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FAQ:  Discolored Teeth

When I was 9, my top, left tooth in the front was partially knocked out. It was barely hanging on. A nearby dentist placed the tooth back in it's place, and it seemed to have worked.

When I was 13 I started experiencing pains shooting through the tooth. I went to my dentist and he told me that I needed a root canal. As far as I know, all went well with that.

My question is now my tooth is noticably yellow. What can I do to get this tooth the same as the rest of my teeth. I smoke, so I my teeth aren't extremely white, but they are definately whiter than my tooth that was partially knocked out. Any sugguestions will be greatly appreciated. ...Visitor from NC

There are 3 basic ways that you can approach that. The way you end up doing that is going to be based on the physical circumstances that you and your dentist find.

Our assumption is that the root canal is doing fine.
1. You can veneer the tooth
2. You can do a crown on the tooth
3. And you can try to whiten the tooth from the inside and possibly the outside.

If you get with your dentist then the two of you can discuss the best way to handle this problem. I hope this helps.

Editorial Staff

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