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FAQ:  Dental Crowns

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  • Gold crown repair: My gold crown has a small pin hole in it. It has been in service for 30 years. There is solid tooth below the hole per my dentist. There is no pain or discomfort. Can the hole be repaired? This was suggested by my dentist. Another dentist said it was not possible and wants to replace the crown. ...Visitor from Los Gatos     (answer)

  • Chipped Cap: My upper right side cap had a bit of porcelain chip away from the metal toward the gum. It is not bothersome, but is the metal safe being exposed in the mouth? ...Visitor from OH     (answer)

  • Permanent Crowns: I have had 4 new crowns fitted. No problem when the temp ones were on but the permanent ones are really thick. I don't understand why they have to be so thick. I feel as if I can't speak properly! Will I get used to them? If so how long does that take? Is it better to have to crowns thicker or should I ask for the crowns to be made thinner? ...Visitor from UK     (answer)

  • Failed Core: My top front right tooth had a pin and core put in it years ago. I recently noticed the tooth wiggled and felt loose. It finally fell out with the pin still in the cap. The core is still in the gum. Can just the core be replaced? My cap is perfect and I don't want to replace it. It is not damaged. ...Visitor from Florida     (answer)

  • New Crown over inplant: My Dentist put a string like packing in the center of my new crown #19 that looks like a filling. What was the reason behind that? ...Visitor from Virginia     (answer)

  • Hole in porcelain fused with metal crown; Hi, I had a porcelain with metal fused crown fixed in one of my upper teeth around 8 months back. I see a small hole now on the base of the crown. I met my dentist and he checked and said that I might have bit something hard and the black spot is the metal seen and there is nothing to worry and I am perfectly fine. My questions are: 1) Will this hole become big over a period of time due to brushing eating? 2) Is there any resin which can close this small hole to prevent it enlarging and 3) Should I change the crown? Frankly I am afraid to go through the process of crown removal as it might affect the tooth beneath it. ...Visitor from India     (answer)

  • Gluten Free Dentistry I have celiac disease and need a crown. I know that all materials including cement and the crown itself must be gluten free. I checked with the manufacturer of the dental cement my dentist uses, and it is not gluten free. Do you know the name of a manufacturer/brand of gluten free dental cement ...Visitor from Northridge     (answer)

  • I am having restorative work done. A front crown was placed and made what my normal teeth length used to be. Now I hear a whistle or hiss now and then. Also, sometimes I feel a crackle like they moved. I touch them and they feel like they are relieved. I am also doing a plate. I have temps in and now my bottom front teeth hit the back of my top teeth. Is this ok? How is a normal bite supposed to feel? I am confused and upset. ...Visitor from Fort Myers     (answer)

  • Cutting back a gum to place a crown that fell off: Last night I was bad and was eating some jelly beans, and out popped my crown. It is only about 2 years old. The tooth did not have a root canal, but there was no pain. I went to the dentist today, and they informed me that they had to cut my gums, since they grew over where the crown should be sitting. That to me indicated that they have been growing for some time. Is there a reason that my gums grew underneath my crown, and not around? I had never had this procedure done, nor known it existed. I was numbed up so I had no pain, but I am curious as to why this happened in the first place. This was a new dentist, and my gum was cauterized. Thanks for any insight! ...Visitor from Mentor     (answer)

  • Pain after temporary crown on opposite side: I had a temporary crown put in for a top molar on the right side a few days ago. As expected there is pain around that tooth but now my bottom teeth on that same side are hurting, almost as if they're shifting. Is this normal? ...Visitor from Fort Wayne     (answer)

  • A "unit" of 3 crowns: What is a unit of 3 crowns? My dentist inserted one piece instead of 3 separate crowns. It wasn't explained to me except in terms of mumbling something about "it's better for bone in seniors". I'm 70 yrs. old. The "unit" is uncomfortable and always feels inflamed. Thank you for any info you can give before I see my dentist who barely speaks and I will be seeing a new dentist in the future. The crown bridge or unit, is 7 months old. My husband has had several surgeries in the last 7 months which is why I haven't been back to my dentist but must go very soon due to discomfort. ...Visitor from Manchester     (answer)

  • New Crowns causing salty taste: Recent crowning of teeth has produced horrible salty taste in mouth, constantly. Is this an allergic reaction to glues used? ...Visitor from Duncan     (answer)

  • What are your thoughts regarding a porcelain crown on a top molar and a gold crown just below it at its bottom molar? Will these 2 crowns have a problem biting together? ...Visitor from Van Horn     (answer)

  • Porcelain over metal crowns: Crowns that have just been made for me when on my teeth look like there is a spot on them that is lighter than the rest of the crown and down along the side and bottom have a grayish color. My dentist says this is normal. The whitespot is where the core is and there is no way to make the crown not have that spot that looks lighter than the rest of the crown. Is this true? All I see is two white spots one on each front tooth when I smile. ...Visitor from NJ     (answer)

  • Bad Crown Placement: A new crown was put on my upper side tooth 3 months ago. The bite feels wrong since then. Before the permanent crown was placed my bite was absolutely perfect and I did not have any pain. I went back to dentist, and he shaved several(!) healthy teeth on the side of the crown. The bite test is good. I feel that the bite does not get better. In addition to constant jaw stress, I now developed pain (heat/cold sensitivity) near that crown. My dentist wants to further shave healthy teeth. I want to go to a different dentist and request to replace that crown. Will a different dentist be able to put a good crown (without original impressions)? Or is it better to keep shaving healthy teeth? ...Visitor from CO     (answer)

  • Crown filed down too much: I had a crown placed on a molar after a root canal about six months ago. Immediately after the crown placement I was still having some pain. The dentist filed the tooth down to help ease my bite. The pain has stopped as I had an a epioectomy done, but as consequence of the dentist filing my crown down my bite is off. I bite the inside of my mouth and lip and I have difficult time enunciating certain words. One dentist I went to is recommending that I get braces before I get the crown redone in order to stabilize my bite ? Are braces really necessary since this problem did not exist before this crown was filed down too far? The crown was perfect before it was filed down. ...Visitor from Washington DC     (answer)

  • My front tooth ceramic cap came off, leaving some tooth. My dentist was able to reglue it. Can he recap my tooth by maybe going into the gum a little to expose more tooth and recap and save it? He seemed postive. He eplained that the specialist had to look at xray to be sure, but looked good. He didn't seem to concerned. I imagine that if it was really bad, he would have said something. Plus the cap did attach really good to the remainder tooth. This gives me hope. Please advise. ...Visitor from IL     (answer)

  • I just recently went to the dentist for a dental crown. He started to drill and stopped and told me that my tooth decay in my gum was too bad for a crown. I did have a root canal done a few years back but no post and crown. He told me an implant or a bridge is best. My tooth does not hurt and it does not feel loose at all> Should I get a second opinion or could this be correct? I am really upset because it is an anterior tooth. I NEED IT. My dentist said my tooth is going to fall out soon if I dont get it done ...Visitor from OH     (answer)

  • I have this gold crown for a long long time. The tooth also has root canal. Now the black material that this crown is built on is exposed because the gum line is receding. Should I replace it with a longer length crown to cover the black material or leave it as is?. The gum is puffy. Tooth is strong. ...Visitor from CA     (answer)

  • I have had a crown on my lower back molar for a few years. It has a hole in it and every time I eat, food gets lodged in there. Is there any way I can fix this at home, or do I have to get a new one? ...Visitor from TX     (answer)

  • Rabbit Teeth: I have 2 crowns on my 2 front teeth. I have had these for some years now. The dentist made them larger so that it would close a small gap I had. I am now looking like a buck rabbit. I am older now and I want a better smile or at least look better than this. What do you suggest I do? ...Visitor from GA     (answer)

  • Crowns starting at age 10: I am a 17 year old. When I was about 10 I chipped my two front teeth pretty badly. I have had caps put on them and have had braces. The braces are now off. I still have caps on both teeth but the we have replaced the caps on several different occasions. I am wondering exactly what is it that I can do to get this fixed? I would like to get something permanent if possible. Please help me, I don't want to have to wear these crowns anymore. ...Visitor from IL     (answer)

  • Recent Front Crowns - Space at Gum Line: I had 6 front crowns placed 9 days ago. The triangle space between my teeth at the top seemed to be getting better but now seem to be getting worse. The dentist was concerned about one but I see space between most of them now that was not there before. Do you think my gums will heal with time? How long does that normally take after the procedure? ... Visitor from SC     (answer)

  • New speech problems with new crowns: I just got 6 crowns on my upper front teeth. I now slur my s's th's. My tongue is always pushing on back of my teeth. I know the dentist ground them down to put crowns on. Also, it feels like I have bucked teeth. It doesn't necessarily look like it but feels like it. What can my dentist do to fix this. I don't even want to talk... it is so frustrating at 49 years old. ... Visitor from IN     (answer)

  • Bulky front teeth crowns: I have had my front teeth capped twice. They are too bulky, even after filing them down the second time. It feels like the teeth have some padding indermeath which bothers my lower lips. I have an overbite so these new crowns make everything even worse. I have more protruding teeth than before. I can't close my mouth as I used to. My lower lip constantly touches the bulky underside of the new crowns, day and night. My lips covering the upper teeth feel constantly dry and rubbing onto the new crowns makes it painful. I have to use vaseline every night to get some comfort on the upper lip, including on the inside. I am not happy. I am thinking about orhtodontics to finally fix the problem. Please help! ... Visitor from CA     (answer)

