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FAQ:  Crown Pain

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I had a crown for over 20 years with no problem. My dentist wanted it redone so I got a temporary put on, but couldn't afford to finish it.

I kept the temp on for 3 years with no problem until it fell out. Because of insurance change, I had to go to a new dentist. He shaved tooth the quite a bit and put a temp. on.

From day one it felt uncomfortable - alot of pressure on gums and pain. After 10 days it fell out and the pain went away. I had it put back on and pain started again.

I had a permanent crown put on with temp cement. It too fell out twice, but each time the pain went away.

Now the dentist wants me to come back for permanent cement, but I don't want to while it's still aching and throbbing. What would cause this? ...Visitor from MA

The symptoms you describe suggest the crown that is sitting too high or incorrectly placed to the extent that an occlusal event keeps knocking it off.

If your dentist wasn't able to correct the pain issue and the repeated failures of falling off with a temporary..... going back to have the permanent crown cemented in doesn't guarantee that the issues won't continue.

It may be prudent to seek consults with other dentists who are expert at solving occlusal issues caused by dental treatment.

Editorial Staff

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