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FAQ:  Extra Teeth

Extra Teeth Ask The Dentist Corinne Scalzitti
Extra row of teeth: I have two rows of teeth: the ones that are visible, and another row right underneath the gums.

Up until now they haven't really been a problem. But now they are starting to come up through the gums.

I don't really know what to do because if I take them out, I would be missing 1/4 inch of my jaw. Do you know what i should do? ...Visitor from TX

Not knowing your age makes it difficult to answer this question.

I will assume that you are an adult and that you have lost your baby teeth. It is not terribly unusual for a person to have a few extra teeth, but an entire second row is more unusual.

I would suggest that you see an oral surgeon to determine how many teeth you have and if your present teeth are more functional than the teeth below the gumline.

Sometimes supernumerary (extra) teeth are not formed properly and will not function properly. There is a relatively new kind of x-ray called cone beam which is like a CT scan of your head. I would suggest this to know exactly how the extra teeth are shaped.

It may be advisable to remove the extra teeth if they will not be functional to save the teeth that you seem to be functioning with now. An oral surgeon should be able to evaluate which direction to go.

You will also need to see an experienced general dentist to deal with whatever teeth you end up with. I would have the x-ray done and then visit a few dentists, since there may be many choices.

If you are in a small town, you may want to go to a larger city with more sophisticated equipment.

The important thing is to see a dentist and oral surgeon quickly, since you will not have many choices if the new teeth erupt and are not properly formed.

Corinne Scalzitti, DMD, MAGD

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