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FAQ:  Orthodontist Palate Expanders

Jaw Expansion Appliance
Expander Alternative: Extraction Orthodontics
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Expander - Bad Smell: I have a Rapid Palate Expander in and there was plaque building up on the outside of my expander. I removed it and I noticed that the smell wasn't so pleasant. Is that normal ? ..... Visitor from Los Angeles

Chances are strong that microscopic bacteria remain somewhere on the appliance. There are two popular methods for cleaning oral appliances.
1. Soak your expander in a bath solution of strong denture cleaner.
2. Use a water based irrigation device (WaterPik, HydroFloss) to clean the entire expander, which may not necessarily require removal of the appliance. Routine use of an irrigation device should eliminate the possibility of future plaque build up.

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