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FAQ:  Discolored Teeth

I have had an apicectomy a year ago on a front tooth. It seems to be slowly going grey. Will it eventually go really grey? Could it break off?

I can't have a crown done because I am left with trigeminal neuralgia and don't want to interfere with it. I appreciate any advice. ...Visitor from Graz, Australia

There is a procedure that can reverse discoloration from a root canal tooth. It is called the walking bleach procedure.

A dentist makes a small opening on the back side of the tooth, places dental bleaching solution and covers the hole with composite tooth colored material. The bleach works from the inside out to reverse the discoloration.

The beauty of this is, since the nerve was removed during the root canal procedure, you won't need to receive a shot. Contact your local dentist and ask if he/she does the walking bleach procedure.

Editorial Staff

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