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FAQ:  Orthodontist Palate Expanders

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My son had a pallet expander when he was 9 (now 18). He had braces and now wears a retainer.

Can his pallet go back to its original shape if he doesn't wear his retainer? He hasn't been wearing it lately and now the retainers are tight.

His ortho told him he may need braces again if they don't move back. .... Visitor from Trenton

The treatment issue is more related to unwanted tooth movement rather than events that influence treatment outcomes acheived with palate expanders.

Not wearing retainers when recommended for "keeping things where they are" is the fast track for being forced to repeat ortho treatment all over again..... from the beginning.

Retainers are not designed to "move teeth"..... which is why they are called retainers. Forcing a retainer to "move things back" typically causes irreversible damage to the root systems of affected teeth.

Retainers, for most ortho patients, is a LIFE LONG treatment requirement. Each patient is different...... some require permanent, fixed retainers, fixed removables, night time only retainers, etc.

Follow the advice of your orthodontist to avoid the unnecessary costs of orthodontic retreatment.

Editorial Staff

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