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FAQ:  Crown Pain

Video: Diagnosing New - Old Crown Bite Pain
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Bite pain on a crowned tooth: I recently had a crown replaced because I was having bite pain. The dentist replaced the filling under the old crown and then replaced the old crown with a new one (The tooth has never had a root canal).

The new crown seems to fit better than the old one (much more comfortable), but I still have bite pain.

What could the problem be, and what do you recommend being my next step? ...Visitor from State College

It should be determined, if possible, whether the bite pain was due to a failing tooth or occlusal abnormalities.

Another area of concern would be in determining if the new filling "completely" replaced the old filling along with any cumulative decay. If the decay impinged upon tooth root tissue, the perception of pain may be more or less constant, proving to be untreatable.

A successful root canal treatment typically obliterates the perception of pain.... but also obliterates the nutrient supply to the tooth..... which forms the basis for a crown restoration to cover and reinforce the existing tooth structure.

Unfortunately, the current new crown will not be reusable. If a root canal treatment is recommended, a 2nd or even 3rd opinion may be wise for assuring that structural issues of the tooth won't cause failure in the near future.

Many accomplished dentists would recommend a dental implant replacement... in view of the retreatment costs involved with a failed conservative treatment.

Another option would be to find a dentist who offers the technology demonstrated in this video:

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