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  • Risks of discontinuing treatment: I know a person who began orthodontic treatment at age 18, braces installed at that time. He stopped, however, going for treatment the following year. Now he is 35 and has never had the wires removed nor gone for further treatment. What are the health risks for this lack of treatment? ...Visitor from Decatur     (answer)

  • Teeth are moving again: I completed ortho treatment and had my braces taken off 1 year ago.. But after 3 months my bottom permanent retainer just broke off. I ignored the issue until 2 months ago. My 2 bottom middle teeth started moving. The first is moving backward while the other is moving forward. So i went to see the orthodontist, and he said that since braces again will be expensive, he will give me a removable spring retainer. He said that it will take 2 years to fix them. But he said something that scared me, which is I should take responsibility if it didn't work. He has the right to say that....but i'am just scared. Will the retainer fix the problem? It has been 2 months wearing the retainer and still no progress till now. ...Visitor from Lebanon     (answer)

  • I had an an appliance (an expander) put in by the orthodontic dentist about a month ago to make room to fix other teeth. The dentist said they have maxed out the amount they have expanded it and now said I have to have 4 teeth pulled, 2 on the top and 2 on the bottom. Is it true that this can cause many other problems like facial deformaties? Is there any other treatment? ...Visitor from TX     (answer)

  • Too many extractions?:I had two orthodontists. My first one was actually a malpractice situation. One of my teeth at the top right hand-side was extracted and this caused my teeth to shift to the right side, making my middle line to be off centre. The second orthodontist extracted another tooth at the bottom side to ensure an aligned bite..but now I have a problem, my teeth is shifting to the other side. My question is there seems to be two options now, the first is to put implants at the gaps (but im not so comfortable with this choice). Secondly, extract the other two teeth from top and bottom at left hand side to make it symmetrical. Will this cause too much gap and can they be closed since my teeth are rather small? ... Visitor from Indonesia     (answer)

  • My mom lives in the Texas panhandle; is 89 with an intact dentition (28 teeth) but some shifting and crowding has disturbed her occlusion to the point where she can only chew comfortably with the molars on the left side. She also wakes up sometimes with her teeth clenched and that makes all her teeth hurt - in the bones, she says. She wants someone to put her teeth back where they belong. Is there an orthodontic approach to do this? Mother has regular cleanings; no periodontal disease; good daily hygiene; drives her own car; lives by herself; paints; keeps up with Tiger Woods... also has a regular physician. She just wants to chew better and not have this discomfort from her teeth.    (answer)

  • I am 36 yrs old and have had my braces on for 12 months. I am having an overbite and an overjet fixed, my teeth are now straight and I am currently using elastics to bring the lower jaw forward. Since the day after I have had my braces put on I have been experiencing lightheadedness. It has stayed the full year in varying intensity. I had a severe inner ear infection about 4 months prior to having the baces put on but all of my symptoms and vertigo had cleared up before I put the braces on. I am wondering if there could be a direct connection between the braces and the lightheadedness. I do have lots of jaw, neck and tight head pain (a band around the back of my head is always tight, not exactly a 'headache') Do you think there is a correlation there?     (answer)

  • I have braces on at this time. I was told I have TMJ. However I have a gummy smile and also my teeth are severely stained from medications, because I have asthma. I was wondering if I could just take the braces off and get gum surgery, and get veneers for my stained teeth. The dentist also told me since I have TMJ that I have to have jaw surgery. Is this true? I am very depressed because of my teeth and hate to smile what can I do? I have been going through this for 5 years now this is my second set of braces. Please help me. ...Celeste    (answer)

  • A few days ago I had a permanent retainer removed from my bottom teeth. Since then one of them has throbbed with pain. Could this be caused by something that the orthodontist did? ...Jenny in West Virginia     (answer)

  • I have trouble with two upper teeth 6 back on both sides. Both have root fillings. I need orthodontic treatment and they said that 2 teeth have to be removed (they said 4 back from front on both sides) - Would it be possible to remove my bad teeth (6 back) for this treatment instead of 2 healthy (4 back)teeth? The treatment is a regular brace (Overbite correction). ...William in Avon, England, UK     (answer)

