position of the first premolar and the implant would be placed in the position of the second premolar. ...Visitor from NY     (answer)

  • Diabetes: Can I still get implants if I'm a diabetic - Type 2? ...Visitor from CA     (answer)

  • Combine with Braces?: I have 9 healthy, lower, front teeth which protrude forward and bang against my top teeth. I've lost one upper cap due to this and now have a flipper in its place. My goal is to have an implant to replace the lost cap. However, without pulling the lower teeth back, I'm afraid it's a futile goal. I'm also worried that another front cap will loosen and fall out. Is it possible to have orthodontic correction of the lower teeth when there are no back molars to hold the brace? Could implants be done on the lower gums and then be used to secure the braces too? ...Visitor from MA     (answer)

  • Bridge versus Implants: My 2 front teeth were knocked out in 1984. I got a bridge put in in 1986. The bridge was re-done in 1993. Currently the gum tissue where the 2 front teeth were has receded. I need to know if I should get implants or another bridge? Regardless, I have to get a bone density procedure. I want a lifetime cure. ...Visitor from CT     (answer)

  • Replacement: I had 2 implants done 15 years ago. There was a defect and they recently broke at the top rendering them useless. They have to be removed. Can they be removed and new implants be inserted at the same time? ...Visitor from IL     (answer)

  • How do I know if I can have them? I did not take care of my gums because I was too embarassed at their appearance. My upper teeth have been replaced with ill fitting dentures and now I have very few lower teeth left. If I have bone loss, is it still possible to to get implants? Can you rebuild the bone? Plus, is it possible to get these implants in just a few visits ...Visitor from PA     (answer)

  • Pain: I had a tooth implanted about a year and a half ago. It had been fine for a while. But recently it had been throbbing and when I push on it, either on accident with one of my teeth or with my finger, it stings. Currantly I have braces on and it had been moving my implanted tooth too, but it had stopped. But even though the tooth had stopped moving because of the braces, it still hurts. What is wrong? ...Visitor from MA     (answer)

  • Wisdom Teeth? Is it possible to get wisdom teeth implants? I had all my wisdom teeth in but I was forced by my parents and my old dentist to get my top two wisdom teeth removed because of cavities (yes, cavities). My bottom two wisdom teeth are still in. ...Visitor from IL     (answer)

  • Gum Tissue turning gray: I had an implant on my second to last back tooth over three years ago. After about 6 months, the gum all around the implant turned gray and there was minor sensitivity. I had a biopsy done at that time which was fine. It is now bothering me again and I am hoping that it is just from grinding my teeth. I have seen a dentist again and the x-rays despite the fact that it is still gray. The dentist and surgeon said they had never seen the graying happen before (which was not what I wanted to hear). I am now having the sensitivity again. If I have to have it removed, what is the procedure? Will it be as painful as getting the implant? ...Visitor from NJ     (answer)

  • Chronic gum pain after surgery: Since 1992 after I had operation on my teeth and had an implant on the upper right side. Actually the pain begun the implant became permanent, not before. This pain is chronic, with a burning sensadion or a wound throbbing in my mouth, and times my whole mouth is in pain as if it will erupt. I was operated on in Washington. and later sent to a colleague of my doctor in France and nothing improved, but only deteriorated. I will consider you a saviour if you can help. ...Visitor from Australia     (answer)

  • Repeated Failure? I had an implant done to replace an upper tooth three years ago. Starting about eight months ago, my general dentist noticed a fistule on the gum above the implant. After trying 3 courses of antibiotics which did not clear up the infection, he referred me to a periodontist. A couple of months ago the periodontist performed an operation on my gum, cutting into it above the implant, cleaning up the infection and doing a bone graft. I followed all the instructions for care of the area, and it seemed like everying was going well. Unfortunately, the fistule is back and so is the infection. I have a call in to my general dentist and the periodontist, but I am worrried that they will be scratching their heads over this - and since the periodontist is new to my case, he even seems a bit defensive about what caused the problem to begin with, much less how to correct it. I am at my wits end. I don't want to lose the implant and I hate the thought of dentures. I have already endured so much for this particular tooth, I really would appreciate any help you might be able to give. The only thought I had was that the infection might possibly be related to my sinuses in some way. I notice my sinuses on the side of the implant have really been bothering me. ...Visitor from MT     (answer)

