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FAQ:  Crown Pain

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Cap / Crown pain: I had a crown, or cap put on the number 18 molar about three years ago. To this day it is painful.

It meets correctly with the opposing tooth and is not riding high. The pain is not there if I am not using my teeth, but if I try to chew on that side it will knock me on the floor with pain... instant shock tears.

Of note was that it took about 6 months for the pain of initial placement caused by the acid adhesive. The dentist claimed should have gone away in two weeks. Maybe some kinda rookie mistake?

Is this a tooth that should have been root canaled, or is it something else? Also would I have to get another crown if it does need root canal, or would they just reseat this one. ...Visitor from AZ

The initial prep work that was done to accommodate the crown may have fractured the tooth structure and/or the root structure.

Biting pressure on a crown that "covers" such a tooth may cause a fracture, fissure or crack to widen or flex ...thereby stimulating the nerve in a way you don't want it stimulated.

Get some consults with dentists who do lots of root canals, or better yet, with an endodontist.

Be aware that internal cracks and fractures can't be seen or diagnosed well with xrays.

If there is a lot of risk with whatever is recommended and since it is a molar tooth that has to endure the severest biting pressures our jaws produce, a dental implant replacement may have the wisest "economic" value since implants are the only treatment that literally thrives in a molar environment.

The probability is high that your current crown will require replacement if a root canal procedure is performed.

Editorial Staff

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