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FAQ:  Orthodontist Palate Expanders

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Expander front teeth gap: I just got a rapid palatal expander about a week and a half ago and it is creating a gap in between my two front teeth.

I realize this is normal and can be expected however I am getting braces purely to remove the gap that is already in between those teeth and the expander is worsening the problem.

My question is, is there anything I can do to minimize this gap and how long should I have to crank my expander (I'm cranking once a day and they want to have it expanded around 8mm)? .... Visitor from OH

The gaps you are experiencing are intra-treatment events that you may have little control over.

Teeth will move in accordance with the pressures being applied along with tissue characteristics along the bony ridge.

The ideal focus to maintain is the final outcome results rather than the events or milestones "seen" while treatment progresses.

The only resource that can "impose" control over how tooth movement occurs is your orthodontist. Modifying the frequency of tightening should be monitored by your orthodontist... otherwise, events could occur that may not be reversible.

The last thing you would ever want to do is listen to the advice of other ortho patients.... no two people have identical tissue conditions.

Editorial Staff

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