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FAQ:  Crown Pain

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  • Pain all over on left side after crown on tooth 15: I had a broken tooth, but no pain. The dentist drilled and placed a temporary crown 3 weeks ago. I started having pain on the left side, top and bottom. A permanent crown was placed 4 days ago. I am still having pain in various teeth top and bottom on the left side. Why is there pain in areas other than where the crown was placed? I go for a 6 month cleaning tomorrow and they are going to look at the crown, but taking ibuprofen every day is not good. ...Visitor from Indianapolis     (answer)

  • Crown Pain: I had a crown done a month ago on a lower back molar by my dentist. (I did not have a root canal) It was great until the past few days. I started experiencing some pain and almost a throbbing sensation. Definitely a little sensitive. What could be the problem? ...Visitor from Tallahassee     (answer)

  • Failing 9 year old crown: Almost nine years ago I got a crown on one of my top front teeth. The dentist shaved down my original tooth and placed a crown on it. Now I have been recently feeling a throbbing and some pain. What could this mean? ...Visitor from Charlestown     (answer)

  • Bite pain on a crowned tooth: I recently had a crown replaced because I was having bite pain. The dentist replaced the filling under the old crown and then replaced the old crown with a new one (The tooth has never had a root canal). The new crown seems to fit better than the old one (much more comfortable), but I still have bite pain. What could the problem be, and what do you recommend being my next step? ...Visitor from State College     (answer)

  • Sore front teeth after getting new crowns: I had veneers placed over my front 6 teeth and experienced no pain at all for 2 years. They broke often so my dentist suggested making them crowns so that they're more stable and I agreed. The temporaries felt normal and just last week I had my final crowns placed. I have had a constant dull sore feeling on those teeth. They are sensitive to hot and cold too. The feelings are bearable but annoying. What does this mean? Will it go away? What is the danger? What can I do to ease it? I am terrified I might need root canal. ...Visitor from Fort Lee     (answer)

  • I had a temporary crown done about a week ago. I am still having pain where the work was done. The dentist office called and said I needed to come back in because the impression didn't come out right. Can this cause the pain? ...Visitor from SC     (answer)

  • I had a crown put on 1 1/2 weeks ago. It's all the way in the back on the bottom right side. When I bite down I get a pain in the tooth. If I push on the side of the tooth I have pain and after the motrin wears off it's a faint throbbing pain. I went back to the dentist and he said it was too high and shaved it down. It's still bothering me...is this normal? ...Visitor from Charlotte     (answer)

  • I had a root canal done about 2 years ago. I went a month ago to get my crown put on. My temp crown felt great no pain or anything. I just got my permanent crown on Wednesday. It does not hurt to chew or floss. There is some throbbing in my mouth. Is this normal? They did have to pull pretty hard to get my temp crown out. The x-ray indicated the root canal was done flawlessly, etc. I just need to know if I should worry or just wait it a few more days. ...Visitor from Fort Worth     (answer)

  • I had a root canal done about 5 years ago and it ended up needing a crown placed on top of it a few months later. For the past 3 years I have had pain in the tooth with swelling on the gumline surrounding it. The pain is not constant but when I chew on it occassionally will get a searing pain unbearable, then it throbs the rest of the day. The swelling has never gone away and I avoid chewing on it because of the pain. Is the crown ill fitting? The dental assistant glued the crown on and I remember when she did she was turned around talking to someone while holding the glue down and she was wobbling when she did it. Could this have caused a poor fit and the symptoms? ...Visitor from IN     (answer)

  • Crown pain when biting in certain spot: I had an all porcelain crown placed on tooth #3 8 months ago. From the beginning, I noticed a foul odor when flossing, mostly after eating meat, and pain when a piece of food happens to hit a in a certain spot. I have bitten on cotton swabs to find the sore spot, and it only hurts when biting on something in the one spot on this tooth. The rest of the tooth is painless and there is no pain in between meals. I addressed my concerns with the dentist, and he has x-rayd and adjusted the bite several times. He tells me there should be nothing wrong and he doesn't know what else to tell me, other than to see an endodontist. I have limited funds, and don't want to go on a wild goose chase. Any ideas? ...Visitor from TX     (answer)

  • Cap / Crown pain: I had a crown, or cap put on the number 18 molar about three years ago. To this day it is painful. It meets correctly with the opposing tooth and is not riding high. The pain is not there if I am not using my teeth, but if I try to chew on that side it will knock me on the floor with pain... instant shock tears. Of note was that it took about 6 months for the pain of initial placement caused by the acid adhesive. The dentist claimed should have gone away in two weeks. Maybe some kinda rookie mistake? Is this a tooth that should have been root canaled, or is it something else? Also would I have to get another crown if it does need root canal, or would they just reseat this one. ...Visitor from AZ     (answer)

  • I had a crown for over 20 years with no problem. My dentist wanted it redone so I got a temporary put on, but couldn't afford to finish it. I kept the temp on for 3 years with no problem until it fell out. Because of insurance change, I had to go to a new dentist. He shaved tooth the quite a bit and put a temp. on. From day one it felt uncomfortable - alot of pressure on gums and pain. After 10 days it fell out and the pain went away. I had it put back on and pain started again. I had a permanent crown put on with temp cement. It too fell out twice, but each time the pain went away. Now the dentist wants me to come back for permanent cement, but I don't want to while it's still aching and throbbing. What would cause this? ...Visitor from MA     (answer)

  • Is it normal to feel a bit of pain from a temporary crown? I just got this 2 days ago and I'm feeling a bit of pain. I'm worried when I get my permanent crown I will feel this way. The dentist said I'll be sore for several days but how long should I wait if the pain still continues? And this is tempoary crown was put on number 18 tooth where I had a root canal. ...Visitor from TX     (answer)

  • I got this temporary crown and it was perfect. I didn't feel any pain at all. When I got the real porcelain crown, I felt that it was a little high and there was a throbbing pain when I bite on my left side. My bite was hitting the crown first. The dentist said it will fit better after 3 weeks. This is the 2nd time I went back to get real crown. The first time they had to shave it down, but part of the porcelain broke and I had to wait another week. Will it really feel better after 3 weeks? Why can't they just shave it down to look like the temporary crown? ...Visitor from MA    (answer)

  • About 6 weeks ago, I had prep work done for a gold crown on my back left molar. 4 days later the temporary fell off. The dentist glued it back in, but it fell off again within 24 hours. The dentist advised to leave it off until permanent until the permanent crown is ready. I continued to take ibuprophen and tylenol for pain management. Two weeks go by and the permanent gold crown is placed. Within 8 days the crown required adjustment and the dentist recommends yet another new crown. Several days go by before the crown is removed and replaced with a new temporary. Nine days afterwards I get my 2nd new gold crown placed. The pain symptoms return that same night... and has continued now for about a week, with the pain getting worse each day. I have been taking 400mg Ibuprophen and 2 Tylenol every 6 hours. The pain wakes me up at night. What is going on? ...Visitor from CO    (answer)

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