  • Other Treatments: I am 53 yrs old with 6 teeth left on the upper jaw. Though I have no problem in chewing I still need 2 false teeth on each side of the existing teeth. Dentures have not helped. I would like to know if there is any other procedure besides implants that could be used. ...Visitor from West Bengal India     (answer)

  • Replace lower Dentures? I have a lower denture that used to sit on 2 anchor teeth. One tooth cracked and needed to be removed by an oral surgeon. A week later the second anchor tooth broke off at the gum...its still embedded in the jaw. The denture is illfitting and loose and causes me pain when I chew. Would I be a candidate now for implants of the lower jaw? Because I kept 4 bottom teeth that part of my jaw is still full in the front; however, I lost all back teeth when I was 30 yr old. I'm 70 years old now and the back parts of my gum have receded, so I would need some bone replacement for the back teeth. I cannot eat or chew without pain. Is there hope for me? ...Visitor from WI     (answer)

  • Broken crown post: I have a loosened implant crown with a Zimmer post. Xrays show the post has broken at about one third its length leaving two thirds remaining in the implant. Is there a procedure for removing the broken part of the post? ...Visitor from VT     (answer)

  • It Hurts: I had an implant with bone graft done one year ago. There was no pain and no difficulty until the final tooth was put into place 3 months ago. Bite has been adjusted and x-rays show all is fine. Pain continues. Pain feels like a spring clothespin is clipped onto my gum. It feels like the tooth part has been put on too tightly. Is this possible? My dentist says no. Migrain headaches have increased. ...Visitor from VA     (answer)

  • Bone and gum grafting failures: Due to an orthdontist moving my teeth too far as a teenager I lost all 4 teeth #23-26. At the time of the extractions I had a bone graft, which was successful. 4 months later I had 2 implants placed at #23 & #26. They took but there was bone loss at #26. The periodonist I am seeing went back to place bone after implants healed. The bone graft did not take and gums never healed right. She did a gum graft to fill in pockets. The gum graft around #26 did not heal right either. So she did another bone graft and moved my gums around to fill in pocket of implant, but this too did not heal properly around #26. Do you have any idea why my gums refuse to heal properly around the implant? ...Visitor from CA     (answer)

  • Snap In Dentures: Would appreciate help. I have Full Mouth Implants put in and was not given option of having snap in dentures until later read about it. Was not clear on whole procedure. Not what expected or given option. Always pockets of food left and difficult to clean out good. I was told this would all be stopped when permanent teeth were put in, but has not. Also much clicking of teeth when talking, walking etc. The permanent teeth have now been put in with very heavy substance, and now even difficult to get out to even to fix clicking. I want to know if these permanent teeth are taken out, can snap ons be put on the implant posts? Or do I need new teeth again? This took a years time and $80,000. ...Visitor from NV     (answer)

  • Numbness caused by implants? My husband has had implants put in 10 months ago in his lower jaw. It was quite a struggle for the dentist to get them in. Right after the surgery my husband felt something was wrong. Since then he has numbness and tingling in his lip and below. He had several pictures taken and even consulted a dutch professor but it seems nothing can be done. He is getting pretty desperate because he feels it is affecting his whole life. Please can you tell us if in the U.S. there is a treatment for this? ...Visitor from Netherlands     (answer)

  • Dental Implants - OK to get Titanium Screw Only? All my wisdom teeth (the four 3rd molars) and both lower 2nd molars have been extracted, with the last set of extractions done about a year ago. I'm thinking about getting dental implants to replace the lower 2nd molars to stop bone loss in my jawbone. I recently became really concerned about jawbone loss after reading that it's causing the premature wrinkles around my mouth! My question is: Can I get just the titanium screw to stop bone loss, or do I have to get the crowns too? What happens if I were to never get the crowns? ...Visitor from DC     (answer)

  • Implants - Dentures: I recently had all my upper teeth extracted with the exception of two implants. Can I use the implants as anchors for the dentures (the impants are on each side)? How is this done and are the dentures permanently attached? How successful has this procedure been? ...Visitor from NJ     (answer)

