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FAQ:  Dentures or Implants?

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Lower dentures or implants: I need to replace the lower teeth, and my dentst suggests dentures saying implants are not worth the money. But many say lower dentures are impossible to get used to. Who is correct? ... Visitor from NJ

I will say without question, that all of my patients who have gone from having dentures without implants to dentures that are supported by implants, they would not go back to not having implants.

What is interesting is that I have never met a dentist with dentures and so it is impossible for a dentist to understand how dentures really feel.

My patients tell me it is just like having teeth again. We have come so very far with implants. We are now doing procedures where you can use the implant right away and have your dentures supported by implants and therefore your lower denture does not move around.

Implants are not inexpensive but compared to other things we spend our money on, implants are a great investment. I am very surprised that your dentist does not understand how wonderful implants are for his denture patients. If you go to www.osseonews.com there is a patient information section there. You can learn about implants.

Editorial Staff

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