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FAQ:  Orthodontist Palate Expanders

Jaw Expansion Appliance
Expander Alternative: Extraction Orthodontics
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How come my expander expands my jaw but my two front teeth are spacing out. It's really ugly. When does it stop?

I am very concerned looking like this for awhile. I hope it doesn't last long. ... Visitor from MI

The spacing you are discussing is quite normal with expansion.

The right and left halves of your upper jaw are being separated and allowed to fill in with new bone. This process is called distraction osteogenesis (the technical term) or expansion (in the vernacular).

As the two halves separate, the two front teeth move apart and create a midline gap. Not to worry, the teeth will spontaneously come back together when the expansion stops (You are probably expanding for only 2 weeks in total).

So just keep on turning until your orthodontist indicates you should stop. When you stop turning, you can expect that gap to close.

Editorial Staff

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