  • Implants for small mouth - gums: I have a very small mouth with narrow thin gums. I also have some bone loss. I only have six teeth in front bottom and would like to know if getting implants done is possible. I really don't want to go with dentures! The six teeth I do have are not decayed or loose but I was told they are not very healthy and have short roots. One of my options was a full bottom denture. I don't want to go that route. If I can have a bone graft done with implants that would be great. Eventually I probably will have to replace the six in front with implants also. ...Visitor from MN     (answer)

  • Implants: My husband had 4 implants. Had surgeon do the implants and then the other doctor put them in. I talked him into this and now with the second day on one side they are loose. The doctor said there was nothing he could except to wait until they come out or drill another one? I am sooo upset .. the cost $$$$$$ !! But I wanted the job done. It has been 6 months. What can we do? I was thinking to take him to another dentist. ...Visitor from FL     (answer)

  • Can you wait too long to get an implant?: I have a gap where I lost a tooth about 10 years ago. If it has been that long, can you still get an implant? I have heard that the jaw bone will deteriorate and cannot support an implant after such a long period. I have been told that you can get a bone graft but there is a high likelihood that the graft will not work. Since this is a relatively expensive procedure, I was wondering if the bone graft and implant are worth the risk as opposed to getting a bridge or some other type of corrective surgery? ...Visitor from GA     (answer)

  • Implants: Bone Grafting vs Bone Expanders: My daughter needs an implant. The dentist said she didn't have enough bone width for a standard implant. The dentist suggested either bone grafting or expansion. What are the pros and cons associated with grafting vs expansion techniques? ...Visitor from MI     (answer)

  • Implant to replace congenital missing tooth: I was born with a missing tooth (front left side). I'm finishing my orthodontic treatment and I'll need a mini-implant to fill the gap as soon as my doctor says I'm ready. How long it takes to get this done. ...Visitor from MD     (answer)

  • Implants make my mouth feel stretched: I've had expensive implants for 5 years. I hate them. I have a small mouth and they kill me. I have no life because of this. I feel like my mouth is stretched to the max. What can i do? ...Visitor from KY     (answer)

  • Implants and Dentures: Following installation of two implants to support a denture I have a strange taste in the mouth. Could this be related and if so, any suggetions to correct? ...Visitor from TX     (answer)

  • Implant housings falling out: The metal housings in my wife's dentures have fallen out within a year of installation. It is very expensive to replace. The implants they attach to seem to be fine. Could they be installed incorrectly or is this typical? ...Visitor from TX     (answer)

  • Sinus area prevents implants: I have recently had my #3 tooth extracted and bone graft material was placed in the extraction site to preserve the bone for future implant. Now a few weeks later my dentist says he canot do an implant because my sinus is too close. Instead I will have a 3 tooth abutmentt with a fake tooth in the middle and two crowns on either side. I really don't want that because if decay occurs in tooth #2 or #4 they will have to destroy this VERY expensive bridge. Is there a way to do the implant? ...Visitor from CA     (answer)

  • Implants and Gingivitis: I am a 27 year old female with crooked teeth and gingivitas. I desperately want my teeth fixed and straight. I know braces are out of the question, however, is there a chance of implants, or in the case that I lose my teeth soon, is dentures a possibility? anything?? ...Visitor from NM     (answer)

  • Implant Failures: I have just had 2 implants placed in my lower jaw. One failed almost right away, pain then it felt loose, dentist pulled it out without effort. The other is still there but I am noticing a slight acidic taste as well as some extra saliva. Its been doing this since it was put in 6 weeks ago. Its not loose or anything, should I worry, or is this normal? I am scheduled to have another put in next week on the other side. I am a little nervous and do not want to spend the money if I am still having problems or at a risk of rejection. My question? is the one that was already installed starting to fail, or is the slight acidic taste, a little pain on occasion, and the extra saliva normal? ...Visitor from Ontario Canada     (answer)

  • Implants for old extractions: Is it harder or more complicated to get implants for old extractions? ...Visitor from SC     (answer)

  • Dental Implants: Is the patient put to sleep during the procedure? ...Visitor from NE     (answer)

  • Dental Implant Site Preparation: When drilling the holes for inserting an implant, what happens if the drills used cause the bone to get overheated? Can it crack (fracture) your jaw? What if too much force is used putting in the implant? ...Visitor from PA     (answer)

