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FAQ:  Allergic Reactions - Allergy

  • Possible allergy to dental material: Since having a crown replaced, I am constantly uncomfortable and suspect an allergy to either the material in the crown or the adhesive. Will the reaction eventually fade or do I need to actually have the crown removed and replaced? ...Visitor from Chicago     (answer)

  • Burning crowns, dibenzoyl peroxide allergy: I have two porcelain crowns that have been been burning since they were put in. I have no metal allergies but I am VERY allergic to benzoyl peroxide. My dentist gave me a list of ingredients and Benzol peroxide is in the build up material. Can this be causing burning? Sensation is directly related to the crowns and it causes my tongue and cheek to burn on that side! Why do they use this in dental preps? ...Visitor from Mobile     (answer)

  • Can penicillin cause sensitive and redish gums? I had 3 wisdom teeth pulled about 4 days ago and my recovery seems to be going GREAT, except for the fact that my gums feel pretty sensitive and they hurt when I brush my teeth. I am about to start a deep cleaning treatment because I have some tartar build-up but my gums were looking much healthier before I started taking the penicillin as an antibiotic to prevent infections after my oral surgery. I read somewhere that penicillin can make gums more sensitive, etc. I didn't brush my teeth for a couple days after surgery and at first I thought this was the reason. I've been rinsing with salt water since the day after surgery. ...Visitor from Groton     (answer)

  • Itchy Gums: I have two central incisor crowns made of porcelain. I used to have Emax crowns and I had no physical issues except for discoloring, so they were replaced with porcelain for a better color match. Since then, my gums itch like crazy in the entire frontal area including the frenum. My gums are healthy and I have 2mm to 3mm pockets on all teeth. Dentist can't figure it out. X-rays from Periodontist only show mild bone loss and a need to laser one of the crowns because it's trapping bacteria. But why would this one crown cause itchy gums over both crowns (I have no other crowns). Is there a gum reaction to the porcelain crowns or could the nerve been damaged that affects this entire area? ...Visitor from AZ     (answer)

  • I'm a 59 year old white professional in reasonably good health, 140 lbs., 5'6" who smokes. I had my top teeth removed in 10/02 and had a full plate installed immediately. The teeth were relined in March 03. Less than two weeks later, my palate was burning. The dentist said no allergy and adjusted them continuously until May when I insisted that the reline be completely removed. The burning sensation lessened considerably but didn't go away completely. I got a new top plate made in June 03 and they also burned a little. We started adjusting them and the burning sensation increased, still no signs of an allergic reaction. I have not been wearing them continuously since Oct. Early Oct., I saw my allergist - I have allergy to dust, mold, dander and am lactose intolerant - He said I had no signs of an allergic reaction but he didn't test me for allergy to methyl methacrylate-he thought the problem was the fit of the plate. In Nov., I began experiencing brief equilibrium problems and severe burning. This increased in Dec. until now I have numbing of the face, arms, and left leg if I try to wear the plate; Benadryl allergy caplets relieve the symptoms after a several hours but I am left with flu-like symptoms for a long time. My M.D. does not think that I am allergic either; I had a series of blood tests taken on 1/5 and a chest Xray and brain MRI on 1/7 and will not know the results until 1/16 at my M.D. appointment. I've been calling all over trying to get tested for allergy to methyl methacrylate to no avail. In the meantime, even tho I'm using Boost/Ensure and forcing myself to eat, I'm losing weight rapidly. My dentist will not do anything until someone determines that I'm allergic or the Dr. finds out what is going on.....I'm worried that my M.D. will not be able to diagnosis these symptoms. ...Visitor from PA     (answer)

  • New dentures and allergic reaction: I have new upper and lower dentures. I got the uppers first and was adjusting without any real problems. But when the dentist put in a temporary soft liner, I began to have several issues such as tingling, swelling, dry mouth, bitter and metalic taste. I suspected a possible latex allergy related to the soft liners, but the dentist didn't think so. Now both plates have the soft liners, and I continue to have these issues. ...Visitor from TX     (answer)

  • I live in Canada and have suffered for 3 years with dentures. I am allergic to the dye, acrylic and have tried non allergenic materials. My question is what is in the Northern Denture so I can be tested for that. I have no idea where to find a lab that makes them up here. I am near London Ontario. ...Visitor from Canada     (answer)

