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FAQ:  Chewing

Difficulty chewing: I had a dental bridge done about 6 months ago. My dentist took out 4 bottom front teeth and added 1 on each side.

Ever since then, chewing has been very difficult. It feels like I am chewing on a rock. What may be the problem here? Thanks for your help. Visitor from Vancouver WA

Your observation of the difference in "chewing experiences" is a near routine experience of having natural teeth replaced with root form or bridgework dentistry.

Natural teeth have a periodontal (up and down) function that allows the perceptions of "chewing differences" between a variety of food substances.

For example, chewing popcorn "feels" different from chewing on a sirloin steak. The almost imperceptable chewing experiences between different food products becomes "fully perceptable" when it is lost.... forever... when natural teeth are replaced with "tooth replacements" via individual impants or bridgework.

In time, these differences will play a minor role compared to the desirable experience of tasting foods. Common denture products, as an example, further change perceptions by blocking the sensation of taste.

Editorial Staff

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