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FAQ:  Orthodontist Palate Expanders

Jaw Expansion Appliance
Expander Alternative: Extraction Orthodontics
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Avoid using Pallet expander? My daughter is 7 years 3 months old.

She sucked her thumb vigorously until she was 6 years 9 months and stopped, thanks to a thumb sucking appliance. She has moderate crowding, moderate to severe overbite, crossbite on the right side, upper and lower midlines don't match up.

To initiate treatement: Dr's #1 & #2 recommend a palate expander. Dr #3 recommends serial extractions and is against palate expanders for many reasons but the one that concerns me is that he said new reports from ENT's discourage the use of expanders.

I think the expander is the best option for my daughter. Have you heard of any ENT's discouraging the use? ... Visitor from TN

No. It is absolutely imperative to correct the shifting from the posterior crossbite.

If the shift is left untreated it can lead to asymmetrical growth of the lower jaw.

There are some studies that show expanding a narrow upper jaw can actually improve the nasal volume and nasal breathing.

I have never heard of an ENT or much less an orthodontist discouraging expansion with a rapid palatal expander to eliminate a crossbite.

Editorial Staff

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