  • I am 37 and had braces put on about 3 weeks ago. I initially had difficulty adjusting to the bands on my molars. My tongue was getting cut up and also I was getting ulcers on my tongue. The ortho grinded the bands down on my molars. My regular/general dentist polished a point on one of my molars that kept getting in the way. He also adjusted my bite. My tongue problem has now cleared up. I am having trouble chewing I cannot bring my back teeth together. The lower back molar bracket keeps bumping into the upper back molar. The lower right bracket bumps into my upper right molar. It's much more pronounced on the left side. Also, my molars are still extremely sore. The ortho and ortho assistant tell me that my bite is opening up. I was under the impression that my bite was fine in the back. Is this common for your bite to be so off and for your molars to still be extremely tender its difficult to chew? Any input will be helpful. Thank you. Also, a friend of my that has braces was telling about the possibility of root absorption and that the roots of my teeth could be destroyed. This sounds pretty scary. I was unaware of this. Could you please provide some insight on root absorption. ...Diana in Pennsylvania     (answer)

  • I am 21 and I am going to get braces. My teeth are very crowded. My canines really stick out and I need 2 upper teeth removed for them to fit properly. How is the dentist going to realign my canines when the other teeth are removed? Am I still going to have protruding canines and big gaps when I get braces put on? ... Aimee in Orange, New South Wales, Australia     (answer)

  • I had braces years ago. I lost a tooth in the back and my smile has changed I now have an overbite. Is there any way to fix this without going back into braces again? I am 46..Visitor from TN     (answer)

  • I had braces when I was in high school. I joined the military right after high school and lost my retainers (about 5 years ago). I had one made for my top teeth about two years ago, but it just doesn't feel right. Now I need to have one made for my bottom teeth. I'm just not sure if my teeth have shifted so much that I will need to put braces back on. Can you help? ...Visitor from NH     (answer)

  • I am 28 years old. I have always had a lot of dental problems with my teeth. My mouth is small, and my teeth are crammed together. As an early teen I had about 3 1/2 years of orthodontic work (headgear, braces, and retainers) to straighten my teeth (no teeth removed). However, over the years my teeth have crowded and pushed around in my mouth and a few of my teeth are again crooked. An even bigger problem is that I have a huge overbite. My teeth only meet in a couple places in my mouth. Because of the way my teeth meet, the back 1/2 of the tooth grinds down about twice as much as the front 1/2 of the tooth... making my teeth form almost a "L" shape. This also causes my dental work to need replacing because of the breakdown. I am very self-conscious of my teeth. Also, I can not bite into most food (it pulls right through the gap in my teeth). Even after braces, the gap was slightly present. I am also not entirely convinced my tongue does not push against my teeth while I sleep. My teeth tend to be tight together with gaps at the gum (forming pockets for food to catch). This has caused quite a lot of dental work. I have a mouth full of fillings, and two crowns on back molars (one on each side of my mouth). One of my crowns has worn down to the porcelain (the back 1/2 only, of course) and needs to be replaced. I would like to have the gap and crooked teeth corrected. I have been told I will lose my teeth at some point because they will break due to the shape left by my chewing. I would like to know a) What type of impact would braces cause to my crowns and other dental work? b) How do I know if my teeth are strong enough to handle braces? c) Would braces correct my huge overbite even though they did not the first time? d) How do I know the braces will correct my bite and chewing? e) Is it practical to go to an orthodontist now when I know I will be having some major dental work being done in the next few months? f) What is the best way to find a good orthdontist (new to area)? Thank you for your help. Visitor from TX     (answer)

  • I am 28 and I have an overbite. My previous dentist took some teeth out and gave me a basic brace which has resulted in my top teeth now going inwards. I have been to my dentist today who advised me that to correct the problem, I will not just need braces but I will also have to have my jaw broken. Is this common and how long would the recovery period be? Can you also tell me of any possible side effects:- scars etc.? How successful is this operation and does it lead to problems in later life? Thanking you in anticipation. ...Visitor from Birmingham, England UK     (answer)