  • PFM Crown Removal? My tooth is severely damaged after a bad filling was put in 2 weeks ago. A second dentist is recommending a PFM on #19. He says he can correct the first dentist's mistakes with another filling but that the side of one of the cusps is very weak where dentist #1 mistakenly did some drilling where no decay was present. Dentist #2 does not think the tooth can support an onlay, and he says I don't need a root canal as the existing filling is not deep but does appear to be poorly bonded. If I agree to a crown rather than just another filling, will it be possible to someday replace a PFM crown with CEREC? I plan to live at least 50 more years, in which time, I'm sure Cerec will improve for molars. ... Visitor from GA     (answer)

  • Crowns for New Partial: I have two eye teeth that the dentist is going to crown to hold a new partial. The teeth have a lot of gum loss. The dentist says they are borderline for a bridge. Will the crowns be stronger for a partial or am I wasting money? The two teeth are in good shape although there is some sensitivity at the base when flossing. ... Visitor from NC     (answer)

  • I had a molar crown put on last week. It is porcelain on metal. I noticed that the metal is showing through the top of the crown where I bite down. Can this be repaired or should the crown be replaced? ... Visitor from PA     (answer)

  • My crown came out and it is still in one piece can it just be put back in the same one?     (answer)

  • I had a root canal and crown done on a molar 8 years ago. Last week the crown fell off and when I visited the dentist he said he could not put the crown back in because the underlying tooth had decayed inside and the tooth would have to be extracted. He said "Nope this isn't going back in". However, he then offered to put the crown back in on a temporary basis and said I could eat on it. The tooth now works fine and I have no pain and it's been 2 weeks. Should I be in any hurry to get this tooth extracted any sooner than I have to? I plan on just continuing as is. Is there any reason that I should get the tooth extracted now when it still has some function? Why pull it, what do I have to lose? ... Visitor from OH     (answer)

  • Crumbling porcelain crown: I had a crown in front replaced 15 months ago, and the replacement crown edge chipped off as the dentist was using a rotary tool to file away a part of the back side to accommodate my bite. The dentist had to have another one made. Fast forward a year, and a chip on the front of the tooth randomly appears on the bottom right corner. Three months later the entire corner (about 1/8" across the bottom) crumbles away leaving a noticeable gap. I wear a bite guard every night but was told it could be my lower teeth causing pressure on that part of the tooth. However, there is no contact between the two in that area. Can it be an inferior produced porcelain crown? ... Visitor from KY     (answer)

  • I had 4 crowns put on top front 2 yrs ago with contouring of gums. I was told by a periodontist now that I have impingement of biological margin, but at nite I clench and my jaw moves forward and leans on teeth 9 & 10 which causes pressure and discomfort during the day. I have a deeper bite now also. The periodontist wants to do a crown lengthening procedure to fix problem. I just think its the pressure I put on those teeth at nite. A nite guard doesn't help much, aggrevating the problem. What should I do? ... Visitor from WI     (answer)

  • I recently had a crown placed on one of my front teeth and I am not happy with the appearance or the fit next to my adjacent tooth. The crown is porcelain on metal and is too gray looking for me. The tooth was healthy, just had a large chip out of the front. How difficult / expensive would it be to replace the crown with an all porcelain crown? ... Visitor from PA     (answer)

  • New Crowns - Feel the edge? I got into a bicycling accident almost two months ago and bent my top four teeth out of alignment. As a result, I had to have 4 root canals and 4 crowns. The permanent ones are in but I can feel the edge, on the backside, of one of them. Is this normal? It doesn't not feel loose but I constantly feel it with my toungue to the point that my tongue is irritated. My other concern is that because I did so much trauma to my face (I hit the pavement face first), I'm not sure if my swollen gums are because of the trauma or the root canals. There are spaces at the gum line between a crown and gum. It looks awful. I'm wondering if my gums will eventually fill that space. ...Visitor from FL     (answer)

  • I was eating some jelly beans and my crown in my left side of my mouth to the very back came off with the jelly beans! My tooth was exposed so I felt some pain, but was able to situate the crown back in its place and the pain is gone. Do you think that I can get it recemented or will I need a new one. It is not damaged it just came loose. I don't have dental insurance so I need the most inexpensive solution. ...Anna     (answer)

  • Hi! I have a crown (tooth #13) that was permanently cemented in > about 3 weeks ago. It feels great, but there is one unusual thing: Whenever I drink something cold that tooth produces a "clicking" sound like it's contracting! I am not touching my bottom teeth or anything like that. The clicking seems to come from the tooth itself, not from contact with another tooth. Is this something to be concerned about? None of my other crowns have ever done this! ...Tracy in VT     (answer)

  • I have a crown on my first bicuspid located on upper right jaw. It is supported on both sides by the canine and the 2nd bicuspid. I only have the opposing bicuspid on the lower right. The rest of the molars and 2nd bicuspid have been removed on the lower right. The left side of my mouth does not provide any chewing due to missing teeth so the right bicuspid area is my major chewing area. I have had this crown for less than two years and it is now loose. I have read that crowns last on average from 5 to 15 years. I do not smoke and I occassionally chew gum. I don't believe the tooth ground with its opposer with the jaw closed...if so it was a very natural feel. I think my dentist is a good guy and has always done quality work. I just want a second opinion on whether this looseness in the short time span is unusual given the general condition of my teeth. ...Andy in IL     (answer)

  • Two months ago I had two crowns put on my molars. The one crown replaced a old crown and root canal, The other crown was put on a tooth that the dentist had filled. My temporary crown fell off the next day. The dentist told me not to worry about that. But my tooth was extremely sensitive and developed a throbbing pain. When I had my permanent crowns put on I told the dentist and he said the tooth was sensitive due to exposure. I had pain for a week, and the dentist told me that it would take time to settle down. Then I broke out with a severe case of hives. My face, hands and neck swelled up to the point that I had to go to the emergency room. That was two months ago. The hives continued and I have been to an allergist for treatment. A week ago, I began to experience tooth pain in the same area and then began to swell. The next morning, my face, neck and ear were triple the size and I had a fever of 103. I went to A different dentist and the tooth that had been crowned was abcessed. I have been on antibiotics for 2 weeks and will loose my tooth, as well as $1000 , that I paid for the crown. The first dentist used up all my insurance, told me not to come back until next year, because I had no insurance left. Since the antibiotics, my hives have disappeared - could my hives have been related to the tooth infection? And, how could the tooth become so infected so quickly? I have read that tooth abcesses are caused by neglect. Was this neglect by my dentist? ...Mary in SC     (answer)

  • About 4 days ago, a Dentist that I've never been to here in Dallas did a crown preparation on my upper right molar, the one just in front of the wisdom tooth. He said that the decay was very close to the nerve and he made a vague reference to perhaps needing a root canal. He fitted me with a temporary crown while we wait on the permanent crown to come in. I am in constant pain with this temporary crown. If I take 600MG of Ibuprofin, it will eliminate the pain completely for about 6 hours, so as long as I keep taking three Ibuprofin every six hours, I'm fine, but as soon as it wears off, the pain returns ! Is this normal or abnormal to have this much pain with a temporary crown AND ... if we go in and do the root canal after we have put in the new crown, can the new crown still be put back on my tooth, or am I out hundreds of dollars on yet another crown for the tooth that got the root canal? ...John in TX     (answer)

  • I have two front teeth that have porcelain crowns. They are about ten years old, and both recently cracked. Then a large piece broke off. I have managed to replace the pieces with adhesive, but both crowns need to be replaced. My dentist tells me I need root canals before he can replace them, thus adding to the expense. Is this necessary? ...Shona in IN     (answer)

  • I had a cap put on a tooth about 3 or 4 weeks ago because my dentist said it could be saved and restored with a cap. Since having the permanent cap put on, I have pain now. It still hurts. I am still taking pain killers like advil to get rid of the pain. I went back to him and he said the bite was high, that's why I had pain, so he shaved the top tooth down so the bite was more normal. He said this would probably do the trick. I STILL have pain now and I am tired of this. It's been a few days after he shaved the tooth for me and it still hurts. :( What is next? He said the next thing would have to be a root canal but to wait a week to see if the pain subsides finally. Why wouldn't he just do a root canal in the first place? ...Bryant in CT     (answer)

  • I recently had a root canal retreatment on tooth #13. Treatment was done thru an untreated canal by an endodontist. A "general" dentist removed the crown prior to retreatment and also attempted to remove the post in another canal. He was unable to do so - cemented too tightly. When I returned to the "general" dentist for the crown he said he wants to try to remove the post again -- said it may have loosened after the root canal retreatment. My dental records reflect that a cast post and core were done on that tooth five years ago - when the original work was done. I know what a post is but what does the core represent? Also, is the core done separately from the post? I am asking because it is my understanding that the core is essential to the restoration. My tooth is fragile - not alot left. Also, the dentist that is doing the crown is a good dentist - has a good reputation but does not always explain things. That is frustrating -especially in this situation because I (like many others) am really trying to save this tooth and am concerned. Again, any information that you can provide about cores would be be very appreciated. ...Joanne in NJ     (answer)

  • One and a half weeks ago I got a temporary crown on a back tooth, lower left side. I know that tooth will be sore until I get my permanent crown but is it normal to have pain in my jaw, ear, and upper portion of my mouth. I have taken advil which doesn't seem to help but sinus medication seems to help some. The pain is bad enough to keep me awake at night. ...Valaine in AZ     (answer)

