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FAQ:  Cosmetic Dentistry

My teeth have been in great shape so far but when I smile you can't see my upper teeth at all, or if you ... do my smile looks horrific and it looks like im trying to hard because my face is scrunched up.

I sucked my thumb when I was little probably for 7 years. Does this have anything to do with that? I was wondering if there is any dental surgery that can help fix this so my upper teeth show when I smile, without any effort put into the smile? ... Visitor from OH

It is very difficult to truly understand what you are describing without seeing you but if I understand you there are basically two different ways to attempt to correct your problem.

One involves placing veneers or crowns on your teeth to lengthen them. The other one involves braces and possibly jaw surgery depending on the severity of the case to correct the problem.

Editorial Staff

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