  • I am 30 years old and have an overbite and some gaps between upper teeth. I have consulted with two orthodontists. One recommends braces, a "bite plate" and removable retainer once braces are off. The other recommends braces, a "bite turbo", permanently bonded retainer and a removable retainer once braces are removed. Is there an advantage of one method over the other? ...Visitor from CA     (answer)

  • I am 21 years of age and will be getting braces soon. A few days ago I had my upper and lower wisdom teeth removed. The dentist says that I will also have to have my upper cuspid (left and right) teeth extracted because they are baby teeth. The teeth are very small but I wonder if the braces will close the gaps that will be there after they are removed....I mean the sizes of the gaps are significantly wide. Do they really have to be extracted? And also, I began to count my upper teeth....I will only have twelve. Should this be?? I would appreciate any input you have to give on this matter ...Visitor from TX     (answer)

  • I'm 42, and during a cleaning, my dentist mentioned that I had bone degeneration starting and recommended I see an orthodontist for braces. I've been to two ortho's and each one stressed the importance of self-esteem after getting my teeth straightened. I'm trying to argue my case and the expense to my husband who thinks this is just for cosmetic reasons, and I can't seem to find any hard evidence as to why this is beneficial to my oral health. I don't want to go to my dentist and ask him again, as I think he may give me a biased answer. Can you tell me exactly what are the benefits to getting orthodontics at my age? I sincerely thank you for your time. ...Visitor from NJ     (answer)

  • I got braces when I was 23 yrs old to close this a gap in my upper teeth as well as other small gaps and an overbite. I got my braces off when I was 26. My teeth looked good-the gaps were gone and no more overbite. The doctor told me to keep my teeth perfect, I would have to wear a retainer at night in order to retain my teeth in the position that they were in. But several months after wearing the retainers I can see that my upper front teeth are spacing again and I am scared that they might open completely. I still wear my retainers at night but they are still spacing little by little. Is there an eplannation for this? I don't want my teeth to go back to the position they were in before. ....Visitor from NY     (answer)

  • Orthodontics causing facial deformities? Have you ever heard of a disfiguring facial condition that can happen to orthodontic patients who have extra teeth (4 more molars than most people)? Apparently, this condition happens because the orthodontist didn't put brackets on the extra teeth. Left untreated, this condition eventually deforms the face. I am unable to find any information about this condition, but I know that it does exist. I personally do not have extra teeth, but my orthodontist removed the brackets from my rear molars. I am concerned that this thing is now happening to my face. Please help me if you can, my face is becoming more and more deformed as time goes on. ....Visitor from NM     (answer)

  • Tooth moves after ortho and creates a gap: I am a 25 year old female. I had braces when I was younger as well as my palate expander and I wore my retainer for many years after. About two years ago, one of my front teeth starting moving up in my mouth and now there is a gap in the length of my front teeth. My upper gum is not even either. I had no trauma to my mouth and I don't know what caused my tooth to start moving. How can this be fixed? ....Visitor from DE     (answer)

  • Orthodontics causing TMJ and Lock Jaw? Two months ago I decided to have orthodontic work at the age of 45 to correct my bite and straighten my teeth. After 1 month in an expander (like a retainer) I woke up one day and could not open my mouth. I had excruciating pain in the left ear. I did everything. Ice, heat, Advil and after a week my jaw was back to normal. So, I put the expander back in and within 6 hours my jaw was locked again and the excruciating pain was back. Now it's been another month and my jaw is still locked and I have gotten used to the pain (the neighbors don't hear me screaming anymore when I try to brush my teeth). I have been to a Physical Therapist and a Chiropractor. Chiro treatment was a big help. What else can I do? ....Visitor from CA     (answer)

  • Braces again at age 52 causes pain: I had braces 30 years ago. Because of lower front crowding, I decided to have them again at age 52. Several days after they put the first wire on my bands (memory wire), my front teeth began shifting up and off-center to one side. My face became numb and began twitching. The lower jaw fought the upper jaw. My brain did not seem to work the same. I became anxious. The orthodontist thought the teeth were centered but they were off-center from my nose. It was like torture. I cut the wires myself after 2 weeks. The "distorted" feelings IMMEDIATELY improved. Yet, are not quite centered as before and still a bit distorted. Will they go back on their own or what should be done now to go back to before? ....Visitor from MI     (answer)