  • First, I just had the second half of a root canal done on a molar. It appears to be okay. How long should I be able to wait to have a crown started? Also, should I avoid at all costs eating on that side of the mouth entirely until the temporary crown is attached? I plan to have a gold crown put on permanently. My tooth did give me some pain, but it wasn't throbbing at all, so I'm thinking that I "caught it early", and I hope that even though I may grind my teeth at night that I have a few weeks to wait while my dentist can fit me in. Also, how long are the visits? Do dentists normally have to cut away at the gums to fit on crowns? What normally is done on the first and second visit? ...Visitor from IL     (answer)

  • I have noticed when I am flossing around my crowns that there is a very bad odor coming from them that I don't get from my other teeth when I floss. My dentist has checked them and said they are coming loose. Do you know of a reason that this could be happening? These crowns are about 5 years old. I have a newer crown (1 year) and it does not give me this problem. ...Visitor from Edmonton, Alberta (Canada)     (answer)

  • I have had 6 crowns put in on my upper teeth, on both sides. Now, one side of my upper teeth are shorter than the other side, being very noticeable. The dentist told me if I wanted them the same size, then that would be precision dental. That would cost extra. Now he tells me! I am not asking for precision, just not to be so noticeable. My teeth were not uneven before he started. Is this right? Have I been wronged? Visitor from OK     (answer)

  • I recently had an upper molar crowned. The tooth previous to that had a root canal through a large filling. My dentist crowned the tooth right on top of the temporary material the endodontist filled the tooth with which was also minus back and side tooth structure. When I bite down on the crown after not chewing for awhile I get a foul taste in my mouth. It seems to me that the crown is not sealed or the temporary material is giving under the crown forcing collecting material out. I have other crowns and they do not do this. The foul taste started emanating from the crown the day after it was installed and has been consistently occuring. Does this crown need to be replaced? ... Visitor from MO     (answer)

  • In two days it will be two weeks since I had 18 teeth prepared for crowns over a two-day period. Since that time, I have had intense throbbing pain in the roots of most of the teeth (bottom ones especially). I am taking 4800 mg of Ibuprofin a day (three or four hour intervals) and vicodin along with it at night. After 2.5 hours, the pain starts returning and is unbearable within half an hour. My dentist says this is normal and it will start to go away after the permanent crowns are on. I am concerned that it might not go away. Could use advice on how normal or abnormal this is. ... Visitor from CA     (answer)

  • I have 4 porcelain on metal crowns. At least 3 of them are sensitive to pressure when chewing anything that places direct pressure on the tooth when biting down. I noticed with the latest crown that it sometimes feels like biting on a piece of aluminum foil. Is it the metal I have a reaction to? How can the pressure sensitivity be taken care of? Would porcelain or porcelain on gold crowns in the future be a better choice? I'm hoping there is another solution other than root canals. ... Visitor from CA     (answer)

  • I had a crown and root canal done 18 years ago. Two years ago my dentist replaced this crown. About 8 weeks ago this crown chipped and came off. They just replaced this crown on Tuesday. On Thursday it was sore to the touch but not to bad. It is now Sunday and it has absessed. Can you tell me what has caused this? I don't understand how a crown with a root canal 18 years ago can do this. Thank you. ...Visitor from Mississippi     (answer)

  • I had periodontal surgery 13 years ago in both upper quadrants. Since then I have lost all my upper molars but one #14, which is crowned but is on its way out. The gums did not re-adhere to the teeth and remained loose and painful until one by one they have been pulled. I have also had a crown on my front tooth, #8 for 23 years which also had a root canal. My dentist is suggesting a partial for the missing molars, which will include the final molar that will be pulled and crowning of the remaining 8 front teeth #5 thru #12. I understand I have bone loss in the front teeth partially from the surgery and from the existing crown and crowning these teeth will strengthen them and hold the partial in better using precision attachments. The crowning will consist of the 8 teeth as a one piece crown. This sounds like an awful lot of teeth to put in as "one." Will this "single crown" be as strong as if I had 8 individual crowns put on? Do you foresee any problems with this type of crowning? Thank you ...Visitor from FL     (answer)

  • How long should a crown last? Five years ago I had a crown placed on a tooth. Each year the crown fell out. Again, this year the crown fell out and when I returned to the dentist he explained that the tooth was now decayed. Is this common? ...Visitor from MI     (answer)

  • I would like to know why there is a discoloration (black) between crown and gums. I brush and floss two to three times a day. The work has been done by different dentists. When I go for check up they never mention anything about this. Is this normal? If not what needs to be done? ...Visitor from Alaska     (answer)

  • I need a professional opinion ASAP. This is a true situation and I am looking to you for advice. I had a crown installed about six months ago. When the dentist did this installation, he commented that he was not using the strongest adhesive available but thought that I'd do fine with what he used. I went back for a follow-up visit about two months later. He checked the new crown and said he didn't think I'd have any problems. Last night, while eating a normal dinner, the crown came off and I swallowed it before I was able to prevent myself from swallowing this $600. tooth. I immediately contacted my dentist at the office and on his emergency number. This morning he calls me on his cell phone on the way to the office to tell me that I should make every effort to recover the tooth, meaning that I should check my stool for the tooth which I have ingested. As disgusting as this might seem, he also told me that it was important to determine if it was not in my lungs--give me a break! Assuming I find the tooth, I was instructed to put it in chlorox and bring it to the office for sterilization. Is this proper procedure? I feel my doctor might be avoiding the costs associated with total replacement by telling me to retrieve this tooth. I inquired if he still had the original mold impression, and he could not tell me how long the company retains molds. I have an impression mold from a previous crown tooth that was given to me for safekeeping by a former dentist. What is your professional opinion? Where should I go from here? Is this an ethical solution? ...Visitor from GA     (answer)

  • I already have a crown on my tooth. I went to the dentist and he said we needed to do a root canal. After the root canal he took the liberty of molding me for a crown. My question: Do I need a new crown after a root canal? I like the crown I already have and if it's not necessary, I would prefer to save the expense and put the crown I already have back on. ...Visitor from IL     (answer)

  • I went to the dentist to check and clean my teeth. A week later my crown( at the bottom of very last one) came off and I could see small hole on my crown! I think that small hole made the crown come off. My crown is just 2years old. I put them when I was in Japan. I feel that the cleaning my teeth made that small hole. Do you think it is possible? In Japan it does not cost too much to put the crowns so I thought its ok to put new crown....but I found out that the crown is expensive in America, so I just want to find out that it is possible that small hole on the crown may be made by cleaning the teeth. They were using like drill to take off my plaque so. ...Visitor from Japan     (answer)

  • I recently went to the dentist because I lost a gigantic piece of filling from my last molar on the top right side. The dentist told me that part of the filling was still in the tooth and that the tooth was broken so I would need a crown and/or a root canal. I am an unemployed student with no dental insurance so I told my dentist I could not afford the cost of a crown. They told me that I could get a temporary crown until I could afford a permanent one. But how long will this temporary crown last? My dentist's office told me it could last for a few months, but everything I've read has said they last for a few weeks. What is the best option here? I really cannot afford a $900 procedure right now. Are there other, less expensive options? I also grind my teeth so I'm worried that a temporary crown would just break immediately. I'm almost tempted to just get it pulled, but this seems extreme. I've made the appointment for a temporary crown, but don't want to waste my money on something that won't last. I'm hoping to have dental insurance (and a job) again soon, but am not sure if the temporary crown will last that long. ...Visitor from MA     (answer)

  • Last year I developed an infection on the side of an upper crown that never gave me a problem in the 10 or so years I had it. I had to go to a different different dentist, as mine was on vacation and the pain was too bad. I ended up with a root canal and a new crown. Two weeks later at check up I asked why it still bothered me. I was told I would get better and I just had to "get used to it." My first crown never ever bothered me. I have constant irritation, intermittent pain and I always know the crown is there. My jaw aches at times. The dentist who did it didn't seem concerned, so he ain't my dentist anymore. Who should I see? ...Visitor from NJ     (answer)

  • Hi. I have two porcelain crowns on my front teeth. They have been on for close to two years and one of them has never really felt right. It was always sensitive to pressure, hot and cold, etc.... My dentist who appears to be highly qualified told me that it would fade. Recently, I have been having interspersed periods of a throbbing dull pain directly under the crown. It gets quite uncomfortable at times and has me concerned that there may be a problem. My dentist used the best of everything including empress crowns and resin cements. What do you think the problem could be? ...Visitor from VA     (answer)

  • I have crowns on my top 7 front teeth that look black at the gums. What can be done about that. I haven't had them very long... only about 3 months. Should I have had Porcelain veneers? The crowns even cost me more. I am so unhappy about this, they cost me $720.00 a crown and I am very unhappy about the way they look. Now I am afraid to get the bottoms done. ...Visitor from VA     (answer)

  • My dentist recommends I need new crowns on my back teeth due to the time of having had them initially put in.....20 years. My question: I haven't had any problem, sensitivity or otherwise with them. Is it a "given" that crowns need to be replaced because of the time they have been on? ...Visitor from CA     (answer)

  • Last summer I had my very first root canal and crown. It took the dentist office five hours to create and fit the crown. They made several molds before they found one that seemed to fit. Approximately two weeks later I was back in their office because the crown was not comfortable. The dentist informed me that it had shifted out of place and she pushed on the crown and informed me it should feel better. Since then this crown has been very bothersome to me because food gets lodged up in the crevices of the crown. i.e. there is a space on the right side. I never had trouble with food getting stuck in this area before. Now, it appears that the crown is absessed because the gum area above the crown is black. Should there be any empty space where the crown touches the gum line? (this is where food is getting stuck). ...Visitor from FL     (answer)

