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FAQ:  Discolored Teeth

My 18 year old daughter's bottom front tooth - the top - has turned a greyish color in the last 5 weeks.

No pain or sensitivity. She has a permanent retainer. She's in college and I can't get her to a dentist for a month.

How much should I be concerned? Is this tooth decay? ...Visitor from NYC

The change in color is not a good sign of anything.

It suggests a possibility in the change of nutrient flow to the teeth, assuming nothing unusual has happened, such as some kind of trauma.

When teeth are traumatized in sports, for example, one of the first signs of "unusual events" when no obvious damage has occurred, is a graying of the tooth color.

There is a remote possibility that a growth spurt may have occurred that is now affecting how the retainer is functioning.

Getting an immediate consult with a Periodontist would be a smart thing to do.

Editorial Staff

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