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FAQ:  Orthodontist Palate Expanders

Jaw Expansion Appliance
Expander Alternative: Extraction Orthodontics
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Expander on a Child: Do you think it's best for a child to be wearing an expander when she still has her baby teeth? I feel it's a waste until her real teeth come in. ... Visitor from IL

The American Association of Orthodontists, the American Board of Orthodontics, and the volumes of literature in orthodontics agree that a crossbite should be treated as soon as it is identified.

The only exception is an infant, in which case the crossbite usually self-resolves.

Why? Because a crossbite forces the upper and lower jaws out of their normal centered position in the face. The result is that the bones that hold the teeth will grow into an eccentric position....and will stay there!

Do your child a favor......follow your orthodontists advice.

Editorial Staff

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