  • Overbite: I went to the dentist and thinking I was getting porcelain veneers on my front top 6 teeth and crowns for the back 7 teeth. After the prep was done I went in for the final. But to my surprise, I did not get veneers, I got porcelain crowns. I was shocked. The dentist then insisted that they were veneers. After I pressed a little he said I had big fillings and I had to have these kind. What does that mean? Now my whole look is way different to my expectation. My problem now is that my top teeth hang over my bottom teeth. When I eat I hit the back of the top teeth. He shaved them down a little but I told him they still hang over the bottom teeth. He said that was to fix my bite. He said this is normal. I have been looking at everyone's teeth and I don't think it is normal. I believe the bite is wrong. I also have been stuttering on words I never have before. Does this sound normal? Are my teeth supposed to be over the bottom teeth? ...Visitor from SC     (answer)

  • Pain: Six months ago I had a crown put on my upper-right front incisor for cosmetic reasons. It's part zirconia, to avoid the visible metal undercoating. It looks terrific. However, after six months, it doesn't feel that way. It actually is very painful and annoying. There has been some recession of the gum on the inside of my mouth (nothing noticable from the front). I should note that the crown isn't loose. At first it was just annoying running my tongue over the distinct rough spot between crown and tooth. Over the last week, however, the gum/tooth is painful. The sensation changes from feeling like an irritation from something like aggressive flossing or even from having burned myself with hot food (not a possibility) -- and other times it feels like an aching of the tooth. I do seem predisposed to gum recession. However, as preventive measures I brush with a soft tooth brush (and sensodyne)taking care to be gentle and massage the gum line, floss daily, and use a floride rinse. It always feels better after brushing -- and when I rinse with warm or cold water (so there's no temperature sensativity). Any ideas on what could be wrong / what treatment is needed? ...Visitor from NY     (answer)

  • Gold: Approximately around the same time as a gold crown was put in a bottom molar, I have had digestive upset, abdominal pain and nausea 24/7. Doctors are mystified. Could this be from the gold crown? ...Visitor from MA     (answer)

  • Porcelain veneers: Does having caps on your teeth prevent you from having porcelain veneers applied? ...Visitor from MI     (answer)

  • Recently I did porcelain crowns using IPS Empress Crowns for my 6 upper front teeth and 6 lower front teeth. Unfortunately, the color (C3) chosen by my dentist did not meet my expectation. Would you please advise if there is any means to increase the lightness of existing crown without removing them. After some years, would the porcelain crown become greyer like the aging effect on natural teeth? Just in case in future, if I had enough money and want to replace these crowns with new ones of more satisfactory color, would the replacement procedure make further destructive impact on the teeth structure? ...Visitor from Hong Kong     (answer)

  • Repair - Caps: About 10 years ago - four of my top front teeth had root canals and then they were capped. Three of the caps fell out with the posts attached to the caps, also some of the tooth broke off in the caps. What can I do to have them repaired and what kind of dentist should I see? ...Visitor from NY     (answer)

  • All porcelain vs. porcelain fused to metal: I am 23 years old and I consider myself to be a beautiful young lady with one big flaw... my teeth! I had a porcelain crown in tooth #8 (very front) and now tooth #9 is in need of a root canal and ultimately another crown. At this point I'd like to have both re-made so that they can appear natural and similar to one another. I've gone to many different cosmetic dentists and they all have different opinions as to what type of crowns I should have made. The tooth that already has a crown has a metal post which according to my regular dentist "will probably be impossible to remove because there isn't much tooth left" and he just placed it less than a year ago. What type of post is used for an all porcelain crown? Would it be possible to use the existing post for the new crown? Taking all of this into consideration should I have all porcelain crowns or porcelain fused to gold crowns made? ...Visitor from NY     (answer)

  • I have had crowns on my two upper front teeth for about 17 years. They were replaced about 6 years ago and I had no problem. I then went to a new dentist who suggested redoing them because of a 'bad fit'. The latest ones were therefore done 18 months ago. At the same time he filled the roots and did some gum curettage to lengthen the crown. Since this time I have had a chronic odour from around these crowns and an acidic taste from the area. I am worried about the possibility of chronic infection, also the risk of bacteremia etc. What can i do? I have seen several dentists for an opinion with no answer. ...Visitor from Aldershot, United Kingdom     (answer)

  • Pain in capped tooth that had root canal: I have tooth ache pain in a tooth that went through a root canal. I had a temporary cap for a year with no problem. Since I got the permanment cap fitted and placed I been having swelling and bleeding. I went back to the dentist 3 times. Each time I was told it fits well and I should floss floss floss. Now my pain is so severe it feels like I did when I originally had the cavity before my root canal. What is going on? I want to rip this cap off. ...Visitor from NY     (answer)

  • Tooth sensitivity: Two months ago, part of one of my back upper molars broke off due to a large filling from 25 years ago decaying further. I had a temporary cap put on while the crown was being made. During this time, anytime I bit down on anything, it was excrutiating pain. I told my dentist about this and she put the new crown on, taking alot of care to try to make my bite correct. The same pain persists with the permanent crown, so I returned to my dentist and she tried to further make the crown fit. She feels like it could just be trauma to the nerve, etc. I can't eat on that side at all. I have noticed that cold and hot liquids cause the same pain. Does this mean a root canal? Or could it be that the nerve is going to settle down eventually? ...Visitor from CA     (answer)

  • Is there a rule of thumb for how long a crown should last and is the life of a crown due soley to oral hygene, or with the best of care can a cavity still occur beneath it? I am nearing retirement and my dentist noticed a shadow (decay) under a crown on my x-rays. So, we will be replacing that crown, but as we talked, he mentioned that we should consider replacing 3 additional crowns soley because they are between 15 and 20 years old. Is this a good idea? The reason we are even considering the additional 3 crowns is that I currently have 50% insurance coverage on crowns and will not have insurance at all after retirement. ...Visitor from MN     (answer)

  • New Pain: I had some crown work down about a month and a half ago and from day one I have had problems even with the temporary crowns. Pain when chewing down on the left side. The permanent crowns were put on about 3 weeks ago and I have since gone back three times for bite adjustment. It has helped some all three times but the problem is still there. My dentist has even sent me to an endodontist (hope this is spelled correctly)to see if I needed a root canal. The endodontist has seen me on two different occassions and says that there is no evidence for a root canal. The pain is not constant only when I chew down on these crowns which leads me to believe that it has to be these crowns. Emotionally I don't think that I can bear this much longer. I think that I should let you know that the fillings in the teeth prior to the dental work did not cause pain and I was able to chew fine before all of this crown work. In your opinion do you (like myself) think that the problem here is with the crown (I think #19) and perhaps with the impressions that were made or the lab when making the crown. I was at my dentist's office for the third attemp to adjust these just this morning and needless to say I am at my wits end. He has suggested that I wait one more month to see if it gets better but he has got to know that this isn't just going to go away. Like I said it is not a constant throbbing pain, it only happens when I chew (or try) to chew on the left side. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. ...Visitor from NC     (answer)

  • Space in between cap and gum: Is it normal for there to be a space in between a newly-placed crown and the gum-line? The scenario: my dentist had recommended I crown (no root canal needed) this back molar, since the filling was very large and very old. I am now experiencing some fairly uncomfortable sensitivity to hot and cold, as well as problems with the bite (feels like the crown is too long, even though he shortened it a great deal and the crown no longer has natural-looking and feeling indentation along its surface, it's almost completely flat). It upsets the tooth to chew on nuts, seeds, crunchy foods, soft foods are okay. The space in between the gum and the top of the crown is visible, about one millimeter or so. At the permanent fitting, the dentist encouraged me to rub the gum to bring it down to cover the space, but didn't say much else. I hesitate to go back because the permanent crown placement was unpleaseant (felt as if the nerves were being stimulated and jangled as he kept poking into that empty space with metal prong). Does this sound normal? ...Visitor from IL     (answer)

  • Defect: I got porcelain crowns done for my front teeth. One of them had a bubble in the center so the dentist polished it. It looks ugly. Can an all porcelain crown cemented permanently be removed, repaired and recemented? ...Visitor from CA     (answer)

  • New All Porcelain I received 6 new all porcelain crowns on the upper front. One crown has cracked down the center, four others have chips. It has been suggested that it was caused from grinding at night. I do not grind or clench at night, or eat anything hard enough to cause chipping. My original teeth did not show any signs of grinding. The new crowns have only chips on the face of the tooth and none on the back surface, which would indicate to me that, if endeed grinding were involved, the back of the crown would be damaged also. Can crowns be defective due to a faulty process during manufacturing or faulty materials? ...Visitor from NC     (answer)

  • Replacing metal post for second bicuspid: I have a crown on my second bicuspid. The root inside the crown is very short. At the time the crown was put in, twelve years ago, the dentist had root canal done and then inserted a metal post, with a "ball" attached, inside the remainder of the tooth. The cement was applied to the "ball" at the end of the metal post, and the crown was adhered to the post. Recently the "ball" broke off the stem of the metal post and the crown came out.The metal stem is still inside my mouth. I do not want an implant or a bridge to replace this crown. I would like to find a dentist creative enough to remove the metal stem, if necessary, or put in another metal post and a new crown. Dentistry is very specialized these days. Would I search for a specialty within dentistry or do I go back to the dentist who originally designed this procedure? ...Visitor from PA     (answer)

