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FAQ:  Crown Pain

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Crown pain when biting in certain spot: I had an all porcelain crown placed on tooth #3 8 months ago.

From the beginning, I noticed a foul odor when flossing, mostly after eating meat, and pain when a piece of food happens to hit a in a certain spot.

I have bitten on cotton swabs to find the sore spot, and it only hurts when biting on something in the one spot on this tooth. The rest of the tooth is painless and there is no pain in between meals.

I addressed my concerns with the dentist, and he has x-rayd and adjusted the bite several times. He tells me there should be nothing wrong and he doesn't know what else to tell me, other than to see an endodontist.

I have limited funds, and don't want to go on a wild goose chase. Any ideas? ...Visitor from TX

Try to find a dentist who has access to the technology demonstrated in this video: http://www.dental--health.com/video_tekscan_occlusal.html

The foul odor suggests there might be a leakage problem with that crown.

Editorial Staff

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