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FAQ:  Dental Implant Failures

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  • Reusing crown on a failed implant: I had an implant placed for tooth #30 lower right molar 8 years ago. The implant failed after 8 years. It was removed intact (no cracks) and is still on the old actual implant in a jar completely cleaned. Would my dentist use the same crown since it is still in perfect shape? ...Visitor from FL     (answer)

  • I've had two implant failures, both of the early variety. The 1st failed right after the 1st tempoary was removed. The 2nd failed a few days after the second temporary was put in place. In both cases 3 - 4 months expired between implant installation and temporary installtion. My Dentist now wants to try a 3rd time. I'm losing confidence in him in his ability. Any advice or recommendations? ...Visitor from NY     (answer)

  • Replacement: My husband had 4 implants placed, 2 for a full upper denture and 2 lower for a bridge over 2 missing teeth. The oral surgon used no anethesia and now one of the lower implants have came out. Any ideas for a replacment? And is it normal not to use anethesia when puting in implants? ... Visitor from FL     (answer)

  • Failed tooth implant: My upper molar (#15?) has been gone for years. My doctor decided an implant had failed. He feels that after a period of time, we can try again. Intially we were going to do a bone implant and in fact he withdrew my blood and had the grafting ready. However, he felt that the bone was ok and didn't need grafting......it failed. Should he have done the grafting as planned and since that's over with....if I try it again, would you suggest a bone graft and should it be done initially rather than at the same time the implant is put in? ... Visitor from WA     (answer)

  • Implant problem: I just had two front teeth (#9 and 10) replaced by Strohmann implants. After having the crowns put on, I was very upset. The implants were not placed exactly within my natural row of front teeth on the gum line. They were placed some distance behind the row of front teeth. This necessitated large curved crowns. I am constantly aware of the implant site because being placed to the rear of my gumline my tongue is constantly in contact with it. There is a bump at the point of connection between the crown and implant and this interferes with my bite. It is uncomfortable and I am totally disappointed after over a year of preparation, cost and suffering. What can I do? ... Visitor from NY     (answer)

  • Implant Failure and Antiobiotics: My dental implant has apparently failed after only 4 years as an infection in the gum above the tooth and in the bone have indicated. How many attempts with antibiotics should be made before the implant should be removed? ... Visitor from CA     (answer)

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