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FAQ:  Dentures or Implants?

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Denture with Implants Ask The Dentist  Richard Winter Question:
Can't Eat: I have had my immediate dentures relined after 1 year and it is now 18 months into dentures and I can't eat anything without the uppers and lowers popping out.

It hurts too! Even soft food.

I can't imagine breaking harder food, and ... I used to eat a raw food diet and now can't even chew lettuce! Raw broccoli was my favorite food. My health is suffering. I can't eat in public.

My dentures even hurt just to wear, so I feel like I can never get a full time job because wearing the teeth for 8+ hours a day (without eating) would be torture! ...Visitor from WI

I am so sorry for your problems. People with dentures can not generate as much chewing force as people with teeth and the longer you wear dentures, the lower your chewing forces will be.

You need to look into implants to stop denture movement, stop further bone loss, and reconnect your teeth to your brain via proprioception. Dentures sit on the bone-hence not connected to the brain anymore.

Once implants are placed in the bone, the brain can again sense how hard you are biting-hence the chewing forces approach the levels of when you had your teeth!

The longer you wear dentures, the more bone gets rubbed away, the more the nerves get exposed and the more denture pain you can experience.

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