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FAQ:  Crown Pain

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I had a root canal done about 5 years ago and it ended up needing a crown placed on top of it a few months later.

For the past 3 years I have had pain in the tooth with swelling on the gumline surrounding it. The pain is not constant but when I chew on it occassionally will get a searing pain unbearable, then it throbs the rest of the day.

The swelling has never gone away and I avoid chewing on it because of the pain. Is the crown ill fitting? The dental assistant glued the crown on and I remember when she did she was turned around talking to someone while holding the glue down and she was wobbling when she did it. Could this have caused a poor fit and the symptoms? ...Visitor from IN

The crown may be sitting too high or it could be a fractured root. This should have been taken care of 3 years ago. Swelling suggests on-going infection. It may turn out that the only sensible treatment that avoids the possibility of recurrent, cumulative retreatment costs is a dental implant tooth replacement.

Get some consults with a Periodontist and an Endodontist to learn more about what treatment options would make the most sense.

Editorial Staff

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