  • Braces weaken adult gums and teeth? I'm 39 years old. I have TMJ and some of my teeth have shifted in the front to the point that if I take pictures, I look as if I am missing a tooth. It is quite embarassing. I'm considering putting braces on but a family member told me that putting braces on will weaken my gums and teeth. ....Visitor from TX     (answer)

  • Collapsing Bite: I had braces as an adult. Now my mouth is too small. I don't chew, talk or kiss correctly. I bite the outside of my tongue. My facial features have collapsed quite a bit. Can this be reversed with braces again, by pushing the teeth out? ....Visitor from Maine     (answer)

  • Braces caused Bucked Teeth: I had crowded teeth and therefore I went to a orthodontist. He started my treatment by broadening the upper arches (without teeth removal) but now I think my front teeth have come out too much. I feel like I have buck teeth. Before the treatment started I had a broad smile with a couple crooked teeth on the top. I hate my smile but my dentist insists the treatment is going great. Is it possible to for the dentist to push the teeth in without teeth removal. Can I insist my dentist on that? ....Visitor from AR     (answer)

  • Adult Orthodontics - Misplace Midline: My midline is completely misplaced giving me the appearance of a very crooked smile. I believe this heppened slowly since I had my wisdom teeth removed about 5 years ago (I am now 26). My question is, do I have to get braces or aligners to fix this problem, or is there some other kind of orthodontic appliance I can use. What about surgery? ....Visitor from GA     (answer)

  • Orthodontist Wants a Tooth Pulled: I have braces and my top tooth number 11 never came in. Iniitially when I went to my orthodontist my main concern was the look of my top teeth. Another Dr. who used to work in the office did my consultation and recommended a dental implant which I never had done because everybody I called said they were no longer doing that procedure. So the other doctor "my main orthodontist" advised me she wanted me to have my bottom tooth number 21 extracted instead of the implant. I am very hesitant about having a tooth pulled when there is nothing wrong with it. What should I do? My orthodontic office is giving me a real hard time about not having it pulled . ....Visitor from GA     (answer)

  • Do I qualify for Braces? I have all my wisdom teeth and recently the dentist told me I had two extra teeth on top. He suggested that all six teeth be extracted. I have already had 3 & 15 extacted. Teeth 17, 18, 30 & 32 need to be extracted. I would like to know can I get braces to correct my bite and close my gaps from my missing molars or have I lost too many back teeth for braces? ....Visitor from AL     (answer)

  • Mouth Closing Problem: When I was younger my dentist said I had to have my top jaw widened or it would collapse or something. I had that done and then had braces for several years. My teeth are now quite straight but ever since I cannnot actually close my lips anymore and I'm really angry because I feel they ruined my mouth. My teeth don't stick out and aren't in the way but my mouth has obviously changed so much that my lips do not naturally close any more and I hate it. Have you seen this before? Is there any way it could not have been the brace thing and could just be how I have grown. I've never seen anyone else that can't keep their lips together. ....Visitor from Bedfordshire England UK     (answer)

  • Extreme Teeth Crowding: I have very crooked lower teeth. One of them is completely sideways! They tell me I will need braces. I am 22 years old. My question is can I use any other procedure? Or if not, can I get the same results using Invisalign? ....Visitor from CA     (answer)

  • Upper row protrudes forward: I am new to braces. I've had them on since last November. My procedure included removing four premolars to make room for the alignment process. My teeth seem to be too far forward giving me an appearance of an ape (not really, but you know). I have always been self conscious of this and my teeth in the past. I have asked my orthodontist if the braces will move my teeth back into my mouth so it doesn't look like my lips are swollen outward. He didn't really give me a good answer. He just said "Not until your teeth are straight." ....Visitor from CA     (answer)

  • Adult Braces - Cosmetics: I really have 2 questions. I had a chipped tooth when I was younger and I had bonding to fix it on the front tooth. Will this cause any problems when getting brackets? Also, I am having my teeth bleached before I get braces. Is this going to cause a problem? ....Visitor from IL     (answer)

