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FAQ:  Chipped Teeth

Chipping teeth: I noticed that my teeth have been chipping away slightly (primarily my front teeth).

I've always been told that my teeth are perfect and beatiful; however, they seem to be more weak. I am 33 years old and I do have evidence of grinding.

I recently began to drink coffee. Is it possible the acidity has contributed to this weakness? Is there a supplement that may help strengthen my teeth or procedure?

I do have very nice teeth and it's as if I'm beginning to slowly loose them.

I have even noticed some fillings on the front where the dentist covered exposed root from gum disease popping out (as if they are not staying), is this a result of grinding? ...Visitor from FL

Welcome to the world of aging!

Many of us are not blessed with perfect bites. Nor are we all free of parafunctional habits, a situation where we tend to place our teeth in a certain position of function.

True an acidic diet can cause decalcification and weakening of the teeth, but it is the habits we have, the functional load we place on our teeth that cause the wear. Usually this wear occurs at night while we sleep, grinding/ bruxism.

For the most part we do not grind our teeth during the day. We may have a nervous parafuntional habit of biting our lip or rubbing our front teeth together., but our teeth generally are not touching during the day.

I would suggest you get some sort of an appliance to protect your teeth at night. An occlusal guard can be made if you are am intense grinder or something simple and thin like a clear retainer. I like using the Invisalign retainer. I hope this has helped you.

Editorial Staff

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