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FAQ:  Carious Teeth - Cavities

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Gum line cavities: My bottom teeth keep going inwards from my upper teeth pressing down on them. I continually have problems with getting weak or cavities on the lower part of my teeth. I brush continually with no positive results.

I went to an orthodonist and spoke repeatively with denists, no one will put a retainer in there to prevent any more movement and the dentists will not put any protective sealants on the lower part of the problem area.

I don't know what to do. I feel like I will not have teeth by the time I'm 50. The dentists usually determine that I don't brush enought, WHICH IS NOT THE CASE, and say " You have beautiful teeth " And of course it hasn't helped. ... Visitor from MN

Many people face unexplained dental cavities. I understand your frustration and have some suggestions after this brief explanation.

Cavities are caused by acid. Bacteria in your mouth produce acid when sugars like soda-pop and candy feed the bacteria. Bacteria make their home in a biofilm called dental plaque. Mechanical removal of plaque is the goal of brushing and flossing.

Even dentists and dental hygienists cannot remove every speck of plaque from their teeth. What you can do is use fluoride. Fluoride your teeth from being dissolved by acid.

Have your dentist prescribe Prevident Gel or use ACT Fluoride rinse. This will provide great protection against cavities.

Editorial Staff

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