  • Root Canal - Tooth Prep: I had a root canal on #3 a couple of months ago. The dentist put in a build up to prepare for a crown. I was still experiencing pain, and had cavities filled in #2, 4 and 5 a month later (last month). I still feel some sensitivity around that area, but cannot pin point it. I have heard that before a crown is placed over a root canal, there is sensitivity. How long should it last? Will the sensitivity decrease with the crown in? ...Visitor from GA     (answer)

  • Cap on lower tooth: I have had a crown on my lower molar for several years. Part of it recently chipped off. My dentist smoothed the rough area and wants to put a new crown on. There are no cracks and it doesn't bother me at all, although the dentist had a "watch" on it due to age. He suggested that since it was not shaped properly, food might slough off and get under it, causing gum problems. Is this a legitimate issue and do I really need a new crown or can I wait until it bothers me? ...Visitor from KS     (answer)

  • New Dark line at top: I had two crowns put in late summer of last year. I chose the porcelain with gold inlay so there would be no dark metal line between the gum and crown. The gold was just in the bottom part of the crown not on the entire inside of the crown. When the crown was put in my mouth I did not look at it beforehand as I just trusted my dentist to have ordered the correct one. Anyway I got a few blocks from the dentist office and took a look at it and there is a dark line on both of them at the top. I immediately turned around and went back in and asked why I had this after being told this would not show a dark line. The dentist told me it was my root showing. I have not been able to find anything on the internet to support this. Could it actually be the root and if so why would the crown not have been made to cover the roots? ...Visitor from IL     (answer)

  • Replacing Veneers: I have had porcelain veneers on my two front teeth for several years for cosmetic reasons (the nerves on my front teeth died and the teeth yellowed significantly). When one broke recently, I went to my dentist (not the same dentist who originally put the veneers on). After trying to put some replacement veneers on, he said that my teeth had yellowed significantly and that veneers would not work. He then proceeded to shave my teeth down so that he could put crowns on instead. He did not ask me whether I would prefer crowns (in my opinion, the veneer replacements did not look that bad), but just prepared me for them. I have now had the crowns for about two months, and am very unhappy with them. While they do look great cosmetically, they feel much less stable and much less like my own teeth than did the veneers. I tried to eat an apple last night, and I found it challenging to bite into it, and then my teeth hurt the rest of the night. The teeth feel much thinner than they did with the crown (they are almost sharp at the bottom). I am constantly paranoid that the crowns will fall out, and it has been very upsetting. I have two questions: 1) is it typical that a porcelain crown would feel less stable than a veneer, and should my dentist have communicated that to me, and 2) would it make sense for me to go for a 2nd opinion on the crowns to see if it could be fixed? ...Visitor from CA     (answer)

  • I have four crowns on my front teeth and cannot stop my front gums from bleeding profusely. They do it when I floss, if I hit them accidently, or even for no reason at all. None of my other teeth bleed. ...Visitor from MA     (answer)

  • Crown replacement: I had a root canal done on tooth #2 through a pre-existing porcelain crown about 4 years ago. On my recent dental exam my dentist said I had decay underneath which will result in needing a new crown. What is the purpose of replacing a crown on a tooth with a root canal already done? What are the benefits for my tooth? I thought he might be money-hungry. ...Visitor from TX     (answer)

  • Gold Crown and Floss: I have a gold crown and when I floss the crown it leaves a black stain on the floss. It almost looks like oxidation. The floss I am using is whitening floss. Should this be ocurring? ...Visitor from CO     (answer)

  • About 5 years ago I had two crowns installed too low. The dentist said I would need a gold crown as I had a "hard bite". It was a bite he created as I had a perfect bite before. Quite frankly I had forgotten about the dentistry until I awoke one morning with terrible pain in my front teeth. I have since had the crowns raised but the front teeth still hurt when I try to eat. So I am still existing on liquids and very soft food. Do you think I have permanently damaged the front teeth and who do I seek for help? A neurologist? A neuromuscular specialist? I am at my wits end and need help badly. ...Visitor from CA     (answer)

  • A little over two years ago I had a crown put on one of my back molars. The gum under it has now turned black and has gotten sensitive. At first it was just under the tooth where the crown was. Now it is spreading to my other molars. I have flossed, and brushed my teeth, and chewed gum. Is there anything else I can do to get my gums to turn the red color again. ...Visitor from AZ     (answer)

  • Crown Allergy: It appears that metal crowns have some nickel in them. I have an allergy to nickel. My insurance will only cover metal crowns. Is it possible to have a metal crown without nickel? ...Visitor from Toronto Ontario Canada     (answer)

  • Crown Endurance: I recently had my second permanent crown in four months put on by my general dentist. The first permanent crown lasted approximately two months before the porcelain cracked on the crown and partially came off. A second crown (porcelain fused to gold again) was ordered and placed on my previously root canal treated tooth (#18) approximately six weeks ago. It now has a small hole in the porcelain (which is what happened to the first crown before the porcelain cracked off). I visited my dentist to make them aware of the hole in the porcelain and was told that "it was not a problem. Lots of people have holes in the porcelain of their crowns and as long as the hole did not get any larger not to worry about it." My concern is that based on the research I have done, on average, a crown should last between ten and sixteen years. These crowns are not even lasting two months. Questions: 1. Should I demand another new porcelain fused to gold crown be put on my tooth? 2. Is a hole in the porcelain of my crown truly ok or what other dental problems could it cause? 3. How common is a hole in the porcelain of a crown? 4. Is this recurring problem most likely due to the materials used to make the crown, the craftsmanship of the crown or the installation of the crown? ...Visitor from GA     (answer)

  • Crowning Procedure: How long does putting on permanent crown usually take? ...Visitor from CA     (answer)

  • Crowns and Pregnancy: I went to the dentist at the beginning of the month to get a crown on my front tooth. I am still waiting for the permanent tooth. I'm concerned with pregnancy. If I am pregnant I will know the day of the procedure of putting in my porcelain/permanent tooth. I wasn't concerned because they said it would take 2 weeks for the whole procedure, but it's been dragging...so I continued trying unaware that it would take this long. If I AM pregnant, can I finish getting the crown put in? Do they have to numb me or do you think with some heavy breathing and meditation I can pull through with the cementing of the tooth? ...Visitor from PA     (answer)

  • Dark Line between Gums and Crowns: I have 12 crowns including front teeth that have a definite line. Some were showing when I first received crowns. Now it is much much worse. Is there any procedure available to fill in this space other than all new crowns, which is too costly? It is so unsightly. ...Visitor from KS     (answer)

  • Temporary Crowns: I went in and had a root canal done on one of my teeth and a temporary crown placed on the tooth. At the same time, I was fitted for the permanent crown and told to come in within the next 6-8 weeks to have the permanent crown placed. I did not return to the dentist's office until 7 1/2 months later to get the permanent crown placed becasue it took me a while to pay for the crown and they wouldn't place it until it was paid. I also was not told that if you waited too long it wouldn't fit. When I returned they said that the permanent crown did not fit and that was because my teeth had shifted. They worked on the permanent crown and used it to make a new temporary and took impressions of the tooth again to make a new permanent crown. To add to my frustration, a week after this temporary was placed,it came out and I bit down on it and broke the tooth below it off. I have been billed for another half crown because the dentist office flat out said that the only reason the permanent crown did not fit was because I waited too long to come in and that there was zero chance that the crown was made wrong by the lab. I asked if I could have a discussion with the dentist but he never returned my phone calls. I am planning to change dental offices and have asked for them to forward my x-rays to another office but they refuse to do that until I pay for the other half of the crown. What should I do? Is it true that if you wait too long the permanent crown most likely will not fit and that the lab can't possibly make any mistakes? ...Visitor from MI     (answer)

  • Crown Cement Failure: I had a crown put on a back tooth about 18 months ago by one dentist and have changed dentists in the meantime. The new dentist says the cement is gone only on the outside of the tooth closest to cheek. He wants to pry the crown up or off and re-cement it. Is this safe or a common thing to happen? ...Visitor from VA     (answer)

  • New Crowns turning Gray: 2 months ago I had 8 DaVinci crowns put on and 4 of them have gray spots and all the crowns have a gray tone to them. When I had my temps on I got a horrible bacteria infection, it was the worse case the Dentist ever had seen. He applied the medicine to kill the bacteria before putting on the permanent crowns. He has never had this problem with crowns going gray, do you have any suggestions? ...Visitor from Ontario Canada     (answer)

  • Unhappy with New Crowns: I recently had two crowns placed that I am not happy with aesthetically because they are not anatomically like the rest of my teeth. I tried to express my dislikes before they were seated but my dentist said no one will know but me and that your teeth are different from side to side of your mouth. I am already thinking of when I can have them redone to my liking. Is there anything I can do -- should this dentist redo them for me since I am not happy with the product I paid for? ...Visitor from KS     (answer)

  • Dental Crown Replacement: I went to the dentist for a dental cleaning and was told that the crown that was put on 6 months ago needed to be replaced with a new one. What are the possible causes for this? Is it a mistake from the dental lab or with the way it was put on? I am getting a new one in 2 weeks - what can I do to make sure it doesn't happen again this time? Also, is it unusual that this occurred? ...Visitor from MD     (answer)

  • Crowns cause Shifting? Can a poor fitting crown cause other teeth to move? After a new crown was placed on an upper molar, I have noticed a change in my second to the front tooth on that side. The tooth is turning sideways. ...Visitor from NJ     (answer)

