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FAQ:  Dental Cements

Temporary Cement: I have had a bridge and several crowns fitted.

They are still fitted with temporary cement. The bridge has come loose several times and been refitted, but the crown on a front tooth fitted with temporary cement won't budge.

The dentist cannot get it off and says to leave it until it becomes loose. The tooth has been fitted with temporary cement for about 6 months.

How long does temporary cement last? The crown has to come off as the fit is not correct and a new crown has got to be made. ...Visitor from Birmingham, England, United Kingdom UK

I find your dental situation a bit confusing.

I wonder why your dental work is in with temporary cement. Is this bridge and crown your final porcelain to metal, or porcelain work, or are you stll in temporary acrylic/plastic bridge work?

You say the front crown needs to come off and be redone. If this is correct your dentist can cut it off in order to make your new crown.

If I am not mistaken, I think the UK has a large government HMO type of dental program called the NHS. If you are having concerns with the work your current dentist is providing, I would recommend seeing a private care UK dentist for a second opinion.

Editorial Staff

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