  • Open bite recurrence after orthodontic treatment: Before I had braces, I had extreme pain in my jaw and teeth. There were times when it would get so stiff that my jaw would get stuck and I won't be able to open my mouth past an inch apart. After the braces, it got better but now a year later, I am getting the same problem back again. My jaw cracks everytime I open and close my mouth and it seems more relaxed when open but I always try to close it and even squeeze it close but my pain gets worse and worse.What can I do to relieve this constant pain in my jaw? Also it seems that my my top teeth are moving outward and my lower teeth are going inward causing all my teeth to not touch and more pain. ....Visitor from CA     (answer)

  • Previous Orthodontic Treatment: I am 40 years old and am still in treatment for an overbite. I was told I would only need to wear the metal braces for 6 weeks. That turned into 11 months. I am now wearing a retainer for a passive eruption treatment which is not working. My orthodontist has suggested Invisalign with notches. Supposedly this is a new process. Does it work or am I spinning my wheels? I've been working with my Ortho now for 2 years and my vertical overbite is still present. What to do? ....Visitor from VA     (answer)

  • Braces on for 10+ years!: I still have braces on after 10 years. I was told 2 years max! After 4.5 yrs, I went for two 2nd opinions. Each Orthodontist was reluctant to take away a patient from another Orthodontist (I was actually told this) and convinced that his work was going nicely. So, I returned to my Orthodontist to finish the work. 5 yrs later, I now cannot bite properly, huge gaps remain, my midline has shifted, there's gum recession and bone loss near the o-rings. Now, my 2 front teeth are in danger of falling out because of so much root resorption. A Lawyer stated nothing legally can be done as it's a "customer service issue." Peer review is not an option as membership is voluntary. What can or should I do? ....Visitor from NY     (answer)

  • Will my treatment be successful? I am almost 35 yrs old. I have had my braces on for one year one month. When I went for the initial visit, the orthodontist told me there was nothing wrong with my mouth and he could straighten my teeth. He said it would take 2 years. I am only one year and one month into treatment and he is ready to take them off in four weeks. I keep telling him my teeth are not straight, but he says they are. I am quite upset. I have spent a lot of time, money, and some pain. I have dreamed of having really great teeth for a very long time. Are my teeth really going to look that great in 4 more weeks? There are still gaps, canines are still not standing straight up. Most of all, my 2 top teeth still slant. ....Visitor from IN     (answer)

  • Fixed underbite years ago, but growing back now: I had braces from age 12-16. My teeth had to get aligned and I had a bad underbite which was fixed with a headgear. However, I never fully felt like my underbite got fixed. Although I was able to pull my lower jaw back and get a good bite, it took a lot of effort and I still felt that at resting position, my underbite was back. This is very uncomfy for me because I always feel like my tongue is pushing through and I'm biting on it. Well, I'm now 25 years old and recently I feel like it's gotten worse. Not sure if I'm paying attention more now or what, but it's just bothering me. What can I do to fix this? I don't want braces again and I don't want a harsh surgery. ....Visitor from IL     (answer)

  • Front Teeth Overlap: My four front teeth overlap the bottom teeth (they go about half way down) and they are splayed out. I had braces about 5 years ago but I wasn't happy with the results so last year I had 4 veneers placed on the front teeth. Although they are much better I am still very unhappy with the way they point out of my mouth rather than downwards. I went to see another orthodontist before I had my veneers and was told that my lower jaw was longer than my top one and that's why the teeth were like they are. I am confused as the rest of the teeth are fine. Is there anyway that I can correct this without surgery? ....Visitor from Birmingham United Kingdom UK     (answer)

  • Open bite fixed with orthodontist: I had my open bite fixed by an orthodontist. I had 4 premolars extracted. The open bite is fixed, but now my facial profile has changed drastically. I look like a chipmunk when I talk. I am also Asian. Is there anything I can do to change it? ....Visitor from CA     (answer)

  • Brace Pain: I am a 54-year old female 9 months into braces, with an end result of surgery to realign my jaws / bite / structure. I am barely able to make it through the day due to pain and feel I will not make the 18 month date until surgery, and another 6 months after that. If I have the braces removed now, will the teeth just return to their original position or become worse? My orthodontist is reluctant to remove them just yet. I know he has my best interests in mind, but the pain is too much at my age I guess, and it's hard to describe pain level. One tooth, a root canal, is loose and moves. The endodontic doctor was amazed I can endure this. In GENERAL, what do teeth do that do if braces halted? ....Visitor from AZ     (answer)