  • CatScan Required or Recommended? Two front teeth are caps, One with severe bone loss and the other a root canal. If extracting both front teeth, then doing a bone graft and waiting for implants is the answer, do I let the Doctor do this withour a C/T scan? ...Visitor from FL     (answer)

  • Tooth Implant: Please I want to know if a broken tooth can be removed and another tooth implanted there with the same color and shape. Also if there will any side effects ...Visitor from Nigeria     (answer)

  • Time requirement for gum / bone / implant healing? How long does it take for total procedure until gum/bone/implant site completely healed? ...Visitor from NY     (answer)

  • Speech lisp: I have just had my 2nd set of dental implants inserted, 4 top teeth. The first lot I developed a really bad lisp and they were poorly made. 2nd set are better, perhaps a little short. The first set were too horsey, and I still have a lisp, like Cindy in the Brady Bunch. Will this improve over time? It was one of the things we discussed at length with the dentist and seems to be getting worse. ...Visitor from Australia     (answer)

  • Smoking causes failure? I had implants put in about a year ago. After two months I kept getting infections so the doctor took them out (reason he gave was because I smoked). I let my gums heal and stopped smoking. He then proceeded to try again, planting two new implants in my lower jaw. Something was very wrong. I had pain for three weeks. He gave me motrin, percoset, advil and vicadin. He pulled them out three days after I had worse pain in my chin. He says that it is normal. I don't think so. Now I am afraid I will never have implants and will have to wear a denture plate that is always loose and use glue for the rest of my life. Please help me. ...Visitor from FL     (answer)

  • Save a loose implant? I had a dental implant and graft on my front tooth done in February of this year. A temporary was put on immediately but the whole implant felt loose and caused a lot of pain. In March the temporary was removed and a partial was used instead. This month, July, the permanent crown was placed on the implant. The whole implant is still loose. My surgeon decided on a wait and see approach hoping the implant will tighten. The xrays show the graft not taking on the bottom of the implant. Is there a chance the implant will tighten in a few months or am I wasting my time with false hope? ...Visitor from CA     (answer)

  • Implantology for Senior Citizen: Is it possible to do teeth implantation in somone 81 or 82 years old? My heart itself is O.K. I had a cypher stent in LAD about two yers ago. I have had no problems since then. My Blood Pressure is normal. ...Visitor from Israel     (answer)

  • Headache: My husband, 50 yers old, healthy. He had 6 implants about 2 weeks ago. He had 4 put in the lower right jaw. He is experiencing a constant moderate to severe headache (temple, eye, sinus) on that side. Does this make sense at this stage in the healing process? He is taking powerful pain meds to manage the pain. I am aware that the nerve bundle runs in this general area so assumption is that it will get better with time. That is our hope, anyway. Please advise if this associated pain makes sense. We are very rural/remote and it's approximately 3 hourrs to a major urban area. ...Visitor from ID     (answer)

  • Odor - Recession after placement: I had an implant and crown placed on #8 front tooth about 8 months ago. I have suffered pain, inflammation and significant gum recession, mouth odor since. The abutment has been narrowed 2X which has helped some. My dentist recommends a bridge which I find unacceptable. Can you please comment as to what may be occuring and recommend treatment? ... Visitor from NH     (answer)

  • I am being told that I need to have my front teeth pulled and that I can only have a removable partial. Implants are not recommended because these are front teeth. One of my front teeth is broken off and the other is loose. I am missing one on the side of the right front tooth. I really don't want to lose my teeth and go to a removable partial. My alternative is to have the broken tooth posted and a crown attached, and have a partial for the missing tooth and leave the loose one there until it falls out. ... Visitor from MN     (answer)

  • I am missing my two front teeth and I have spaces between the others. So, about 3 years ago my dentist applied a fixed bridge that is connected to four teeth beside the two missing ones. The bridge rests over my gums, creating a huge overbite and six extremely large front teeth. After all that money spent I still have a hideous smile. Can I get two normal size implants, four normal size crowns, then add braces to pull the teeth together? ... Visitor from NV     (answer)

You also have the option of using Google search technology to conduct a specific search within our databases to find more specific information. Use key words only or short phrases:

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