  • Reactions to local anesthetics: I am a 36 yr old healthy female who weighs 105lb and is 5'2. I have had alot of dental work in my life and have never been able to tolerate epi in the novocaine injections due to rapid heart rate, sob, and dizziness. I always tell them not to give epi to me. Recently I had 2 crowns done and as soon as he gave me the non-epi injection. I experienced the same reactions. I also had severe bruising to that cheek for over 2 weeks. I informed the dentist but he seemed to think it was anxiety. About 3 weeks later I went in for a filling and this time he only gave me 1/2 of the non-epi novocaine and I had the same reactions. They occur immediately after the inj. I still have exstensive dental work to be done and I am completely terrified. I know there are different types of locals that can be used but how do I know I wont react to those also? ...Visitor from FL     (answer)

  • Allergic Reactions to composite fillings: I wanted to know if you can be allergic to composite fillings? I never had the new fillings before and during my last visit, he put in 3 of them. I have been sick and in pain ever since. ...Visitor from PA     (answer)

  • Sensitivity to Bridge:
    Ever since I had a tooth extracted and had a bridge placed in my mouth, I have had an excessive amount of saliva on that side. It seems to constantly produce saliva with no relief. The only way I can get it to stop is to wrap chewing gum around the crown. Could I be allergic to the crown material? My dentist says the crown was permanently cemented and I can not have it removed without destroying the two teeth the crown is anchored to. Help me it is causing me to lose my mind, the constant saliva. ...Visitor from WV    (answer)

  • Crowns - Bonding Material:
    My father had new crowns put in his mouth, as well as bonding on his front teeth, both upper and lower. For the past couple of months, since the dental work, he has had problems with taste - the foods do not taste as they should, as well as waking up with a film in his mouth. Could these be allergic reactions to the make-up of the crown and/or the bonding material? ...Visitor from FL    (answer)

  • Allergic to Local Anesthetics
    I have had reactions to both epi locals and non-epi locals. I experience a drop in blood pressure and an increased heart rate. I am NOT nervous about dental work .at all. Please tell me what my alternatives are besides NO numbness. ...Visitor from NY    (answer)

  • Allergy to Nickle Crown Material
    It appears that metal crowns have some nickel in them. I have an allergy to nickel. My insurance will only cover metal crowns. Is it possible to have a metal crown without nickel? ...Visitor from Toronto Ontario Canada     (answer)

  • I'm allergic to metals. Is there any other solution for Implants? ...Visitor from MA     (answer)

  • Allergy to temporary crowns, bridges and cements: My sister recently found out that she is allergic to methyl methacrylate. She never feels well after the dentist's visits and this lasts for weeks. Is there another chemical compound that can replace methyl methacrylate. Her dentist said no. She has much work yet to be done and she has similar complaints with the glue and adhesives. Her dentist tells her to load up on allergy pills. Her allergist tells her to find another dentist who uses different materials. Please advise. Thanks... Visitor from NY     (answer)

  • Allergy to Acrylic: I know you will say it unlikely, but the fact is that I have solid lumps in my throat and burning, redness, and sores in my mouth. I take my top dentures out and the burning stops and after a couple of hours I start to feel vaguely normal. Right now I can barely swallow when I wear the dentures for several hours. This allergy is debilitating and I want my life back. I have been to three dentists all very pleasant but fairly limited in their resourcefulness - no disrespect intended. What are my options? Are there acrylic-free denture sets? We are talking the whole top of my mouth. ... Visitor from CA     (answer)

  • Denture Allergy? I have had dentures for 6 years and I have been in pain for 6 years. I have burning gums when my dentures are in. Also gum pain. When I take my dentures out the burning and pain stops after about 1 hour. I have been to several dentists over the years and even had a second denture made and I still have these problems. Please help me with some answers. They recently did a biopsy on my gums and found no infection and said it could be an allergy. They want to make me a new denture but they have no plans to use different material. ... Visitor from OH     (answer)

  • Dental Implant Metal: I am allergic to nickel; is there any nickel in the material used for implants? ... Visitor from CA     (answer)

