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FAQ:  Crown Pain

Video: Diagnosing New - Old Crown Bite Pain
Video: Diagnosing New - Old Crown Bite Pain
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Painful Crowns Ask The Dentist  Ira Koeppel Question:
Crown Pain: I got this temporary crown and it was perfect. I didn't feel any pain at all.

When I got the real porcelain crown, I felt that it was a little high and there was a throbbing pain when I bite on my left side. My bite was hitting the crown first.

The dentist said it will fit better after 3 weeks. This is the 2nd time I went back to get real crown. The first time they had to shave it down, but part of the porcelain broke and I had to wait another week.

Will it really feel better after 3 weeks? Why can't they just shave it down to look like the temporary crown? ...Visitor from MA

That is a great question. I have found that if the dentist leaves the temporary a little high and the patient gets use to it, usually the crown a little high will fit just fine.

But if the temporary is out of occlusion, and then we put the crown in and it feels a little high, I usually tell my patients that if it feels high after three days not three weeks that they should come back for a bite adjustment.

Of course your dentist could shave it down and make sure you donít bite on it at all. But that is not the way it is supposed to be done.

Ira D. Koeppel, D.D.S.
New York Reconstructive Dentistry
126 Gnarled Hollow Road
East Setauket Long Island, NY 11733
(631) 689-9777

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