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  • I had all my teeth filed by a non licensed dentist and have caps that are removable. I also have periodontal disease. All of my upper teeth need to be extracted. I would like to get implants but they are costly and I cannot afford them. I don't feel comfortable getting dentures. Have you any suggestions? ...Visitor from College Point     (answer)

  • TN? I have 4 teeth on the right side that have been filled recently (with in the last year) with the white fillings. The fillings are quite large and since I had them filled I have had electrical shock in all 4 teeth. One endodontist said I probably have TN? Upon a second opion this endodontist says that the fillings are too close to the pulp and that is what is causing the problem?? He thinks all 4 teeth need root canals?? I have been to a neurologist who claims it is Atypical facial pain( but I have no pain in my face just my teeth) and she has prescribed neurotin. This does not always stop the electrical pain and the doses are continually having to be increased. Is there anyone else to see? ...Visitor from IL     (answer)

  • I have four ugly amalgam fillings on my back upper and lower teeth and a gold crown that is visible if I open my mouth too wide or laugh to hard. It makes me extremely self conscious. My dentist said he could replace them but it would be hard because my molars are so short. What are my options here? Can I get composite resin fillings and a porcelain crown? ...Visitor from GA     (answer)

  • Fillings cause bleeding gums: My dentist says I have healthy gums. While having a filling she said the area was bleeding excessively and she had to stop for a while. She continued and finished the filling but she said she had never seen that much bleeding from cleaning out a cavity and filling it before. I had another filling the next week and she said the same thing. What would cause so much bleeding during the procedure? I don't take blood thinners. ...Visitor from TX     (answer)

  • My 5 year old daughter had a tooth filled 3 weeks ago (local anesthesia only). Since that evening she has been complaining that "her brain is spinning". She functions fine but obviously something is just not right. We have been on numerous doctor visits and they can not find anything wrong (all tests short of CAT scan). I called the dentist and she was adamant that it has nothing to do with her filling. Is it possible that the filling could affect my daughter? How could I find out? I am at wits end. Today a pediatric nurse thought maybe there was a nerve affected from her filling but she told me to follow up with my regular pediatrician. Back to square one. Thank you ....Visitor from FL     (answer)

  • 4 months ago I had a filling. Since then I have been in terrible pain. I have been on antibiotics for 2 months. I have puss that drains out around that tooth out of the gums. I have swelling terrible burning and raw feeling. My dentist and periodontist dont know what to do. ....Visitor from TX     (answer)

  • I just had some fillings done by a dentist. I am experiencing severe pain. I went back to the doc a week later for more and told him about the pain. He said that I would have the pain for a few weeks. He prescribed a medication and sent me home. Now I have had some more fillings done since and am still in severe pain from the first time and the ones that I JUST had done have no pain at all. What could be causing the pain on the top and what cam I do for the pain. been a week almost 2 since first had it done?     (answer)

  • About a year ago, a filling in one of my back teeth came out. I knew it had to be fixed, but being as I am on tour with bands all the time, I hadn't found the time. Well, a piece of my tooth just came off today, so I'm guessing this tooth is in serious trouble. It doesn't hurt, but I'm imagining sooner is better than later to fix it. Unfortunately I leave for a new tour tomorrow and will be in a new town every day. Is there any way I can get work done in one town and finish in another? How would I find out where to go for something like this?     (answer)

  • New fillings cause severe tooth and gum pain: I had 4 fillings a few days ago. I do not know how deep they were, but on the sheet they were: 3-MO, 4-OD, 31-MO, and 14-MOD. Now I cannot chew or bite my food at all without extreme shooting sharp pains on all 4 sides of my mouth not just the 3 he worked on. My gums also feel inflamed and some have white patches. I feel very depressed because I had all this work done and I wasn't even in pain before..just had a checkup and the dentist said that I had to have fillings. Now I am in immense pain and I think my gums are infected..although they do not bleed. Please advise! I am scared that this is unfixable! ...Visitor from TX     (answer)

  • Can you tell me if a tooth needs a crown when the outer tooth is broken? Can it be banded, filled and shaped instead? Thanks ...Visitor from PA     (answer)

  • Last week I went in to get a few fillings done. The paperwork I received said I only needed 3 but the dentist ended up doing 5 and didn't tell me until after, when I had to pay. The pain has gradually eased up, and tonight was the first night I felt I could do more than just brush, but when I went to floss between the teeth he filled, I noticed that I no longer had space between my teeth. The way he filled them, he literally connected the crowns of the 5 teeth so that I can't get any floss in there. Is this a mistake, or is this some weird new dental trend that I've never heard of before? ...Visitor from DC     (answer)

  • I've had a filling redone by a dentist, because a hairline crack had developed. The tooth was extremely sensitive where the crack had formed. After having it redone, I found that a sliver of tooth was poking out of the filling and the area around the sliver (where the filling meets it) is still extremely sensitive. Is this normal? Also, I found all the grinding and chipping extremely painful, even though she had injected me twice in the gum. Is it normal to feel anything like this when a filling is done? I called her a day later to find out when she could fix the problem and her assistant told me that the doctor built the filling like that so I wouldn't bite on the filling??? Now I may not be a dentist, but this sounds like a load of hogwash to me. Is it possible that fillings take a while to not be so sensitive? The last time I had them done, I was able to eat comfortably by the evening. This time not. ...Visitor from Cape Town South Africa     (answer)

  • When a tooth has 80 to 90 percent filling do you really ever see it as salvageable? I was told by one dentist it just doesn't pay to crown teeth like that. Most of mine have root canals. I know they are worried when removing the crowns about breakage of what is left due to the weakness of the tooth. How do you save teeth? ...Visitor from WI     (answer)

