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FAQ:  Crown Pain

Video: Diagnosing New - Old Crown Bite Pain
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Sore front teeth after getting new crowns: I had veneers placed over my front 6 teeth and experienced no pain at all for 2 years.

They broke often so my dentist suggested making them crowns so that they're more stable and I agreed.

The temporaries felt normal and just last week I had my final crowns placed. I have had a constant dull sore feeling on those teeth.

They are sensitive to hot and cold too. The feelings are bearable but annoying. What does this mean? Will it go away? What is the danger?

What can I do to ease it? I am terrified I might need root canal. ...Visitor from Fort Lee

Veneers that continually break strongly suggests an unbalanced bite.

Evidently, efforts at rebalancing the bite at each retreatment either weren't performed, were avoided or weren't successfully completed due to a possible issue of being unable to diagnose the cause of the malocclusion.

Crown temporaries are made from acrylic material, which is soft, compared to natural teeth or porcelain teeth. Porcelain crowns are essentially "rock hard" and resist wear and tear very well, IF the "bite" is normal. Otherwise, chipping and cracking can occur.

From your description of your current symptoms, it appears your bite is still out of balance. Left untreated..... the situation may indeed escalate to the point where a root canal IS required, to put and end to the over stimulation of your roots and nerve tissue.

Seriously consider getting a 2nd consult with a Prosthodontist with 15+ years of experience. Prosthodontists are the "masters" of the adult bite.

Another option would be to find a dentist who offers the technology demonstrated in this video:

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