  • Dental Materials Allergies: My wife had a full upper bridge placed in her mouth about 4 months ago. Within a week she started experiencing itching and burning in her gums. A couple of lumps have also developed in her gums and the tip of her tongue burns. She also has a strong metallic taste in her mouth. Benidryl relieves these symptoms for a few hours. We have tried to find dentists, allergist, etc. in the Tallahassee area to test for allergies but no one seems to have a clue. ... Visitor from FL     (answer)

  • Black tattooing around gum tissue: I have developed a black tattoo effect around my gum where I have crowns. I have another gold crown that I have had for years that has not left any discolor. I went to a dentist on the Island and he said that it is from the metal (nickle) in the crown. He said it is permanent. Is this metal leakage safe? Should I remove these crowns? Can I get rid of the tattooing? ... Visitor from France     (answer)

  • Allergy to metal in crowns: I had a full mouth restoration 13 months ago. The crowns were porcelain fused to metal except 6 upper front anteriors which were all porcelain. Within a week my bottom gums appeared whitish. About 6 months ago, I had an oral biopsy that resulted in a diagnosis consistent with lichen planus. My dentist identified the metals as gold and palladium. I was patch tested last month. It was determined that I am allergic to both gold and palladium. I had told the dentist before he put the crowns in that I am allegic to jewelry. He said I could never be allergic to gold or palladim. I use a mouthwash of equal amounts of lidocaine/benedryl/dimethasone/ antacid. My dentist is not supportive. What should I do? ... Visitor from MA     (answer)

  • Allergy to crown cements: Highly allergic reaction after removing two old silver filling replacing with crowns and glue. Allergy tests sent in from Canada found allergic to all arcylates, the cement was hema 2 meth- Methal arcylates. Do they have glue or cement material free of all arcylates? I have two crowns that were cemented in 4 years ago and had the reaction. Had to take steriods for a long time. I seem ok now. Do they need to remove them and use another glue? And finally why do they use acryaltes when so many people are allergic to them? Please help me. The dentists that I have tried say they can't find the answer and won't help ... Visitor from FL     (answer)

  • Inflammation - Itchy tissue next to implant: I had a front implant and crown put in two years ago. Since then I have an inflammation - scratchy feeling around and near the gumline of the back of the tooth. The roof of my mouth feels raw and scratchy too. I have been back to the dentist and implant doctor, and can't figure out what is the problem. There are no pockets and the gumline around the tooth has been irrigated many times. The implant is Titantium and the crown is supposely a Procera. Can't figure this out. ... Visitor from NY     (answer)

  • Braces cause Swollen Lymph Nodes? Can a person be allergic to braces? Soon after my son had his braces put on his lymph nodes started to swell. Is it possible that he is allergic to the Nickel in the braces? He has been tested for every other possible cause ...Visitor from NJ     (answer)

  • Allergic to Crown Cement: I've had 2 reactions to cements that had clove oil in them. I had burning in my mouth and throat and a burning, pins and needles sensation on my face and neck. The cement was Durelon and had to be removed. The TempGrip used worked fine. The last cement used was MaxCem and I'm having the same reaction. It is most uncomfortable. What do I do now? ...Visitor from SC     (answer)

  • I had a bridge on #19 and #20. #20 became infected and was extracted. A temporary bridge was put on #19 to #22. I also had 2 implants put in the same day, at #18 and #17. I have had pain, itching burning and tingling of lip, chin and around the gums where the extraction and bridge(temp) was placed. Pain is not as bad but tingling and itching of my lip continues. I have been treated with antibiotics and steriods but the problem is still occurring. Procedures were done about a month ago. I have had pain - blisters under a temp crown in the past. My dentist thinks it's a little nerve damage. I think it may be an allergic reaction to something in the bridge. 2 implants on lower left and lower right feel fine. Ideas? ...Visitor from TX     (answer)

  • My mother is allergic to dentures. She just got her metal allergy test results. She is allergic to 3 metals:
    1- Nickel Sulfate (the metal used in denture)
    2- Palladium Chloride (the metal used in crown filling)
    3- Hydroxyethyl methacrylate (the pink plastic stuff in the denture)
    She has two dentures one up and down. Are there any dentures that are Nickel free? Can there be any other solutions than implants? ...Visitor from WA     (answer)

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