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FAQ:  Chipped Teeth

Fillings and Chipping: I am 28 yrs old. Recently I found that 2 of the major fillings had come out, so I went to a random dentist and got it done.

When I inspected my teeth carefully I could see that a couple of my teeth have been chipped out and slowly they are reducing in size from the bottom of the tooth.

What might be the reason for chipping out and decreasing in size of my teeth? I don't grind at day/night, don't smoke, no alcohol and brush my teeth regularly. ...Visitor from CA

Generally, when a patient comes into the office with a chipped tooth, calcium deficiencies are not responsible. Most of the time the teeth chipped because of forces stronger that normal.

Yes your teeth can be weak and break easily and that is sometimes the case, but.... most of the time, the teeth are fine but the forces were excessive.

Grinding - many patients do not think they grind. However, it is so easy to tell because the teeth do all of the talking. By showing your teeth on a magnified camera system, the evidence of grinding is undeniable. The patient is usually surprised and convinced because the teeth shows wear and tear beyond normal use.

Clenching - maybe you do not grind but maybe you do clench. The difference is how the excess force is applied to your teeth (sometimes unknowlingly) but the teeth wear, chip and break from these forces.

Fillings fell out - perhaps the filling came out and it feels like breakage when it is not.

Occlusion - you bite could be "off" and now there are uneven forces to your teeth. That can be a real possibility to consider, given your report.

Editorial Staff

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