  • Porcelain fillings to replace existing fillings: I am a recovering alcoholic. Along the way, I have really let my teeth 'go'. I have fillings top and bottom on both sides. In 2000, a complete set was done (every tooth except the front 6, top and bottom), including drilling out a few older ones. As I'm getting my life in order, I'm really very disheatened about the condition of my teeth. I'm also being asked to travel more and meet clients, and I am always extremely self-conscious about my teeth. My question is, is it possible to replace fillings done so recently (2000) with porcelain? When I smile, especially from the side, my teeth just look grey. Do I have options? I would love for my smile to look as good as I've begun to feel every other way. ...Visitor from NJ     (answer)

  • Fillings/Root Canal: I had some work performed at an NY-area dental school six months ago. After experiencing pain in the teeth worked on at that time, I visited another dentist who told me that my last practicioner had left decay in my old tooth and I now need a replacement filling and possibly a root canal. When I approached my old dentist about the issue, he denied that any work at all was necessary. The issue separating the two dentists is a very slim black line which shows up on x-rays between my composite filling and the remaining tooth. One dentist says that such "shadings" are normal between the tooth and filling, the other tells me that it is decay and I need to have the too re-drilled. I have no idea who is telling me the truth. Any information you can provide would be EXTREMELY helpful. ...Visitor from NY     (answer)

  • Replacement of Fillings: My dentist told my fiance that she should have her fillings replaced because they are cracking her teeth. Is there any truth to having fillings replaced or is the dentist trying to make a buck? ...Visitor from CO     (answer)

  • Recurrent decay with new fillings: No matter how many times I get my teeth filled I still get cavities around the filling. Is there another alternative to fillings that would work for me? ...Visitor from PA     (answer)

  • Veneers versus fillings: I have several teeth in which the enamel of the outer, lateral surfaces have worn away leaving concave pockets. These areas have been repeatedly treated with porcelain fillings (possibly a porcelain bonding-but I'm not sure). These fillings would only last 9-12 months and then would be worn away again. I do not have GERD or an acidic diet, nor do I grind my teeth. Only certain teeth are affected. Would veneers be an option to treat this reoccuring problem? ...Visitor from CA     (answer)

  • Fillings that Squeak: I have recently had a filling replaced in a bottom left molar and now the tooth squeaks every time I eat. The dentist who replaced the filling has filed it twice and says there is nothing more that can be done. Is there no way to stop the tooth from squeaking? Why would it suddenly start to squeak? ...Visitor from Reading United Kingdom UK     (answer)

  • Filling Replacement Pain: I recently had two filling replacements on my lower right molars. This was done because the dentist said they were old and should be replaced. I had no pain prior to this. Since the replacement my teeth are great, but I have tremendous pain in my ear and my jaw just below the ear lobe. It is horrible. Sleeping is a challenge, the advil, tylenol or combination of both really do nothing at all. I have a great deal of pain when opening my mouth to take a bite of food or brush my teeth. It feels like an ear infection type of pain. I went back to the dentist. She said all is fine and maybe I am bruised. As of today I feel no change in fact its worse. ...Visitor from Ontario Canada     (answer)

  • TMJ after a filling? I had a filling done on one of my bottom teeth and was told that I may later need a root canal. About 2 weeks after I got the filling I started having pain in my jaw and ear. My dentist says that he sees nothing on the x-ray that would cause this pain. I have no pain in my tooth just down my jaw line and ear and now my face is a little swollen on that side and he says a need a root canal but still says that the x ray shows nothing. Could this be a phantom toothe ache caused by TMJ? Should I see a TMJ specialist before I have an unneccessary root canal? ...Visitor from GA     (answer)

  • To fill or not to fill? I recently visited a new dentist. This dentist suggests filling all of the cracks in my molars that show preliminary signs of decay (into enamel but not dentin), which would mean multiple surfaces on each molar. This seems a bit excessive to me, as I am only 27 and would then have to maintain a large quantity of fillings for the rest of my life. What is normal practice? Is there another option for preventative care? ...Visitor from San Francisco CA     (answer)

  • All bonded fillings cause sensitive teeth: I have had several teeth filled with bonding over the past couple of years and I have noticed that the majority of them are still sensitive and/or are sometimes painful eating on them...is this normal? Does this mean that I may need a root canal or are there just some people that do not respond as well to bonding as others? I have silver fillings as well and I have never had this problem with them. ...Visitor from CA     (answer)

  • I had 3 fillings done 5 weeks ago. After 11 days, I was still having constant pain on 1 side (where 1 filling was done) and was seen by the dentist who said it was too high. He filed down the "high points" and it did relieve the constant pain. I continued to have pain when I chewed anything on that side. Not constant pain, but a sharp shooting sensation if anything was chewed on 1 particular spot. I went back 3 weeks later and he again checked the bite, said it may still be a little "high". He checked for a cracked tooth, which it didn't appear to be. Even when I did the "bite test" I didn't feel pain. Still when I chew anything on that side,the same sharp pain occurs. The other 2 fillings are fine. Any ideas? ...Visitor from PA     (answer)

  • My husband was recently told by a dentist new to us that he should have all of his fillings replaced. The fillings are twenty plus years old. Is there truth to this or is the dentist just trying to make money? ...Visitor from TN     (answer)

  • Replacing old fillings: Over the last 10 years, I have had 3 different dentists. Recently, I just started going to a new dentist. He tells me I have 6 cavities; and 4 of them are old ones which need replacement (silver fillings - replaced w/silver). I just had those 4 silvers replaced w/silvers. He said they were leaking but then I wonder why other dentists hadn't noticed this. He dug out the old silvers and replaced w/silvers. My teeth are aching now, very sensitive. Could this lead to more problems? I'm also concerned dentists do this to make a buck...is this so? ...Visitor from PA     (answer)

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