  • Metal versus Ceramic Crowns: My dentist has been recommending a 3/4 crown for my upper left molar (I think #14) for about two years. The reason has to do with a rather large filling which has been in place for many years. He wants to use porcelain/ceramic material. I told him I'm not conviced that porcelain is the best material for a back tooth, especially for someone who grinds and clenches their teeth. I asked if metal might be better alternative and he told me he was concerned with the metal not adhering to the tooth properly. ...Visitor from MA     (answer)

  • Crumbling Implant Crown: My 16 yr old daughter had an implant approximately 5 months ago. She bit into something and the tooth began to crumble. It continued to crumble until it looked like a shattered window. The fentist lectured her on proper care and what foods could or could not be eaten.. and then super glued something to it. 3 days later the whole thing crumbled and fell off. Is this common? I assumed they placed a permanant crown on the post. The impression procedure I was told, would allow normal eating. Will she continue to worry about it breaking? A typical teenage girl overly concerned with looks is scared to death at being out with friends and her front tooth falls off. ...Visitor from CA     (answer)

  • Porcelain Crown - Blue at bottom and gum line A couple of months ago I had a porcelain crown put in on the bottom front tooth. After the installation, I immediately noticed my tooth looked blue at the bottom. I went back to my Dentist to have it cleaned and he said there was no need...the blue streak is the matching up part to my tooth. He acted as if this was totally natural. I don't have any other blue teeth and this bothers me. Is it normal for a crown to have a blue bottom at the gum line? ...Visitor from SC     (answer)

  • Cosmetic Dentistry Crowns for Children: Both of my children, ages 3 and 6, have cavities. My six year old has been set on a plan to extract 3 teeth and get a silver crown on another. Is there an alternative? I would like for my daughter to get all porcelain crowns, is that an option?? Then my 3 year old has had her 4 front teeth bonded, and 2 of them are starting to decay. What do I do? I do not want her front teeth extracted. Can these teeth be redone? Is there any cosmetic dentistry available for any of these problems?? ...Visitor from FL     (answer)

  • Determining Need for Crowns: How is it determined that a Dental Crown is needed? How much of the existing tooth must be destroyed to fit the crown? Can an inlay often be fitted in place of a crown? ...Visitor from MO     (answer)

  • Removing Crowns: I got crowns put on the front 4 of my teeth. But I'm not satisfied with the color. The dentist did not tell us it would be best to whiten my teeth before getting the permanent crowns put on. My question is, can you remove the crowns to get others? ...Visitor from FL     (answer)

  • Cavity in Root of Crown: I would like to know if you have a cavity in one of your crowns, would you treat the tooth by cutting the gum and taking out the root, which is dead? I have these crowns all attached together, they are all one piece. In order to not take the whole bridge work off I was told that you can cut the gum and leave all the others alone. The only thing that would be is a gap where the root was cut out. It doesn't matter in my case because when I smile you cannot not see it. I feel so confused about what to do. ...Visitor from NJ     (answer)

  • Tingling Gum Pain with New Crown: I had my tooth prepped for a crown. I wore the temporary for a few weeks with no problem. Now that the permanent crown is in place, I can't hit the roof of my mouth with food or my tongue. The sensation is that of aluminum foil on a metal filling. There seems to be slight swelling in this area. ...Visitor from IL     (answer)

  • Replace Crown with Implant?: Two days after the crown was installed on a tooth that had a root canal the tooth became extremely painful. I returned to the dentist and they adjusted my bite. The tooth felt much better for one day but the pain has returned and is increasing in intensity. The jaw is painful and the tooth very sensitive. Pain radiates into my ear. My question is if the dentist finds nothing wrong such as no abscess would it be recommended to remove the tooth and have a dental implant? ...Visitor from DC     (answer)

  • Captek Crown Gray Line: I recently had a Captek crown inserted over one of my front teeth. I chose Captek to avoid having any gray or black lines show up over time. It has been two weeks since the insertion and I still have a gray line at the gumline. My dentist said my gums would come down to cover the gray line. Also, I realized that my dentist seems to have exposed some of the metal in the back of the tooth while adjusting the crown to suit my bite. ...Visitor from NJ     (answer)

  • New Crown Porcelain Ground Off: I just had an expensive porcelain crown put on tooth #30. When the dentist put it in, it was way too big and needed to be shaved down a lot, so much so that he told me a bit of the silver may show through. He said it wouldn't be too much, but when he put it in after cementing it and I looked in the mirror, I was unhappy with it. I feel that since I paid so much for it, it should be perfect, although I'm the only one who's going to see it. If I have it removed and replaced, what is the chance that the original permanent tooth will be damaged? Is there anything the dentist could do that could keep the crown in but somehow bleach that silver spot? ...Visitor from IL     (answer)

  • Gumline Decay Treatment versus Crown Replacement: Last year my dentist said she didn't like the way a crown looked and she wanted to replace it. A root canal and crown was performed on that tooth 6 years ago. To me, it appeared that replacement was for aesthetics so I didn't schedule. Now, I'm told there is decay at the gumline and the crown must be replaced. The molar behind it has a large restoration deteriorating so it will be prepared for a crown too. I prefer that the gumline decay be restored without crown replacement. Generally speaking, can gumline decay be restored without replacing crown? I have had no discomfort and didn't realize there was decay until I had my teeth cleaned and the dentist completed her exam. ...Visitor from TX     (answer)

  • Crown falls off: My mother had a crown put on and it will not stay seated. It falls off at the drop of a hat. It obviously doesn't have anything to hold on to. Is there a remedy for seating this crown, or is there an alternative treatment. It has fallen off three times in as many weeks and the clinic keeps charging her to reseat it. ...Visitor from CA     (answer)

  • Four (4) Crown Failures: Two years ago I had a root canal done. Since that time the cap has come off 4 times. The dentist re-gules it. When I ask why this is happening he said saliva gets under there. Last week he glued it for the 4th time and it only stayed in for 6 days. I was eating a potato chip and it fell out again. He put in a post and a cap that has metal on the bottom of the cap. What causes this to happen? Is it because the cap was made wrong or is too big? ...Visitor from NY     (answer)

  • Removing and Reshaping New Crowns: I recently had caps put on permanently to my implants. I am very unhappy with the way they look. Can they be reomved so the caps can be reshaped? ...Visitor from NY     (answer)

  • Normal Crown Characteristics: What is the difference between the margins and contour of a crown? Also, should a crown act as the original tooth? For example, if there was no food impaction below gum level with the original tooth, and there is with the crown, what went wrong? ...Visitor from NJ     (answer)

  • Capped - Crowned Teeth in Pain: My wife has ground her teeth for 25 years now and recently had her molars and premolars capped with porcelain crowns to prevent further damage and reduce sensitivity to hot and cold. She now experiences shooting pain when biting with these back teeth. She has been back to the same dentist twice to shave or level the capped contact surface but this hasn't helped. She can only chew lightly on one side. Is this normal? Will it become less sensitive? (already 3 months later) Should she replace them with metal caps - crowns? ...Visitor from OR     (answer)

  • Replace failed crown with Implant? One year ago I had a crown put on the top 5th tooth from the center. The dentist had filed down my original tooth until it looked like a toothpick. The cap constantly was coming off and I would have to go back and have it re-cemented back on. The last time it came off, the small amount of tooth that was left broke off with the crown. I would like to get an implant. My question is: can an implant be put in through the remaining tooth or do I also have to have this tooth removed? And if so, can the tooth be removed and the implant installed at the same time? I am not positive but I believe that I might have had a root canal in that same tooth ...Visitor from IL     (answer)

  • Dark Gums around New Crown: I recently had an old root canal re-treated and a new crown put on #7. The tooth also has a post to hold the crown because it had been bleached many times before the crown and has weakened the tooth. Since the new crown, my tooth underneath had turned very dark, making my gums dark around the new crown. My dentist said there really wasn't anything that could be done. Since this is a front tooth and my smile shows the dark area, I need something done. It is not something that I can live with. Is an implant an option? ...Visitor from MN     (answer)

  • Extensive crown work, excruciating sensitivity: I spent March, April, and May getting 12 crowns, 1 tooth pulled, one root canal and a filling. I can not open my mouth under 68 degrees! I have been able to tell if the temperature control in the house has been turned below 70. I have to drink WITH A STRAW and eat food at room temperature. The dentist has adjusted my bite a few times with carbon paper. Also, I have consulted with endodontists to see if I am requiring any root canals, and no one can find any problems. I need serious help. I have now spent $8-9,000, and it has now been 8 months since treatment was completed. ...Visitor from AR     (answer)

  • Resurfacing Crowns with New Porcelain: I have eleven crowns that were done several years ago but are still fine. I would like to have my other teeth whitened. Is it possible to remove crowns and resurface them with whiter porcelain? ...Visitor from TX     (answer)

  • New crowns cause slurred speech: When I had crowns put on my front lower four teeth a year ago, I developed a slur in my speech. What can I do about it? ...Visitor from NY    (answer)

  • Cracked Tooth - New crown - Root Canal - No Relief: I had a crown put on a cracked tooth and shortly after the tooth became sensitive to hot and cold temperatures and at times painful. I went in and had a root canal done (abcess treatment) and the tooth never settled down. I then began antibiotics and pain medications over a weekend and still no relief. I taking Amoxicillin and Flagel was added. After a few days the dentist wanted to see me. He decided to clean out canals and medicate the tooth and mentioned there was some pus. I had a great deal of relief and three more days he put in a temporary filling for a trial. The tooth pain and swelling returned and now I have pus again. I don't understand what is going on. ...Visitor from MD    (answer)

