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FAQ:  Orthodontist Palate Expanders

Jaw Expansion Appliance
Expander Alternative: Extraction Orthodontics
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Expander for a 15 yr old: My daughter had an expander once before when she was 12 and it expanded it well with no pain, but then relapsed back to starting point almost.

Now her new dr is putting another one in. With her being 15 will there be alot of pain since her pallet is more adultish and stronger? She has an awful crossbite among other things. .... Visitor from IN

Unfortunately, unexpected growth spurts can interfere with orthodontic treatment needs.

Although there may be some initial discomfort with the new appliance, "pain" is easily controlled by how aggressive the treatment will be.

Try to assure that your daughter has a good relationship with the orthodontist. If she is free to provide input and feedback during her treatment in a "cooperative way" ...... she can control the progress of treatment and actually make it very comfortable for herself.

Editorial Staff

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