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FAQ:  Dentures or Implants?

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Dental Implants vs Denture Implant Anchors: I have been researching dental implants but I have a nagging question.

I currently have a full set of dentures. I was told that a lower implant with the lower denture over the implant should be done because of bone loss.

If the dentures fit loosely, will food continue getting under the denture and annoy the heck out of me? ... Visitor from NV

You are correct that food can get trapped under a denture held in place with implants. In our office we can make it so that doesn't happen.

It has to do with drastically changing the under side of the denture so that it actually doesn't touch the gum tissue. Just enough room is created so that a toothpick or WaterPik can flush out any food that's under the denture.

The denture is completely supported by the implants so if you get like a tomato seed under the denture, it doesn't hurt because the denture is held just above the soft tissues.

The procedure typically involves the use of six mini-implants evenly spaced around your lower jaw. The denture is then relined to hold six o-rings which make the denture snap down on the implants. In many dental practices that provide this procedure, the entire process takes one appointment and is a lot more affordable than multiple dental implants.

Editorial Staff

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