  • New Crown, Questionable Technique: A few months ago I had a gold crown put on my lower jaw, clear to the back, on my left side. While putting the crown on, the dentist said he needed to grind down the tooth above the crown to get the crown to fit properly. The tooth above was a good, non crowned tooth. I thought this was strange at the time because I have had numerous crowns and no one ever ground on a good tooth to get the crown to fit. Now I may be having trouble (pain in that area) with the tooth that the dentist ground on. Is it normal practice to grind on a good tooth to get a crown to fit? ...Visitor from CO    (answer)

  • Sensitive tooth after crown: I had a temporary crown in and had no pain or sensitivity. Now that the crown is in, it is sensitive to cold. They already checked the bite, ground it down a bit and it is still bothering me. I did not get a shot when they put the crown in and it was painful. Is it possible that replacing the temp with the permanent without anethesia inflammed the nerve? It's been 2 weeks since the permanent was put in and another 7 days since the bite was checked. ...Visitor from WI    (answer)

  • New Crown now shows metal: I had a crown installed recently, 2nd from back tooth on the bottom left side. It feels fine but I am concerned that the dentist ground off so much of the porcelain that the metal base of the crown is exposed. He stated that this would not affect the performance or longevity of the crown, but I am a bit skeptical. This crown wasn't cheap and I want it to last as long as possible. ...Visitor from MN    (answer)

  • New Crown causes Blood Taste: About 1.5 years ago I had a dentist perform a crown on tooth #2. As soon as this was completed I began to taste blood or something like it in my mouth. This continued on for about 9 months. Another dentist said that I needed a root canal. He did it through the crown in one visit. The taste and blood were still there. I then went to a peroiodontist - he did a modified "crown lengthening." He removed some gum tissue around the tooth. He said that my crown was loose. I went to a dentist and it came right off and was very loose and smelled really foul. He cleaned it and recemented it. I am still having the problem about 1 month after this. No one seems to know the answer. ...Visitor from MO    (answer)

  • Crown causes Bleeding: My Dentist has replaced the same crown on a back molar twice within the past six years. The last time it was replaced was two years ago. Lately while flossing I have had a lot of bleeding around that crown. At my last cleaning my dentist told me that the crown needs to be replaced again and that the bleeding is probably due to decay. Three times for one crown seems a bit excessive in my opinion, Should I try another dentist or are some teeth just problematic? ...Visitor from IL    (answer)

  • Cracked Crowns: I fell and cracked two of my front teeth. One crown and one veneer. They are porcelain fused to metal. Do they need to be replaced or can they be repaired? They scraped the cement. ...Visitor from CA     (answer)

  • Crown Fit: How tightly should a crown fit? I am currently having an upper crown made, and it is so loose that it falls off unless the dentist puts fit checker in it in order to check the fit with a partial denture. Is it too loose? ...Visitor from NJ     (answer)

  • Metal taste in mouth after crowns put in place: I had four crowns put on my four upper central teeth to reduce the large gap between the two middle teeth. Since then I have a terrible taste of metal. What causes this? What can I do to rid myself of this bad taste? ...Visitor from WI     (answer)

  • Loose Crown and Post: About 7 years ago, the tooth next to my front tooth had a root canal and cap with a post. The post was needed because the tooth had been previously capped about 20 years earlier and it snapped. Recently, the cap with post has been cemented twice and falls out after about 3 months. Is there a possible alternative to repair this crown and post? Post is attached to the crown. I am trying to avoid a last resort dental implant. ...Visitor from NJ     (answer)

  • Removing Crowns: I have a crown on my front tooth that needs to be replaced. Only the root w/post remain of this tooth, as I had a root canal years ago. Since my gum keeps receding and removal of the crown invariably disturbs and usually removes a small amount of gum tissue, is there any way to remove the crown without grinding it off? Perhaps drilling a small hole or two on the backside and injecting something to soften the cement? The crown is 4-5 years old. ...Visitor from PA     (answer)

  • Tooth exposure above crown and tooth aching: I had eight crowns on my upper front teeth. My tooth shows and is exposed above the crowns. Four of the teeth ache and the gum is still sensitive more than six weeks later. The teeth are large and protrude and I need to wet my lips and make moves with my mouth to close my mouth. Look like I have buck teeth. What can I do? ...Visitor from MD     (answer)

  • Black Line with New Crowns: I had crowns on two of the upper backside teeth of my mouth. After everything was done I noticed this light black line avove my teeth which worried me. The doctor said it was a little of gum recession and stopped at that. He recommended that I have crowns and veneers for my front teeth. I am worried that if I get crowns for my front teeth there will be more gum recession and my teeth will look worse having a black line above them. I don't know what to do and do not feel comfortabe to talk to him as when I mentioned something about that he seemed to ignore it. My front teeth underwent root canals and of course they are not the whitest, one of them looks slightly gray. I definitely think the gum recession happened because of the crowns as I have not experienced this before. ...Visitor from DE     (answer)

  • Crown Post fell out: What can I do to keep my post in? It fell out and I don't have insurance. It is implanted into a tooth. ...Visitor from AL     (answer)

  • New Crown causing pain in upper jaw: Since having a crown replaced on a lower molar 8 months ago I have had a strange, very annoying feeling centering in the molar above which had a root canal and crown a few years ago. I have avoided chewing on this side ever since. X-rays of the upper tooth look normal although the roots are close to the sinuses. I have had no colds or reason to believe I have a sinus infection. I am not clenching or grinding. I've been back to have the teeth ground down 4 times with no improvement. Cold and tapping don't cause pain. Sometimes the ususual feeling seems to be in the gums at the back of the jaw. Lately, the upper incisors on that side sometimes bother me too. Where do I go from here? ...Visitor from WI     (answer)

  • Painful teeth after crown placed: I had 3 crowns: 2 full and 1 half to the back left side of my mouth 3 months ago. I am still having pain and taking NSAIDs (Non Steriodal Anti-Inflamatory Drugs) to relieve the pain at least 1-2 days. I am filing a dispute with that Dentist for another issue. I do not want to see that dentist again. Is pain normal after crowns are placed? Could I go to another Dentist to fix it if not normal? ...Visitor from CA     (answer)

  • Horizontal ridges on crowns: I recently had crowns done on my front 6 upper teeth. They seem to have noticeable horizontal ridges which can be felt when I run my tongue or finger over them. Is this normal or should porcelain fused with metal crowns be smooth? ...Visitor from NC     (answer)

  • Crown Pain for 6 years: I have three molars that have been crowned, all installed by the same dentist. The last crown installed has caused me pain off and on since installation nearly six years ago. Three years ago a large piece split off so I suspect it was high. If I bite down hard on the tooth it hurts quite severely when I release the bite. My current dentist has rebuked my inquiry about replacing the crown, pushing to instead do a root canal. He has done xrays and says he sees no problem with the crown. Would a root canal make sense, or should it be possible to simply replace this crown and stop the pain? ...Visitor from MN     (answer)

  • Uneven New Crowns: I was grinding one side of my mouth and wearing down my teeth, making the teeth on one side of my mouth a lot shorter than the other side. So, I got 16 crowns (8 top and 8 bottom) but the new crowns have been moulded on the old teeth so they are still shorter on one side. My dentist recommends filing down the teeth (new crowns) on the other side to make it even. Will filing down the teeth ruin the seal on the ceramic crowns? Should I get him to make new crowns to match the good side? ...Visitor from Australia     (answer)

  • Crown Failure and Filing Adjacent Teeth: My dentist put a crown on my tooth and it broke. He then made one in his office. I think it was too big and he filed down a good tooth next to it in order to get this crown on my tooth. Now the good tooth that was next to it, which he filed down, has a very sharp edge and I feel bits of it are breaking of. What can I do? ...Visitor from IN     (answer)

  • Crown Replacement Pain and Sensitivity: I recently replaced two crowns to my front upper teeth. Both done about 20 years ago and finally one broke of. As you know from then the crowns had the white gold inside which darkened through the years. I decided to have both done with porcelain. I have had a lot of discomfort due to eating or swallowing liquid. Sensitivity problems and my eye reacts to it. I have gone to this dentist more times that I have ever visited a dentist in my life. He keeps grinding the back and rubbing wax paper. He has also told me he needed to grind two lower teeth making them angular and visibly showing the center of my real teeth. He said it takes time for them to set right. I paid $1,200. I believe the mold was made crooked? ...Visitor from CA     (answer)

  • Black between gums and crown: I have several porcelain crowns on my front teeth. Several years ago I got a cyst in my gums. My dentist said all of the root was not removed in my root canal. The cyst caused my teeth to shift and they are now uneven. Some pushed forward leaving a black line between the crown and my gums. My dentist now says that he wants to remove my front teeth and give me a plate or flapper. Can anything else be done other that pulling teeth? Why can't I just have the crowns removed and put back in closer to the gum so the black doesn't show? ...Visitor from FL     (answer)

  • Crowns don't cover teeth: I have crowns that are sealed but not covering my teeth completely. They are sensitive when brushing and rinsing. I haven't had them long. When should they be replaced? Is the tooth not being covered but sealed a problem? ...Visitor from NM     (answer)

  • Weather and Crowns - Fillings: I am 59 years old and for the past two years all my crowns and fillings have become sensitive to weather changes. Everytime we have cloudy or rainy weather and a day or more before and after they all become pressure and hot - cold sensitive. Anything I can do about this short of having them all replaced? ...Visitor from NV     (answer)