  • Adult orthodontic correction of one tooth: I'm 20 years old and a performer, so the thought of braces is really unappealing, and lingual braces are expensive and invisalign would be really hard with my lifestyle. My main problem is that my lower right canine tooth is a slight underbite. Only that tooth is an underbite, so I'm wondering if there are any alternative options to fixing that one tooth. My upper teeth have a few small gaps, but it's really not an issue. I have all 4 of my wisdom teeth completely in, which have closed the top gap a bit, and my dentist doesn't think I need them out. I've never had any orthodontic device, either. ....Visitor from IL     (answer)

  • Tooth that is back from other teeth: I have a front (next to my front tooth) tooth that is dropped back from the other front top teeth. There is not enough room to simply move it forward into place. Is there any cosmetic procedure or implant that could help me? ....Visitor from MD     (answer)

  • Braces versus Veneers: I am a 34 yr old female who had orthodontic treatment to correct crowded and misaligned teeth ion my teens. Through the years my teeth have become slightly crowded (more teeth should have been extracted) and are misaligned due to slight bottom jaw growth at the end of puberty. I also have TMJ. I managed to chip my two front teeth in college from grinding but do not grind anymore. I want to have my teeth fixed but my dentist is telling me it is impossible without a full set of braces and jaw surgery to realign things. I chew fine, I do not get headaches, I do not grind. I just want my teeth to look pretty again. What should I do? Teeth otherwise in good condition. Its hard to believe nothing can be done. ....Visitor from VA     (answer)

  • Jaw Surgery Required? Orthodontist Says No I've had braces for a little over a year now, soon approaching the end of treatment. I'm very unhappy with the results because my jaw placement feels much more unnatural now than it did before. I got on braces to fix an over jet, and I passed on an option for jaw surgery (to widen my upper jaw) in favor of just braces treatment, which they said would help in the same way. Would it be too late to conduct the surgery? I feel as if my upper jaw too far back from where it should be. I've never felt this constricted with my teeth. There is no comfortable position now to place my teeth together or apart. If X-Rays show my upper jaw to be in the right place, why would I be having these problems? ....Visitor from CA     (answer)

  • Open Bite Persists: I am 24 years of age and have been wearing braces for the past 3 years to correct my anterior open bite. Although there is slight improvement, the contact still only exists between my molars. I do have a mouth beathing habit and I underwent ENT surgery (FESS) for my chronic sinusitis but my mouth breathing still persists. I feel upon waking up in the morning that my teeth has been pushed forward. Will the braces I have prevent the teeth from shifting further? ....Visitor from NC     (answer)

  • Correcting a Class III malocclusion: I was diagnosed with a class III malocclusion. I went to an orthodontist who suggested advancing my upper jaw and pushing back my lower jaw. I already have a convex profile with a receding chin. Moreover my upper jaw is not sunken in but appears more convex than concave. My concern is that pushing my upper jaw forward would make my profile more convex. When is the upper jaw perceived as receded? Will the path suggested by the orthodontist give me a straight profile? I am aware that x-rays and photographs are needed to answer this exactly, but my main concern is why did the orthodontist conclude my upper jaw as small when in the mirror it appears convex. My upper front teeth stick out ....Visitor from British Columbia Canada     (answer)

  • Removing teeth for overcrowding: I have crowding and my destist removed a total of 8 teeth, which includes 4 wisdom teeth. Now I am left with only 24 teeth in my mouth. Do you think I needed to remove so many teeth even before starting the treament? My life has been miserable since then with the sense of losing so many teeth. I fear it was bad decision. Please advise. I want to get my teeth straightened soon. ....Visitor from OH     (answer)

  • Shape of Teeth: My line of teeth do not lay in a normal curve. I have a tight U shape that leaves the back of my mouth showing on the sides of my teeth when I smile. Can this be corrected? And if so with braces? ....Visitor from TX     (answer)

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