  • Porcelain Crown more abrasive than Gold? I have read that porcelain is much more abrasive to other nearby teeth than gold is? Currently I only have one gold crown and a porcelain crown side-by-side and I hate the latter. The gum is often sensitive and I finally got a water pik MAINLY because of that tooth (flossing wasn't helping much). Its my 'special needs' tooth. It has been done FOUR times since 1992/3. I have seen some gold crowns that appear to be GOLD on the biting surface and white on the 'smile' surface. Is that a common procedure? ...Visitor from TX     (answer)

  • Allergic Reactions to Crowns: I have a big problem with it comes to accepting crowns in my mouth. It seems I am allergic to the metals used in crowns and recently had two new crowns put in and the gums in the area are red, swollen and hurt when I chew. My dentist feels it was because the dentist I was using in the past used some metal with these crowns and it is the metal that I am reacting to. He said he could change the crowns, which are attached to each other, but added that it is a lot of work and money involved, with no guarantees that the new crowns he would have made up would resolve the problem. Is there a way of testing the materials used in making up a crown to be sure that I wouldn't react? ...Visitor from NY     (answer)

  • Swallowed a Gold Crown: Four days ago I swallowed a gold crown while eating lunch. To save money I have been trying to retreive this and get it recemented with no luck. How long does it take for this to get through my system? ...Visitor from KS     (answer)

  • Recementing a Crown: I had a crown glued back on and now my gum is turning black. What could be causing this? ...Visitor from FL     (answer)

  • Crown causes sensitivity? A few weeks ago, I had a crown put on a tooth that was cracked. The temporary was fine, but after the permanent was put on, it seemed uncomfortable. My tongue would hit it while talking sometimes and my tongue just felt funny, slightly numb, just like it was hitting the back of the crown. My dentist has adjusted it 3 times by grinding on it & others around it, but I don't think he thinks there is anything wrong with it. I asked if possibly it was too big, and he insisted that wasn't possible. Now, a crown on the bottom below the new crown has become sensitive to cold. Could my bite be off? I have had lots of crowns and never a problem like this. Hard to explain, but just isn't right. ...Visitor from TN     (answer)

  • Temporary Crown Size: Should a temporary crown be the same size and shape as permanent? Do the crowns attached with screw function as well as the ones that held by cement? My dentist couldn't make a good crown. He said that the implant was installed on a side with a wrong angle. I came back to my Periodontist, he promised to make the crown himself. He put a temporary crown, it's very small, there is 4 mm distance to the next tooth. He says the permanent crown will be bigger, but there'd be a distance for a crown I'll have on #18. Also there'd be no abutment; the crown will be screwed into the implant. ...Visitor from MD     (answer)

  • Temporary fillings - waiting for crowns: I had 2 very deep border line root canal cavitites in my last 2 teeth up top. My dentist went in and said that I didn't need a root canal but I needed a full crown on one tooth and a partial crown on the other. It has been over a week since I have my temporary fillings in and I am still in a lot of pain. I have been taking IB prophin for days straight every 4 hours. Is this normal to be hurting? It is a throbbing pain and even my ear is hurting me. I already went to her once already to fix my bite. My permanent crowns come in next week. Is this pain normal and will it get better when my permenant crowns are placed? ...Visitor from CA     (answer)

  • Root canal and crown and post or removal? My tooth is so rotten and it keeps my mouth smelling no matter what I do. It's so rotten and I don't know what to do. I saw a dentist and she recommended a root canal and crown and post. I just worry about closing the rot in. The hole is so deep I can push the tip of my tongue in it. I thought of removing it and getting a implant. I don't know what is best. ...Visitor from OH     (answer)

  • Crowns causing swollen gum tissue: I recently had new upper front crowns put in about 4-5 months ago although I had porcelain crowns for over 20 years this is my 3rd set. The upper right front crown is swollen around the gum line causing pain and throbbing, making my lip swollen and numb. This situation extends up through to the inside of my nose and is very sensitive to touch. The pain has generated the whole front area of my face which now makes my lower jaw and other teeth hurt. Is this absessed, dead or what? Remind you they have all had root canals completed many years ago with posts. There are no roots that would cause this kind of throbbing pain constantly. ...Visitor from MO     (answer)

  • Messing up my bite: I am pasting a question that is similar to mine. "After new crowns, I had some teeth on the opposite side shaved down a bit to help with the change the extraction caused to my bite. Now it feels as though my front teeth and bicuspids are touching much more than my molars." Is this something I will eventually get used to or should it be fixed? Should my front teeth just be shaved down a bit or does it require something more complicated? ...It has been 6 weeks and impossible to relax my mouth. ...Visitor from CA     (answer)

  • Pain: Long Story Short - I had a crown put on about 5 months ago, left side molar second from back. I told the dentist that the temporary crown bothered me and he adjusted. When time to put on permenant crown, he placed with temp cement for 2 weeks. I had problems with bite the entire time and he adjusted it 2 more times. Then he went ahead and put a crown on with permanent cement. I have been back at least 5 times over 4 months for adjustments. The last visit he started adjusting all the molars on the left side. He says that the crown did not cause this. Now my bite is all messed up and a 2nd dentist says that orthodontics maybe my only savior. Is there anything else that I should do before 18 months of ortho? ...Visitor from GA     (answer)

  • Sensitivity then swollen glands: About 2 months ago my new dentist put on a crown to a tooth that wasn't hurting, but had a piece cracked off. He had alot of difficulty fitting the crown, because my TMJ prevented a proper camera fit to get the computer generated crown. The crown looks nothing like the old tooth or it's mate on the other side. Two weeks later, the tooth developed extreme sensitivity (to heat and especially cold), and a couple weeks after that, I got swollen glands. I returned to the dentist, who found nothing in the x-ray, adjusted the bite, and prescribed toothpaste for sensitive teeth. A month later, the pain is still there and my glands are still swollen. ...Visitor from MN     (answer)

  • Too Large: My front crown was too tight to put in so my dentist ground down each side and cemented it in. The crown is too bulky and I even have trouble talking and my lip keeps "catching" on the crown. The dentist made an "adjustment" and ground it down on the front and now it is rough feeling and lost some of its sheen. How will that affect the crown and was this the correct thing to do? I probably will have to have it replaced anyhow since I don't think he can get it so it's comfortable enough, but he's insistent on making another "adjustment" by grinding more away if it's still not comfortable. I don't think that this is the way to remedy the situation. ...Visitor from IL     (answer)

  • Metal showing: I had a root canal and crown done 6 months ago and now the metal base of my crown is showing at the gumline due to tissue recession. I have no other diagnosed periodontal disease. Should this crown be removed and refitted? ...Visitor from FL     (answer)

  • Implants: My oral surgeon told me that my crowns would fit tightly. However, after the third attempt, my dentist put them in with temporary cement and they keep popping off. Is this normal or should I be concerned that they do not fit properly? ...Visitor from OH     (answer)

  • Receding gums: I inherited soft teeth from my father and had chemotherapy 8 years ago. My gums have receded and are worst on the crowned teeth. My dental assistant admonished me to quit brushing so hard. I switched to a sonic toothbrush and the dentist has prescribed a fluoride rinse daily. Is it possible I am allergic to the metal in the crown? I have a crown in the front that has been replaced several times, with each dentist saying it will look better this time but the metal base is always visible. ...Visitor from FL     (answer)

  • Can't eat with new temporary: I had a temp crown put on 3 days ago. I am unable to eat, I keep biting my cheek where they put this temp. I can not eat without placing my finger in my mouth and keeping my cheek away from this tooth they preped. I have called the dentist office repeatedly and I am told that its just going to have to take time for my bite to change. Is this normal? By the way, the temp is protruding out over my gum line. Im pretty sure its not seated correctly. ...Visitor from TX     (answer)

  • Cracks: I have a crack in my front tooth dental crown. Can an x-ray detect this crack? Also can an x-ray detect a crack in a back tooth? Also if I get a root canal, but leave the tooth cracked, with food getting in, will I get gum disease? ...Visitor from WI     (answer)

  • Root Canals and Cap: I need a root canal and crown for my right upper bicuspid. I have some concerns about the type of crown. I have read that gold crowns are the most durable. The dentist I saw uses CEREC and another dentist in the area uses CAPTEK. My questions:
    1. I am very confused on which might be the best type for me.
    2. A silly question - gold crowns - do they get stained to be natural color of your teeth?
    3. Do dentists still do the all gold crowns (I can't seem to find anyone)?
    4. Which type is most commonly used and recommended?
    ...Visitor from TX     (answer)

  • Gold versus Porcelain: My dentist said I needed a crown on a tooth. I wanted a porcelain crown but when he was prepping the tooth he said there was a crack in the tooth and I had to have a gold crown which I did not want. Couldn't I have had a crown lengthening procedure so I could have a normal crown? I did not have any pain in the tooth - no rooth canal. The tooth is a back bottom molar. Now I am having severe galavanism because of the gold crown. He said I might have to have four fillings on that side replaced with gold. I do not want gold. Is there any other choice? ...Visitor from MN     (answer)

  • Headache and Sensitivity: I had a new porcelain crown put on about 5 months ago. It is on a front tooth. This crown is sensitive when tapped. I've had a root canal so I don't understand what could be sensitive. Also, I've had almost daily headaches since and all they say is I have TMJ problems and they want to build me two new partials. I was wondering if there is a possibility of something to do with the crown causing my headache. It is on the same side of my head. ...Visitor from TX     (answer)

  • Moisture control: What can happen to a crown if it is placed on a tooth that is "not" completely dry? ...Visitor from MA     (answer)

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